Zero Sum Survival – Part IV

Continuation of the blog series, Zero Sum Survival. See Part I, bullets over beans, and Part II, sudden collapse, Part III, religious ideology for previous entries.

This is Part IV – and will cover poor food preparations, connedspiracies, geoengineering, ice age.


Poor Food Preparations

A zero sum survival plan is often earmarked by imagination. A non-fact based real world outlook versus imagined facts, non-events, and planning.

Food planning, and food preparations will often factor into this imagination. It goes without saying that all humans require adequate daily nutrition. Nearly everybody is totally dependent upon the just-in-time delivery of food products to local supermarkets and food stores. What is actually stored in their own homes is frequently replaced (daily or weekly) – and sure indication of just how little food people really have on hand. Being involved in the food preparedness industry for several decades has shown me just how little food prepared people really are.

Growing your own

There is a persistent myth that individuals and families are going to be able to supplement their own food requirements by “growing their own food”. If you’re not already doing this now, then it’s definitely just your imagination how easy or how successful you will be, and how little you can actually grow to harvest in terms of consumable nutrition. This requires a great deal of time (months) and effort and even the cooperation of the weather, bugs, infestation and predators. This will become increasingly difficult as the climate worsens.

There is still a wide assumption that anyone in need can just “grow their own” food whenever they want. This is totally false. There are numerous times of the years when it is impossible to either plant or raise food to harvest. And even when you do, it can take months before they’re ripened. In the meanwhile, you’re still 100% reliant upon daily calorie intake which must come from some other source, otherwise you weaken, or get sick and can even die.

The reality is very few people actually grow all of their own food. I engaged in a years long effort to actually find anyone who actually grew all of their own food. I never found a single person who did this. What some claimed wasn’t what they were actually doing. They were still dependent upon supermarkets for numerous items, including essentials. Growing grains for example is one of the biggest missing calorie requirements in the “growing your own food” meme. I wrote this page years ago – Your Food Preparedness Score – How Food Prepared Are You?

Nobody has passed this food test. Virtually everyone is having to buy some or even all of their food supplies. Even the “bug out” bullshit crowd fails in this requirement. I’ve beaten this topic to death before:

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I’ve also written about Growing Your Own – It May Not Be What You Think.

Survival Seeds

There is also the “survival seed” problem. Seeds contain live enzymes and must be stored and protected to preserve their viability. Most if not all food crop seeds will die within 2 to 5 years, even when properly stored. So if you’re not already constantly harvesting your own seeds, or rotating your seed storage and replenishing with sufficient quantities of seeds – you’re engaging in a zero sum survival plan. Without viable seeds – you’ve got nothing.

Storing Food

This is a particularly huge problem area noted by (real) survival experts everywhere. Preppers & Everyone Else Preparing To Die already uncovers the poor survival food planning found, but the summary is this:

Preppers are preparing to die because they have failed to set aside sufficient food storage; don’t accept the reality of climate change; don’t understand what the real threats are; and have made insufficient preparations for resupply. I brought some of this up in my interview, but wanted to say a lot more. Everyone else is preparing to die because they have failed to set aside any food storage; they don’t accept the existential threat that climate change will wipe out the global food supply sooner rather then later; and have made no plans at all for resupply (or much of anything else).

Over the last several decades, nearly all of the “food plans” sold are grossly inadequate in terms of calories and nutrition. This is definitely the area where both manufacturers and individuals and families “try to get by on the cheap” and it is a zero sum survival plan. The old “food scams” page is gone, but you can read the updated version here: Tired of Storable Food Scams

Any food will suffice (feed you); but not any food will last (shelf life). Nor will it last as long as many may think – simply because it is either nutritionally inadequate (and you’ll eat it faster then anticipated because your body is craving calories) or they have far less food then they think.

A zero sum survival plan is a plan that does not include sufficient food storage – and a plan to rotate and replace what is being consumed.

Survivors of the collapse (any kind of collapse) will be instantly in trouble if they have not become food prepared. Very few preppers and survivalist are actually properly food prepared. They’ve imagined themselves to be adequately stocked, but that isn’t what has been found in many cases.

Those that haven’t made any food preparations imagine that they’ll be able to scrounge, forage, hunt and steal whatever food they can still find. This is more Hollywood bullshit for the most part, and will only work temporarily (if you don’t get shot). Worse, nearly all supermarket food will spoil pretty fast – see Why Buy Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Survival Food which also covers the myths of gold & silver and what really happens to supermarket food:

A Few Comments About Canned Food (Supermarket food)

Don’t believe the Hollywood versions of ‘survivors’ of the “Apocalypse” eating store-bought food (cans or packaged food, also known as wet-pack food) scrounged from abandoned stores or hoarded away decades later. This narrative is completely false and while it might make for an entertaining movie, it would also kill the remaining population that dared eat it.

