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Price Comparisons - Survival Acres vs. The Competition

Updated 12/22/14

Price Comparisons!Below is our spot price comparison. We update this page periodically to demonstrate that our prices have consistently been lower than our competitors. We invite you to compare the actual delivered price you would pay from any other company to ours. We also make mention of various scams and ripoffs that are occuring in the storable food industry.

See a product or unit you want us to compare? Email us!

Price Comparison Quick Links

E-Foods Direct vs. Survival Acres

E-Foods Direct Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
"Alex Jones Listener Special" 1 Year Family Pack $4995* $4102* $893!
"Freedom" Food Unit $1899* $1614* $285!
"Liberty" Food Unit $1799* $1036* $763!
"Liberty Non Soy" Food Unit $1799* $1054* $754!

* Shipping not included.


  • High Sodium contents on many entrees. We examined their Family Food pack and found extremely low calories per day (less than half of what is required for optimum health). For example: 1-Year Family Food Pack is only 861 calories per day per person!
  • Low calories also means very small meals (only 3 total servings per day on the 1-Year Family Food Pack). This unit would only last 1/3 the time advertised (approx. 4 months instead of "1 Year").
  • Highly repetitive selections in their units, "384 servings of Cheesy Chicken Rice", poor choice of entree selections (they use many fillers such as pasta, rice, soups) and at much higher prices.
  • Commonly used green plastic 'totes' are NOT airtight, and do not present a viable long term storage system.
  • Be sure to read the infamous "Storable Food Watch" scam below, run by E-Foods direct. We find it incredible that a supposedly reputable company would stoop this low.
  • Erroneous advertisements claims are common, "non-GMO", shelf life, size, pricing, etc.

PrepareWise (Legacy Foods) vs. Survival Acres

Legacy Foods Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
120 Serving Entree Bucket $280 $229* $51!
360 Serving Entree Bucket $720 $399 $321!
720 Serving Entree Bucket $1430 $785 $645!
2880 Serving Entree Bucket $5190 $2759 $2431
4320 Serving Entree Bucket $7350 $3899 $3451!

  • * We do not offer a 120 serving bucket - but our 180 serving bucket cost less!
  • Legacy emphasizes a "lowest cost per pound" claim (untrue). Our entire Rainy Day line is signicantly lower in price per pound.
  • We use calories, nutrition, variety, selection and price. It's what your eating, day after day that matters.
  • We examined all of the units. The food selection is poor, with rice, beans, potato ingredients featured prominently.
  • Very high sodium levels are shown on many selections. 1 in 10 Americans is literally dying because of high levels of sodium!
  • Virtually ALL of the pictures inaccurately depict the food received (additional items not in the pouches are shown). This is deceptive to unwary customers.
  • Claims of "freeze dried meals" are inaccurate on their units. Many of the products are not freeze dried.
  • Calories per servings are questionable (approximently 1/3 higher). They do not match comparable foods from industry leaders with decades more experience.
  • Must Read - Ripoff Reports reveals a gigantic scam involved behind Legacy Foods "non-GMO" certification claims. Buyer Beware!!!
  • Our opinion and that of other suppliers is the "Food Quality Council" referenced is entirely ficticious. The scary part is - would you trust your $$ (and your health) with a company that does this?
  • Repeated requests for evidence of non-GMO "certification" from their dealers remain unanswered (four companies have been tried).
  • We see this sort of thing a lot. Another fine example is "Storable Food Watch (a fictitious "report" by another snake oil company).

SafeCastle vs. Survival Acres

SafeCastle Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
Hard White Wheat, 6 #10 cans $79.15* $23.55* $55.60!
White Flour SuperPail Bucket $100.00* $28.10 $71.90!
White Sugar, 6 #10 cans $93.45* $67.32* $26.13!

  • Item for item, they have substantially higher prices - plus you have to buy a membership from SafeCastle which should factor into your final cost.

* Shipping not included.

