WTF? Armed Mercenaries Patrol Wisconsin Forest

This story is truly beyond bizarre.

Forested land in Wisconsin is being contested by protesters and developers who want to build a 4.5 mile long open pit iron mine.

In a allegedly ‘violent confrontation’, a security guard wrestles a camera away from a protestor.

The developer (Gogebic Taconite) then goes bezerk, and hires a private mercenary force with camouflage, face masks and assault rifles to ‘patrol’ the forest and ‘protect’ their interest.  The group is later then caught spying on campers who ‘might have been vandals’.

Here are the dangerous, heavily armed (with signs) protestors:

Wisconsin lawmakers have enough of the lawless behavior and demand that Gogebic Taconite remove the ‘security’ force.  They initially refused:

“The guards are going to stay,” Seitz said. “We have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace.” Paramilitary-style guards ‘are going to stay,’ mining company vows

Lawmakers are insistent, and Gogebic Taconite is forced to comply – but only because the security firm isn’t licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

Security guards with sidearms appeared at drill sites after June 11. Three camouflaged guards with assault rifles and face masks appeared a few days ago, said Paul DeMain, editor of the Hayward-based News from Indian County.

“Some of the local people are wondering what the heck? It’s come to a sad situation when you’ve got to have a machine gun to protect a business that people around here don’t want,” said DeMain, an opponent of the mine who posted video online of a semi-automatic rifle unattended on the seat of a truck at a drilling site. The video shows a guard a short distance away.

‘Bulletproof’ Arizona security team raises hackles at Gogebic mine site

But the battle for the hills is not over.  Gogebic isn’t giving up.

And if it matters to anyone – the indigenous Chippewa tribe was not only there first – but they were already stewards of the land, fishing, food gathering and harvesting maple syrup. And teaching this to others.

The usual white guy suspect (behind the lawlessness of every fascist corporation):

This is insane. Gogebic should be forcibly removed from the State of Wisconsin IMMEDIATELY and permanently.  I have no sympathy for rapists (of the land), liars, thieves and fakes.

Rawstory has a good writeup here.





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