Zeitgeist Addendum

Peter Joseph knocks another one out of the park.

Watch this video 60 or 70 times and let these facts truly sink in and realize how rigged the system is — and how this was all deliberately done to enslave you from birth till death.

One of the best videos I have seen on what should be the most important subject right now in everybody’s mind.

Now go back, and watch it again.

If you’ve let this all sink in, think also on a few points:

I’ve called ’employment’ wage slavery for a specific reason and have pointed out who the plantation owners really are.  The league of evil men and woman who are behind this monstrosity of toil and control encompasses everyone from the local banks to the elected (and appointed) officials at every level of government.

The majority of them are far too ignorant to realize what they are doing, but this is really no excuse.  The information has been there for over a hundred years — and there have been countless volumes about this and legal investigations.

Much of this has been widely suppressed, but we have enough information in this day and age to stage a global revolt — if we wanted to.

If we wanted to put a stop to this.  If we wanted to regain our freedom back.  If we wanted to stop the slavery, the thievery and the economic destruction of everything.

And finally, which country do you think it is that is doing all this?


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