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Survival Acres Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods Survival Acres Rainy Day Foods! Storable food scam artists and con men
The best alternative to food price increases and food insecurity is being prepared with freeze dried and dehydrated food storage. Survival food lasts decades longer than supermarket food, providing real protection from future food shortages, inflation and any disasters that may affect your family. Last year, over 217 million people endured climate related disasters which are on the increase worldwide.

Survival food is also a great investment against job loss or disability. Food storage is a better investment than gold, and can be used at any time, anywhere, by anyone in need. The key element in individual and family preparedness is having a long-lasting emergency food storage program ready when you actually need it ... Read More!
Rainy Day Dehydrated Food

Rainy Day Foods dehydrated foods offer a great shelf life, low cost and a huge selection for home storage.

Mountain House Ships Free!Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food.

Mountain House has been the #1 brand of freeze dried food for 50 years for campers and backpackers. Lightweight and easily prepared with cans offering a 25+ year shelf life!

Survival Cave Ships Free!Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Units, Real Meat, Emergency Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life.

100% real canned meat and complete food units and plans with a 20+ year shelf life! Cost 50% less than Wise Foods! Fast and easy preparation!

Augason Farms Ships Free!Augason Farms freeze dried and dehydrated food

Augason Farms offers a variety of food plans, units and buckets in easy to prepare individual and family sized kits.
Notice: Augason Farm sales have been suspended due to increased delivery times ... Read More

Alpine Aire Ships Free!

Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Foods

Alpine Aire offers the largest selection of freeze dried foods available. Choose from delicious entrees to complete plans for camping, backpacking or outdoor enjoyment.

Live Prepared Foods Ship Free!Live Prepared emergency survival food products

Live Prepared has partnered with National Geographic to provide a high-quality preparedness foods!

Notice: Live Prepared sales have been suspended due to increased delivery times ... Read More

Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit

Van Drunen Farms provides premium freeze dried fruits and vegetables in #10 cans at the lowest cost available!

Survivor Industries Products Ship Free!Survivor Industries Survival Kits and Mainstay Food Rations

Survivor Industries Mainstay food rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F. Ideal for vehicles, aircraft, boats, and extreme conditions!

Quickstove cook stoves Ship Free!Firebox Outdoors Compact and Portable Cooking Stoves

Lightweight, compact and portable cooking stoves with no canned or bottled fuel! Great for cooking in any emergency, or use when camping or backpacking.

Kelly Kettle Cook Stoves Ships Free!Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

Kelly Kettle cook stoves can be used anywhere! Lightweight stove capable of boiling hot water with twigs in just minutes!

Super Spectrim Ships Free!Super Spectrim Vitamins and Minerals

Super Spectrim - scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals, and supplements!

Why should you choose Survival Acres?Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency FoodsAlpine Aire Freeze Dried Gourmet Supreme Foods

  • 1600+ freeze dried and dehydrated foods available!
  • Gigantic food plans and kits - Exclusive to Survival Acres!
  • Compare our emergency food plans for best prices and best value!
  • Our extensive information on food preparations is unmatched!
  • Only the finest food storage brands!
  • Our 20th year in business!

If you're looking for a reliable source for great long term storable food, you've found it! Our food products can be eaten every day, or used for any emergency. Bypass the supermarket price hikes and save $$.

Don't be scared - be prepared! Obtain peace of mind through early preparation! Whether it is earthquakes, disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, food shortage, pandemic, disease, economic collapse, high prices, survival, emergencies, supply shortages, riots, floods, climate change, drought, inflation, crop failure, martial law, SHTF - We offer what you need to be food prepared!

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