Supermarket food of all types will have long spoiled, or rotted away, even inside the cans due to bacteria or acidity. These foods are simply NOT packaged for long-shelf life. Even the cans themselves are not intended for long-term storage. Packaged store-bought food in boxes or plastic containers or plastic wrapping will be utterly ruined and unfit to eat. Oxygen, mold and bacteria will have long ago ruined any possibility of eating such food. Eating any of these foods years later will probably kill you due to contamination. Diarrhea and food poisoning will then finish the job. Starvation will also take a terrible toll.

The reality is any survival shelters stocked with supermarket food must be constantly rotated and replenished (monthly) to ensure nothing is ruined or spoiled. But it is a very short-term “preparedness plan” in reality, which is why we have never recommended this, it’s a weak strategy. Canned wet-pack food will last a few years at best (2 – 5 years, please review Still Tasty for the actual facts on wet-pack food shelf life), but beyond that it would be extremely risky to dare eat it.

The facts are there is no such thing as canned wet-pack food lasting decades. We see a lot of people making this mistake, stockpiling canned food for hard times years or even decades ahead. They are wasting their money (unless they can eat it fast enough). The only way you can acheive this type of food security is by storing foods specifically processed for long shelf life and stored in airtight containers in a cool location. Only dry food, dehydrated or freeze dried offers this capability.

Airtight containers (with oxygen absorbers) will prevent oxygen, bacteria, mold and mildew from reaching the food. Containers must be oxygen-impermeable which is why we always recommend mylar liners in our buckets of food, or the mylar food pouches we carry or hard-sided cans, and everything with an oxygen absorber inside.

Real food security means doing the job right, the first time and not wasting time, effort and money on something that doesn’t work.

The summary of Poor Food Preparations is this: Most people, intentionally or not, are prepared to die. This would include most “survivalists” and “preppers” because of inadequate food planning and preparation, lack of gardening skills and experience, and the inability to grow sufficient calories. Scientist around the world are now sounding the alarm that the world’s food systems are on the brink of collapse due to rising temperatures and extreme weather events. It’s still going mostly unheeded. If you haven’t adequately prepared yourself and your family food-wise, you hae embraced a zero sum survival strategy. You are in effect, prepared to die.


I’m pretty sure I coined this term years ago, but it relates to the various conspiracies, fears, paranoia, superstitions, and false memes that have taken hold within the world today, and how millions of people have fallen for these con-jobs. Many of these are broadly embraced by the “prepper” and “survival” communities, but that’s not a requirement to be a connedspiracy addict. They’re all based on ill-conceived assumptions, false “facts”, unproven conjecture and endless claims and straw arguments.

However, they are not harmless. I was exposed to these myself in a major way and came to realize that many people were making life-changing decisions based upon these manufactured fears and imagined threats. It caused endless harm to thousands of people. Families broke up, husbands and wives divorced, jobs were lost, people “bugged out” to remote rural locations, even some lives were lost. And all of it was based upon connedspiracies – imagined threats that propelled these believers to engage in life-changing, sometime unalterable decisions.

This is one of the reasons why I have written on this topic often here. It’s very dangerous for your mental health and well-being. But the connedspiracy crowd has only grown and become more adept at fabricating fear to sell products, gain financial support and revenue, advertisers and a ever-increasing fan base. This garbage is now being taught across pulpits in the United States and elsewhere.

This is also another zero sum survival strategy. If you have fallen into this trap – walk away. No, run – as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Get away from these people and all of the garbage, lies and conspiracy that they’re spewing (and keep your hand on your wallet). It has never done a single person any good, but it has caused a lot of harm.

Some conspiracies are real – but that’s irrelevant in this context, because there is nothing you can do about them anyway. So get over it, move on with your life and take charge of your mental health. Engaging in useless talk, time, and fear (paranoia) about conspiracies is practicing all the wrong things in life. It also teaches fear, avoidance and deep paranoia. That is definitely a zero sum survival strategy.

Take the time to read the following if you are engaging in a zero sum survival strategy of connedspiracies:

Real Survivalism
Surviving Conspiracy Theory – Part I
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‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

You’re not only wasting your time engaging in connedspiracies, you are wasting your life, and are distracted from both learning and doing things of real importance. Such as learning how you might actually deal with climate collapse and protect yourself and your family.

I’ve written a LOT about connedspiracies here, probably more then any other person. You can follow the tag cloud on the right side for connedspiracies, Alex Jones and others if you want.


This falls directly into another zero sum survival strategy, and the connedspiracy crowd. I detest such idiots that are deliberately conflating, distorting, misleading and distracting people for the reality of human-caused climate change – and no, it’s not because of “geo-engineering”. Using bad science, erroneous cherry-picking, deliberate fabrication and conjecture as “evidence” is not science. But that’s what permeates the geo-engineering crowd.