MyPatriotSupply vs. Survival Acres

We examined their 1 Year Food Suppy for 1 Person, this is what we found:

Product Total Servings Calories Per Serving Totals
Mountain Man Granola 224 240 53760
Whey Milk 320 90 28800
Apple Orchard Oatmeal 128 169 21632
Broccoli & Cheese Soup 32 160 5120
Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup 80 130 10400
Creamy Chicken Alfredo 80 350 28000
White Cheddar Pasta 64 310 19840
Blue Ribbon Cheesy Rice 128 262 33536
Chocolate Pudding 120 220 26400
Potato Cheddar Soup 80 190 15200
Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes 128 253 32383
Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup 96 190 18240
Travelers Stew 32 100 3200
Mixed Fruit Blend 64 145 9280
Instant Rice 80 200 16000
Creamy Beef Stroganoff 64 270 17280
Independance Hall Chicken Noodle Soup 32 110 3520
Louisiana Au Gratin Potatoes 32 110 3520
Summer's Best Corn Chowder 92 190 17480
Total Calories for 1 year --> 363,591
Total Calories per Day --> 996

  • This is only 996 calories PER DAY (a starvation unit.) It's nearly 3 times smaller than it needs to be to keep you healthy. At a price of $1495.95 for a tiny unit, you would need a minimum of 2 of these units to meet the barely adequate nutritional requirements for the advertised 1 year (or $2991.90 for a truthful 1 year supply), which makes this unit an incredibly terrible "deal" for you.
  • All of their units are extremely low in calories, high in sodium and exorbitantly expensive if you bought the actual number of calories you need to stay healthy for the advertised time.
  • Most of their units are very soup and pasta heavy with poor variety. Why? Because soups and pasta's consist largely of ingredient "fillers" that are inexpensive to produce..
  • This company doesn't tell you the total calories on their units, but once you add them up, you are paying far too much for far too little.
  • The No MSG / No GMO claim is false. Read the ingredients (Corn, Soy and Hydrolyzed proteins, etc.) for a just a few examples.
  • This company is now supporting that other "faketriot" site, Food4Patriots, which has been exposed here. Another snake-oil salesman.
  • This company is still claiming that the "FEMA Letter" for food storage is real (it was faked, details were entirely fabricated). Read about it here. vs. Survival Acres

We examined their 52 Week Basic Food Suppy for 4 people, this is what we found:

Product Servings per can Calories per can Number of Cans Totals
Fettuccine alfredo with chicken 17 230 12 46920
Italian Style Wedding Soup 24 210 12 60480
Teriyaki noodles with chicken 12 350 12 50400
Macaroni and cheese with freeze-dried beef 24 210 12 60480
Chicken noodle soup 19 200 12 45600
Rotini with beef 20 200 12 48000
Spaghetti with meat sauce 10 230 12 27600
Beef stroganoff with noodles 10 260 12 31200
Noodles and chicken 12 230 12 33120
Chicken a la king 11 280 12 36960
Chicken teriyaki with rice 10 220 12 26400
Lasagna with meat sauce 10 240 12 28800
Vegetable Stew 10 270 12 32400
Creamy vegetable soup with sausage 30 220 12 79200
Rice & Chicken 10 270 12 32400
Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal 18 300 12 64800
6-grain cereal 25 170 12 51000
Scrambled eggs with sausage 16 225 12 43200
Buttermilk Pancakes 21 240 12 60480
Chocolate protein shake 25 200 12 60000
Scrambled eggs with bacon 16 190 12 36480
Dehydrated Sweet Garden Peas 40 120 12 57600
Freeze-dried garden green peas 23 80 12 22080
Freeze-dried sweet corn 21 76 12 19152
Diced carrots 29 120 12 41760
Dehydrated Tomato Powder 38 130 12 59280
Apple drink mix 93 100 12 111600
Potato Shreds 21 110 12 27720
White milk substitute 56 140 12 94080
Chocolate milk 80 120 10 96000
Servings per can x calories per can x number of cans = total calories. Total Yearly Calories --> 1,485,192

