Worst Fears Realized: 8℃ (14℉) Making Earth Uninhabitable For Humans

A British global investing firm has issued a warning:

If we keep consuming oil and gas at current rates, our planet is on course to experience a rise in global average temperatures of nearly 8℃ (14℉) by the end of the century. This would make Earth basically uninhabitable for humans.

As you could always expect, the article immediately begins to dissemble its own claims. “Cautious optimism” is called for because

“new projections point out that it’s unlikely investors will simply ignore this risk, meaning that our present level of fossil fuel consumption could decrease.”

I dropped some pretty strong hints (that nobody bothered to respond to) regarding “When Should We Stop Listening To Climate Scientists and Climate Reporters” because its stupidly obvious that almost nobody, not even that fucking idiot Scribbler will report the truth.

He was clearly warned, by several people – about the real risk in temperature rises that were supported by some scientific studies that made it pretty clear we were facing insurvivable temperatures by the end of the century. Some of these efforts never saw the light of day (usual censorship), but now, he’s finally (years late) coming around to making his own claims.

But of course, he does not believe his own words, just like most scientists don’t seem to believe their own results, and journalists, under strict-orders to only paint a “positive spin” on the real news, refuse to publish the whole truth.

It’s enough to make you go crazy.

Anyway, let’s return to the investing firm story:

Still, by current climate research standards, this is a pretty wild number. It is four times as high as the ‘safe limit’ for increasing temperatures caused by climate change, internationally recognised to be around 2℃ (3.6℉) above pre-industrial levels.

Ok – here is your “evidence” of shitty reporting. The so-called “safe limit” was made up by an economist many years ago – and it has virtually NO bearing on reality. The author of this article either doesn’t know this fact or does not care. The author also appears to be totally unaware of just how close we already are to this “limit” in 2017 (just one-half a degree C).

Investors are supposed to be concerned – and because of this financial incentive – finally “learn” to do the right thing (stop investing in fossil fuels) – and that is supposed to magically transform our consumption of fossil fuels.

Anybody else see a problem with this fallacy? So far, we have not developed any energy technology that does not use fossil fuels. I’m not at all sure we even can – EVER. Therefore, if the past is any indication at all of the future – we will not be able to abandon the consumption of fossil fuels. Investors are supposed to be “lured” away from investments, but will this have the desired impact upon consumption?

This is where the article has dived right off into hopium and fantasy. They’re insisting on maintaining the same economic paradigm that created the problem. Read it for yourself if you do not believe me. It’s true.

What fools have we become? To publish such lies and dishonesty, utter claptrap designed to deceive and distort the real message here? We got our idiot-savant “heroes” who have bullied their way to the stage, shouting for attention. We’ve got our ignorant and lazy reporters who have absolutely no idea at all about the subject they are writing about. And we’ve got our saviors, who (this time) are disguised as “do-gooders” wielding $$ signs and checkbooks being told that “they have got a handle on this”.

Oh boy, are we ever in severe trouble.

Note – the smoke from the fires here has already had a significant impact upon my garden. Not enough UV light is causing enough photosynthesis. Harvests are not as what you would normally expect (crops look immature, weak, some wilt, leaves are browning very early, etc.)  Forest fires, wheresoever they will be found, will be hugely increased as temperatures rise. Be advised on what this will mean for food production and the decline in food availability.

The world is going to burn – everywhere. Everyone will be affected. Food production will end between 2℃ and 4℃, LONG before the projected temperature claims being predicted. We don’t all start to die in 2100 – we start to die now, worsening every year (which is what has happened).

Goddamn it you stupid motherfuckers. You are not listening.



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One thought on “Worst Fears Realized: 8℃ (14℉) Making Earth Uninhabitable For Humans

  • August 12, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    The late, great Mike Ruppert used to say, “Before you can change anything, you’ve got to change the way money works.”

    Anything driven by “investors” is almost certainly going to result merely in the transformation of more of the planet’s primary productive material into yet more heat and waste.

    Okay, nostalgia time.

    Here’s one of the greatest hits of 1975:

    “Energy and Economic Myths” by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (Reprinted from Southern Economic Journal 41, no. 3, January 1975)



    Rock on, human race!

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