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All About Rainy Day Foods

About Rainy Day Foods

Rainy Day Foods is one of the largest sellers of dehydrated foods in America, with a huge selection of over 900 dehydrated storable food products. Best selection, best prices, Rainy Day Foods is the #1 choice for hundreds of thousands of people all over America. Rainy Day Foods is a division of Walton Feed, and has been in operation for over 58 years.

Rainy Day Foods offers the highest quality edible grains, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, in airtight containers (cans, buckets, bags, and mylar pouches) with oxygen absorber for long-term shelf life. You can also buy bulk products in boxes and bags for repackaging yourself.

Rainy Day Foods simply offer the best and most comprehensive dehydrated food selections available from any company anywhere, at prices that are far, far lower then their competitors. We feature the entire line -- at an even lower price then factory direct! We store Rainy Day Foods in our own home storage!

Rainy Day Foods is quite simply the best dehydrated food you can buy for home storage or immediate consumption.

Most foods offered by Rainy Day are "single ingredient" with no additives or preservatives, making this among the healthiest food available. Rainy Day does a huge volume throughout the entire year, ensuring that you are receiving the freshest ingredients possible. Cans are date coded (see below) and buckets are "made to order", ensuring the freshest possible ingredients.

Rainy Day Foods is the #1 choice for food storage, emergency use and long-term food security at very affordable prices.

Date Codes: All of our cans are date coded. Rainy Day uses Julian date codes on their cans. This is an ink stamp on the top of the can.

Rainy Day example: 10303 Cabbage 32809. The first set of numbers is the product code. The second set of number is the Julian date (packing date). This can was packed 328th day of 2009.

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