  • 1,485,192 calories sounds like a lot. But is it? Considering that this unit is supposed to feed a family of 4 for 1 year, this really means that each person is only getting 1017 calories per day (less then 1/2 of your nutritional requirements!)
  • If you really are going to provide "3 meals per day" as this unit suggests, you will be eating a measly 339 calories per meal.
  • Here again, we have another "starvation package" at extremely ridiculous prices.
  • You would need at least 2 of these units to truly feed a family of four ($8399.99 X 2 = $16799.98!)
  • Could we beat this price? Yes, by a gigantic margin with more food and the REAL calories needed for 4 people for 1 year.

Freeze Dry Guy vs. Survival Acres

Freeze Dry Guy Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
Quick Rolled Oats, 6 #10 cans $59.50* $33.46* $26.04!
Dehydrated Eggs, 6 #10 cans $225.00* $118.01* $106.99!
Dried Milk 6 #10 cans $174.00* $91.84* $82.16!
Pinto Beans 6 #10 cans $95.50* $58.61* $36.89!

* Shipping not included.

  • Product for product, we are substantially lower on all their dehydrated products, this is just a tiny sample.


This is yet another "faketriots for profit" scam site designed to promote fear, paranoia and disinformation.

The real man behind this was exposed here. (absolutely must read - the deceptions here are astounding) - "Baler buys kits from My Patriot Supply, a preserved food and seed company, and then sells them for about three times the original price."

The story about FEMA is totally false. This story was entirely fabricated by “Matt”. There is no "letter", there never was.

"And indeed, Food4Patriots likely made it up. The 420 million meals claim isn’t sourced in the National Review email, but I tracked it back to a 2011 posting in something called the Off The Grid newsletter. Off The Grid’s piece, importantly, does not claim that FEMA ordered 420 million dehydrated meals. Instead, it reports that FEMA put in a Request for Proposal — a solicitation for bids from private companies, not a formal order — for a ten day supply of 14 million prepared meals. Assume that’s three meals a day, and the math leads you to 420 million meals.

There’s a slight problem: the request was never filled. Federal Business Office archives show that the original request for the amount Off The Grid reported, designed to anticipate a disaster on the New Madrid Fault Line, was “cancelled in its entirety effective as of 4 pm Eastern Time on January 27, 2011.”

I've investigated this story, published it on my blog a few years back. NONE of the canneries in the country were contacted by FEMA. This company is not a cannery. The story is 100% made up (fabricated). It’s been around about two years now and is being used by the scam artists in the food industry to try and generate sales.

It’s a standing joke in the food industry when we come across people like this. These guys are creeps, through and through, and will do anything ot liberate people from their money. They're "faketriots", posing as "trying to help people", their only motivation is profits (by any means).

Domain registration shows they're brand new, less than two years old now. Their other domains are even newer. They don't have a single product review, but it's no wonder.

A honest review would include words like "liars", "thieves", "fear profiteers" and much more. I couldn’t actually find anything truthful on their site (seriously).

Took some digging to even find this info regarding their food: No calories listed, no serving size listed, food selection extremely poor, seriously overpriced for what is actually included (which won't even begin to meet the actual calorie requirements for the time advertised).

Typical snake-oil scammers. We see this quite a lot. Anybody that gets scammed by these guys should probably have their head examined.

The Survival Center vs. Survival Acres

Survival Center Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
1 Year Basic #10 Can Unit $1095 $867 $228!
Deluxe 1 Year Unit $1395 $1253 $142!
Non-Hybrid Seeds #10 can $59.95 $31.76 $28.19!
Non-Hybrid Seeds (case 6 #10 cans) $323 $174 $149!

  • They make claims of "Rock Bottom Prices!" on their website - but we find that product for product they are higher than us.