For some reason (confirmation bias?) – it’s easier to believe in what is invented, imagined or conjured, then to accept reality. The how and why of global climate change is now firmly established beyond ANY doubt. If you or someone else still has doubt – you’ve skipped several important steps in your self-education and learning about climate change. Opportunists like the geo-engineering crowd quickly stepped in to provide bogus alternative “explanations” that are not supported by an credible climate scientist.

Frankly, I’m going to side with the real experts (again), not the connedspiracy crowd which has a track record of zero. Geoengineering experiments have been conducted – but that has nothing whatsoever to do with what the world is now experiencing, which is the direct results of carbon emissions, aerosol particulates and pollution. THAT is what has caused the global climate to change in a nutshell. There is virtually no doubt about this. It’s not solar activity, chemtrails or HAARP or any other such nonsense.

I never bother to engage in the topic of geoengineering connedspiracies because it’s beyond stupid. Yes, I have looked into myself – multiple times and walked away shaking my head. I found their “evidence” entirely unproven and ill-conceived, reliant on conjecture and imagination. Geoengineering experiments does not proven global geoengineering. Nor do pictures of cirrus clouds or atmospheric anomalies. Each of the claims by the geoengineering crowd can be deconstructed scientifically.

This is another area where ‘believers’ are wasting their time and their life. However like most connedspiracy theorists, they’re not much interested in challenging themselves and confronting their own confirmation bias, so I generally just avoid them, which is the advice I’ll share with readers – walk away. Spend your time on things that are real, provable and important.

Ice Age

This is another false meme and another zero sum survival strategy. Supposedly, using extreme weather events as “proof”, the Earth is headed for “another ice age”. This is totally bogus and is not found within any scientific study from climate experts. The exact opposite is true – human emissions have prevented the next ice age which was due in several thousand years. The planet is heating up, rapidly and dangerously. There won’t be another ice age as far as humans are concerned – we will not survive that long on Earth.

Because of ice storms, extreme weather events, snowmeggedon, extreme cold and so are are being used as “proof” of a coming ice age, and the “super cycles” that affect solar activity, proponents of the ice age are growing in number. But they’ve got all their science wrong. It’s notable when real climate experts don’t agree with any of the arm-chair opinionators that try to build a following and ad revenue, but by now you should be aware of these kinds of charlatans.

Increased global temperatures are melting ice all over the world, faster and faster – definitely NOT a sign that an “ice age” is coming. Higher temperatures have increased atmospheric water vapor which will eventually fall out of the atmosphere somewhere – in the form of rain, snow or even ice (hail). Due to this water increase in the atmosphere, and the massive disruptions now in the jet stream (which is often “stalled” now), extreme weather events are increasing. This is what is causing in a nutshell the “cold weather” events ice-age believers are pointing to.

But a storm does not prove a coming ice age. Temperature does. And that record points to just the opposite – atmosphere, soil and water temperatures are still climbing all over the world. This will also increase soil dehydration, and it is causing massive species extinction, species migration, coral reef die-off, gargantuan global ice melt, sea level, aquifer penetration by salt water, erosion of tidal marshes and coastal regions, inundation of low-lying cities and towns, increased storm surge and on and on.

Definitely all the opposite of a forthcoming “ice age”. It’s all being caused by massive levels of C02 being injected into the atmosphere by human emissions – a fact now well-established. I’ve spent enormous amounts of time and blog space already covering all of this, but here is a link I’ve not shared before:

Last time CO2 levels were this high, there were trees at the South Pole

One climate peril these emissions ruled out, said Siegert, was a return to an ice age, which had happened several times in the last million years; CO2 was now at too high a level for there to be any chance of a big freeze, said Siegert. “We’ve killed it.”


That’s it for now. Over the last couple of days I’ve tried to show what zero sum survival strategies and planning are. There are many other bogus ideas, concepts, claims and practices that I’ve seen people embrace (including space aliens – really), that are negatively affecting their actions and decisions, but it’s not worth my time or yours to dive into all of them. Perhaps I will revisit this zero sum survival topic again, but right now I need to get back to my reroofing project.


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    Couldn’t agree with you more about saving food, growing food, and storing food.
    Now it’s been raining for weeks straight (it didn’t in January/February when it should have). So, no crops in the ground yet. The first year of gardening I dealt with slugs (and every year after), the next year with moles (got them all eliminated – ask me how?), this year the rodents have taken over the mole burrows and I’ve killed over 50, next year it will be something else. And I know with 3000 sq. ft. of garden I’m not even close to enough to feed us. AND come September it will be canning all the time, drying all the time, crushing fruit all the time. It never ends and is still is not enough. Finally, reading about saving seeds and attempting to do it. IF ONLY THE WEATHER WOULD COOPERATE with all of this. No chance.

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