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1) Freeze dried and dehydrated food can last many years longer then supermarket or canned food.

2) Climate related disasters have risen 80% affecting the food supply of 217 million people every year.

3) Food prices have risen over 60%. Storable food and survival food prices have risen over 90%.

4) Survival food is a sound investment against inflation. Emergency food storage is protection from food shortages and price increases.

5) Long term storable food is far better than gold because it is real insurance for any emergency or any need that can be easily used at any time.

6) Emergency food storage is the key element in emergency preparedness and security for your family. Setup an emergency food storage program today!

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Rainy Day Dehydrated Food

Rainy Day offers the lowest cost and best tasting dehydrated food with 1000+ products. Real food for long term food storage or daily use!

Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food.

Mountain House has been the #1 brand of freeze dried food for 50 years. 25+ year shelf life! Lightweight and easily prepared!

Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Units, Real Meat, Emergency Survival Food with a 25 year shelf life.

100% real canned meat and emergency food units with a 20+ year shelf life! 50% less than Wise Foods! Fast and easy preparation!

Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Food

Alpine Aire offers the largest selection of freeze dried foods available. Excellent choice for an emergency food supply.

Van Drunen Farms Freeze Dried Fruit

Van Drunen Farms provides premium freeze dried fruits and vegetables in #10 cans at the lowest cost available!

Survivor Industries survival kits MRE

Survivor Industries Mainstay food rations can withstand temperature extremes of -40 F to 300 F. Ideal for emergency food storage in vehicles, aircraft, boats, and extreme conditions!

Firebox Outdoors' Compact and Portable Cooking Stoves

Lightweight, compact and portable cooking stoves with no canned or bottled fuel! Great for cooking in any emergency, or use when camping or backpacking.

Kelly Kettle Cook Stove

Kelly Kettle cook stoves can be used anywhere! Lightweight stove capable of boiling hot water with twigs in just minutes!

Country Living Grain Mill

The Country Living Grain Mill is the worlds best grain grinder used around the world. Built to last a lifetime!

Super Spectrim Vitamins and Minerals

Super Spectrim scientifically tested and endorsed vitamins, minerals and supplements. Essential for nutrition!

Why should you choose Survival Acres?Mountain House FoodsAlpine Aire Foods

  • 1600+ freeze dried and dehydrated foods available!
  • Gigantic food plans and kits - Exclusive to Survival Acres!
  • Compare our emergency food plans for best prices and best value!
  • Our extensive information on food storage is unmatched!
  • Only the finest food storage brands in emergency food!
  • Over 19 years in business!

If you're looking for a reliable source for great long term storable food, you've found it! Our food products can be eaten every day, or used for any emergency. Bypass the supermarket price hikes and save $$. Food storage is insurance for the future.

Don't be scared - be prepared!

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