Pleasant Hill Grain vs. Survival Acres

Pleasant Hill Grain Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
"Security FoodPak 1" $1481 $1312 $169!
"Security FoodPak 2" $1162 $961 $201!
Auguson Farms 3 Month 2 Person Kit $745 $639 $107!

Ready Made Resources vs. Survival Acres

Ready Made Resources Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
4 person 1 Year Deluxe $3395 $3291* $104!
UU030 1 Year Supply $1949 $1831* $118!
RD - Green Beans 20oz, 6 #10 cans $117.85 $79.99* $37.86!
RD - Spinach Flakes 8oz, 6 #10 cans $83.07 $50.69* $32.38!

  • * Shipping is to UPS zone 8 - the most expensive zone to ship to. Our delivered price is even less if shipping to zones 2 - 7. Paying actual shipping costs is cheaper!
  • Example: RD - Green Beans 20oz, 6 #10 cans shipped to zone 4 = $88.35, a $29 savings to you! Ready Made Resources with their fixed rate 'Free shipping' will still charge you $117.
  • Individual cans ordered from Ready Made Resources that are less than a full case (6 cans) are charged an extra $5 handling fee.

Buy Emergency Foods vs. Survival Acres

Buy Emergency Foods Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
120 Serving Bucket* $280 $229 $51!
360 Serving Buckets $720 $399 $321!
1080 Serving Buckets $2090 $1099 $991!
2160 Servings Buckets $3990 $2160 $1830!
4320 Servings Buckets $7350 $3899 $3451!

* We do not offer a 120 serving bucket - but our larger 180 serving bucket is still cheaper!

Shelf Reliance (Thrive) vs. Survival Acres

Shelf Reliance (Thrive) Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
Basic 1 Year Food Storage $2331 $948 $1383!
Basic 6 month unit (Costco Unit)* $1216 $517 $636

* Sometimes found on display at Costco. Most Costco units should be considered seriously inadequate food choices due to small servings, low calories, and repetitive selections.

Independent industry sources report that Thrive food cans are hand packed and packing weights can be off as much as 15% of their declared volume.

Wise Foods vs. Survival Acres

Wise Foods Comparison Their Price Our Lower Price Our Savings
Wise Food 360 Serving Unit $719 $399 $320!
Wise Food 720 Serving Unit $1395 $785 $610!
Wise Food 1080 Serving Unit $2145 $1099 $1046!
Wise Food 1440 Serving Unit $2595 $1450 $1145!
Wise Food 2160 Serving Unit $3995 $2160 $1835!
Wise Food 2880 Serving Unit $4695 $2759 $1936!
Wise Food 4320 Serving Unit $6995 $3899 $3096!

  • We've been repeatedly asked to carry the Wise Food line and have refused to do so because of the low quality, short shelf life, deceptive advertising. Review for hundreds of negative reviews including "deceptive", "ripoff", "lousy", "poor quality", "dishonest" and more.
  • Wise Foods does not publish calories, but we've calculated this out and every single unit they sell has insufficient calories for the time period / number of people specified. In fact, these units are incredibly small and will not last anywhere near the time specified - with daily calories as low as 600 - 700 per person, per day. Consuming this food over the advertised time will quickly lead to poor nutrition, sickness and even death if you had nothing else to eat. Keep this in mind when examining any of their units! Simply put, Wise Foods makes an excellent choice for a rather expensive starvation diet. There is nothing "wise" about this product line.
  • Our Survival Cave line is hands down a far, far better deal with number of servings, realistic calories (2000 per day), and contrary to Wise Foods' repetitive fillers and entrees, has a better variety of food in packaging that will actually last. View the comparison and learn the facts!

Very Important - Mountain House has issued a press release regarding lab tested high oxygen content in Wise Foods. Wise Foods has oxygen levels 110 times higher then Mountain House. This is a huge food storage issue. Please read the entire press release here (pdf file).

Also see -- Mountain House products are exceeding 30 year shelf life!!!

