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What Emergency Foods Should I Buy?

What Should I Buy? There are a few simple rules to follow when determing what you may want to order. Since many people don't know where to start, here are a few basic rules that should help:

This first one is very simple: Buy what you prefer to eat; just take a look at your existing diet to get some good ideas. We receive this question all of the time and our answer has always been the same. Many of our foods is the same food you can buy in the grocery store. The difference is our food is airtight and properly dried and packaged in larger quantities for long-term storage, which makes it perfect for a food emergency, job loss, or any other need. We also carry freeze-dried food, which cannot be found at your supermarket. These foods offer a huge advantage over canned foods, with a very long shelf life, no waste, no refrigeration required and great taste.

When we suggest that you "buy what you prefer to eat" we really mean it. You are the one eating the food, and you alone know your preferred diet and tastes. With our huge selections, there is certainly something here for everyone.

We store our own food supply from our own product lines, and have eaten these foods as a regular part of our own diet for the past twenty years. We do not buy any of these products from the supermarket anymore, our products are nutritious and very high quality.

You can view our detailed articles on each topic by clicking on the corresponding image.

Which is better? Freeze dried or dehydrated food?

Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated FoodEveryone works within a budget; the Rainy Day line of dehydrated foods is the most cost-effective choice, bar none. Freeze dried food offers a best taste and texture, but at the cost of a higher price. When making your first food purchase, this is an important item to consider. We highly recommend that you read our dehydrated vs. freeze dried page for the key differences between these two food types and how they are prepared.

Additionally, we have eaten much of this food ourselves and you can read about some of this with our 30 day taste test. We've been eating these foods for over twenty years!

Great! But how do I know how much food I need?

Food CalculatorWe recommend that you check out our Food Storage Calculator to get a good ideas on how much food you might realistically need. In truth - there is no such thing as too much - but we see "too little" all the time. The world is facing some very serious food production issues and since food is something you will always need, you simply cannot have too much on hand. With many different foods offering a very long shelf life up to 30 years, whatever food storage you have can always be consumed sometime in the next three decades, making it an excellent investment at today's prices. Food will always be going up in price and is in fact, a better investment than gold.

Okay, what type of packaging is best for me?

Packaging Details of Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food There is a wise saying: "Mission dictates the gear." This is also true with food storage. Determine what your needs are - do you need portability? Long shelf life? Just enough food to last 72 hours? Or enough to last a year or more? These choices may affect which size packaging container you prefer. Pouches are lightweight, compact, and easily portable. Cans are a convenient size to handle and store, whereas buckets will contain the most amount of food, but can be considerably heavier and will take up more space. Boxes and bags are the lowest cost option, yet lack the same shelf life and packaging durability as cans and buckets. We also offer many pouch-in-bucket options as well. All of our foods are listed by type and then by packaging size. Simply pick out the size you like for that particular food and add it into the cart.

What about pre-packaged food units?

Food Plans and Food UnitsWe offer the largest selection of food plans and food units in the industry. Many of these are custom built and exclusive to Survival Acres - meaning you will not find them anywhere else. The advantage of choosing a food unit is that we've already picked out everything you might need to sustain yourself for the unit's specified time. This can take a lot of the guess work out of things, and many customers find this the easiest and most simple option to choose from. Our units are the Real Deal, which means they do not skimp on size, calories or servings. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misrepresentation out there on food plans, most are far too small to sustain you for the time specified and will be eaten 4 - 5 faster then what you're being told (due to the very low calories your actually getting). We strongly suggest you read our price comparsion page (button below) for details on just how little food you're actually getting elsewhere.

What makes your products better than others?

Price ComparisonsWe have been in business since 1996 and since our beginning we have seen the rise of a great deal of scams and snake oil salesmen come onto the market. Many of these outfits are blatantly dishonest in their business practices and are purely in the business to simply seperate you from your hard earned money. By far the biggest problems we see are the lack of nutritional calories in the 'units' they sell, meaning these units will not last anywhere near their advertised time period. The vast majority of these units have far less calories than what is needed to provide adequate nutrition - especially in times of crisis! Moreover, you are often paying a highly inflated price for this disservice as well. We have covered these topics and many of these scams extensively on our price comparisons page.

Our founding principle is to provide our customers with the absolute best foods available from the most experienced canneries in America - this extends into our food units which contain more calories and servings than anything else available in the industry.

Your site and products seem to be organized around brands. Could you tell me more about them?

Certainly! Below you will find a brief informational guide to the various suppliers we carry and the products they offer. Additionally, you may read more about these particular suppliers by checking out the Products tab on our navigation menu.

Rainy Day Foods Dehydrated Foods, over 1000 dehydrated food items.
  • The lowest cost and best tasting dehydrated food.
  • Over 1000+ products available.
  • Products are available in bags, boxes, mylar bags, #2.5 cans, #10 cans, Ribbed buckets, and SuperPail buckets.
  • Shelf life of 20+ years on most products.
  • The "Grand Daddy" of Food Storage!
Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food. Mountain House is the world's largest freeze dried food company!
  • The oldest and most experienced freeze dried food manufacturer in the food storage industry.
  • Proven 25+ years shelf life on all products!
  • Complete entree's and meal selections in cans or pouches.
  • Instant "no-cook" feature - just add water, heat and serve!

Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Units, Real Meat, Emergency Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life.

  • 100% real USDA canned meat products - the best in the industry!
  • Highly portable emergency food units
  • 20+ year shelf life.
  • Over 50% less than Wise Foods!

Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Food

  • Alpine Aire offers the largest selection of freeze dried food, bar none.
  • All products are "complete" entree's and meals.
  • Available in #10 cans or pouches.
  • Instant "no-cook" feature - just add water, heat and serve!
Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit
  • Premium freeze dried fruits, vegetables, and cheeses!
  • The most economical and inexpensive freeze dried food.
Natural High Gourmet Freeze Dried Food
  • Offers compact and portable Mylar pouch entrees.
  • Some of the best tasting freeze dried foods.
  • Instant "no-cook" feature - just add water, heat and serve!
  • Made with all natural ingredients!

Quick Stove Compact and Portable Cooking Stoves

  • Lightweight, compact and portable cooking stoves requiring no canned or bottled fuel!

Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

  • Famous cook stoves in use the world over!
  • Boils water in mere minutes using natural fuel sources.
  • A variety of models and sizes to choose from that best suit your needs.

Country Living Grain Mill

  • The worlds best grain grinder!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Heavy duty components built to last a lifetime!

Survivor Industries survival kits MRE

  • Creators of the Mainstay Rations - found and used all over the world.
  • Rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F
  • The ideal emergency food for storage in vehicles, aircraft, boats, and conditions where extreme temperature fluctuations would destroy typical food products!

Super Spectrim Vitamins and Minerals

  • Scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals and supplements.
  • Offers many hard-to-find vitamin supplements.

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