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Alpine Aire

About Alpine Aire Foods

Alpine Aire offers high quality, long life storable freeze-dried foods with excellent taste and texture. Freeze dried food is ready to eat complete meals in just minutes! Just add water!

Light, tasty and nutritious, perfect for Camping, Backpacking, Hunting, Hiking and all Outdoor Activities. Perfect for home preparedness and a cost effective alternative to store bought foods without all the wasted packaging and water content.

Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Emergency FoodAlpine Aire Freeze Dried Emergency Food

Shelf Stable Food Systems

Alpine Aire Gourmet Reserves has shelf stable food systems designed to meet your needs with food that is nutritionally sound, convenient, and familiar. Our systems are practical and easily incorporated into your daily diet. Our exclusive 'No Cooking Required' systems are easy to prepare. Items are eat-as-is, or prepared by adding hot or cold water to reconstitute. We have selected the very best quality foods, (freeze-dried, dehydrated, instant) completely free of artificial additives. The systems are assembled to supply both your long-term and short-term needs.

Freeze Drying

Freeze-dried products make up the majority of ingredients used for Gourmet Reserves. For instant or quick rehydration of certain dried foods and for products which retain their shape and texture, freeze-drying is the preferred method. The first step in freeze-drying is to rapidly freeze the food. The water content, now frozen, is turned directly into a gas and withdrawn from the food during the next steps, vacuum and heat, thus avoiding the shrinkage. Many of Gourmet Reserves products are custom freeze-dried to suit our strict quality requirements. Freeze-dried products include: grains, beans, fruits, meats, seafood, pastas, vegetables, and eggs. Using this process, 98% of the moisture is removed.

Key advantages of freeze-dried products:

  • Retains the original taste and nutritional value of the food
  • Foods are quick and easy to prepare
  • No waste
  • Ideal method for maintaining flavors of meat, poultry and fish
  • Extends the shelf life of the product
  • No preservatives are necessary
  • Results in a super-lightweight / compact product - perfect for backpacking and hiking, trekking and expeditions
  • A wide variety of foods are available


The standard method of dehydrating vegetables and spices is to place the items on a conveyor belt and run them through an oven at a high temperature for a relatively short time. Between 90% and 95% of the moisture is removed.

Some vegetables are more suited to this form of drying than others. This means that with the addition of water, the product rehydrates back to its original state more easily. Preferable items include: onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots and mushrooms. Dehydrated items such as peas, corn and green beans do not rehydrate as well as freeze-dried.

Specific Features of a Gourmet Reserve System

  • PURITY OF INGREDIENTS Gourmet Reserves foods are all natural, NO artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings, MSG, or white sugar.
  • FAMILIARITY Your food system should be familiar everyday foods easily recognizable and reflect a balanced diet offering good taste. Gourmet Reserve foods offer the best selection from which to choose.
  • PREPARATION CONVENIENCE Gourmet Reserves offers many convenient food systems which can be prepared with a limited amount of fuel and water.
  • SHELF LIFE Shelf life of any food reserves is always critical. Gourmet Reserves uses the latest technologies available to insure long shelf life. Excessive heat will shorten the shelf life of all products. A rule of thumb: the cooler the better.
  • PROPER ROTATION It is important to rotate food reserves into your daily diet. Gourmet Reserves easily integrates with other foods to meet daily dietary needs.

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