The following statements are from Columbia Food Laboratories, who conducted third party testing on Wise Foods and Mountain House products:

"Oxygen Levels in Wise Company Products were 110 Times Higher Than Mountain House. Mountain House commissioned Columbia Food Laboratories to test 30 samples of dehydrated and freeze dried meals from Wise Company as well as 30 samples of comparable Mountain House freeze dried meals. The results were staggering. Average oxygen levels in Wise Company products were 18.25%, nearly the 21% level found in the atmosphere and 110 times higher than the average 0.16% oxygen found in Mountain House products. The most alarming part is that Wise Company products were manufactured in April of 2012 and already exhibit near-atmospheric levels of oxygen, which would not provide a 25-year shelf life."

Mountain House vs. Wise Foods oxygen content chart

The Mother of All Scams - Storable Food Watch

This is a extremely deceptive website, supposedly "dedicated" to telling you about food storage companies, but the truth is far different. Owned by none other than E-Foods Direct, this site gives negative ratings to all of their competition, including us. Read the facts!

"The Storable Food Watch website has been created, as a public service, by The J. Michael Stevens Group and eFoods Direct."

This site has not been updated in many years and not a single claim made is factual or true. The dishonesty here is absolutely astounding, but a demonstrationg of just how incredibly desperate some companies are to rip you off.

Their intention is to paint only themselves in a positive light, while pretending to offer a fair and unbiased "review" of their competition. This company has NEVER contacted us to verify anything, and what they've posted is simply blatant lies. This is a vile and despicable website spreading false information, passing itself off as "Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!" There is nothing "American" about deception or false advertisements.

Much like Wise Foods, E-Foods Direct is notorius for 'trolling' the internet and forums with fake user accounts and deceptive guerilla marketing. Be careful whom you support with your hard earned dollars! There are many, many scammers out there who will resort to various tactics, all exceedingly unscrupulous to gain your business. We've long documented the signs of greed on our blog.

No need to go on -- Be CAREFUL to whom you trust with your money. Food is not something you can skimp on to stay healthy, and it's getting more expensive all the time. Be sure you are getting the best deal out there and don't fall for the hype and propaganda that some web sites are resorting to. Many sites are actually selling you "starvation" units, meaning they have barely enough calories (at high prices) that will only keep you from actual starvation. This is not a joke - their techniques to "selling you" a food unit are downright shameful while reaching their hands deep into your pocket. History is full of crimes just like this, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that this level of dishonesty should be going on here today.

Top Ten Reviews

We've just discovered another bogus "food storage review website", which is another scam likely being funded by the participants. "Top Ten Reviews" has a highly placed Google link to emergency preparedness. Allegedly, the site ranks and reviews food storage companies for the aim of providing a "fair" representation of the "best food storage companies." Some of these highly ranked companies are the very ones we've examined above with ridiculous prices, outrageous claims, and starvation units. That fact is all you really need to know, but there's more....

A closer examination reveals that this "review" is nothing more than paid advertising - picking and choosing what is reviewed to give the chosen favorite the best "rank." We call this "snake oil" because it's very clear to us that these participants were not actually honestly reveiwed for price, selection, quality, or sizes of their units despite the advertisement that they were. Heavy empahsis is placed on the "chosen favorite" which is 2 - 3 times our prices, for example. In other words, this is a pure advertisment scam under the illusion of a "review."

The Internet is chock-full of dishonest companies and even worse advertisers who have resorted to some very low tactics to promote and sell their products. Please do your own research before parting with your hard-earned money. It's very sad to see how many people are being taken advantage of.

Scammers and Snake-Oil Salesmen

We are often asked about other companies out there. There are a huge number of new companies in the food business these days, many of them 'fly-by-night' operations. Most have not been around very long, and we've simply never heard of them. Others make outrageous claims on their food units, selling you units that are terribly small as "one year food supplies". It seems that honesty is a fleeting thing these days. We've checked these out and have consistently found the following: misinformation on the number of servings, higher prices, and lower calories. These units do not meet their advertised claims of the time they will last -- you WILL eat this food far faster because you need sufficient calories to stay healthy, making these units overpriced, misadvertised and misleading at best.

