Worst Fire Season On Record

Several development on the fire season in the Pacific Northwest. Smoke here in Idaho is very bad, you really don’t want to be outside much and it’s not much better inside.

Others have ‘noticed’ this too, but I’m up close and personal to it this year. It’s the worst fire season on record.


US Experiencing Worst Fire Season on Record as Blazes in Washington and Oregon Explode Twelvefold to Over 1 Million Acres


This is ‘climate change in action’. Dry conditions and years-long droughts are causing huge eco-system damages. And it’s not just in the forests either, I read just the other day where millions of fish in Alaskan rivers are dying now (the water is too hot).

Humans can try and cool down by using their air-conditioners and stay out of the sun. Not so for fish and wildlife, which are finding their environment totally destroyed as far as habitability is concerned. It’s the same for the plant life, they can’t do anything at all about dry conditions or temperatures getting too hot except wither and die.

We’re next. Once they’re all dead and gone, that means our food crops will be too, and then starvation will become a huge problem for humans.


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