Glen Beck has been promoting for months now, but we are substantially cheaper by 1/3 to 1/2 their costs with better quality food from reputable companies. Simply put, our units are bigger, better and cost less. We're not trying to "sell" -- we're interested in making sure you have what you need to survive and stay healthy.

Be sure to read the infamous "Storable Food Watch" scam run by E-Foods direct. We find it incredible that a supposedly reputable company would stoop this low.

Alex Jones gets in bed with whoever will support him, but we've found that these companies are ALL significantly higher (such as MyPatriotSupply) then we are and offer much less.

It is actually quite shocking for us to review what others are claiming. ALL of them lie about non-GMO foods. We've yet to find a single one that has the proper documentation regarding GMO labeling and testing. This is being done to fool the buyer into thinking they're getting something that isn't actually there. Because there is no regulation of this sort of thing, these scams and others like it continue to proliferate.

Misrepresentation and deception is very common. Their pricing is considerably higher then ours, their units are much smaller, which means you get far less food, and in many cases simply not enough daily calories to keep you healthy. They also make wildly erroneous claims on the total number of servings and calories contained in the products they sell that have no basis in reality.

We always say "do the math" to prove any claims being made. The above examples are shown to demonstrate that the math simply doesn't add up on price, calories, selection or length of time the food is advertised to last. We strongly encourage you to do this for yourself.

Oftentimes the math is "fudged" by making their suggested serving size extremely small so as to inflate the numbers in order to make the product appear more favorable. We have seen claims of 1/3 to 1/4 of a cup per serving - ask yourself, would your appetite be satisfied eating a meal based on a 1/3 cup (cooked) beans? In some cases, it is not even physically possible for the containers to hold the number of servings being advertised! Some are so bad that it is flat out embarrassing to think that thousands of well meaning customers are being literally ripped off.

What is going to happen when these customers actually go to use those units? They will quickly run out of food, but the need for daily healthy nutrition will still be there, and now in the midst of a emergency, they will belatedly discover that they have been ripped-off! You need a decent amount of calories with proper nutrition to stay healthy -- and you need these facts right up front, before making a purchase.

Still don't believe us? In case after case, we have compared our packages to our competition. Here is a recent example we found: This is supposed to be a "10 year unit" or "9 - 10 person" 1 year unit, supposedly weighing in at 7,000 lbs.

But is this true? We've run the actual item numbers for these products and put them into our database. This package only weighed in at 2800 lbs which is "remarkable" because it is 4200 lbs less than was originally advertised! Yet it still costs $800 more than our price for the exact same items!

Update: Seems our claim received some notice, now they reduced the food quantity and weight to just 2800 lbs, yet still claim a 10 year supply. Go figure! That's only 280 lbs of food per person per year! That's ridiculous - and flat out dangerous. You will starve to death in short order if this was your actual "food storage" for a year!

GET REAL! A real 10 year food supply needs to be HUGE. Ours is 1026 #10 cans and 40 #2.5 cans and weighs over 4922 lbs!

The age old rule still exists: You get what you pay for. Another rule to remember: Buyer Beware! It's simple economics, and if something looks too good to be true -- it probably is.

Regarding all of the above: We do NOT recommend these units however, as many of them are very small when it comes to calories and actual number of servings. They average only 1300 calories or even less which is a "starvation" level of calories (the "Freedom Unit" is around 1391 calories) for a "year". At best, they are six month food supplies -- at substantially higher prices than our generous 1 year food supplies.

Why do we do it? Because we can, and because we have been on the other side of the table before and made the same mistakes many others have made with unscrupulous dealers. We keep our overhead as low as possible in order to pass the savings on to you! We've made it our goal to specialize in the storable food industry. Thousands of our satisfied customers know. We can do the same for you too!

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