Worsening the Panic

I hope you people (Timebomb posters) all realize what you are doing.

You are fueling the fire for panic.

There is not one person on this board who isn’t aware of the damage done by Katrina or it’s after affects.

But for every post like this, complete with blinking siren and “Breaking News” and startling or shocking headlines (“Cannabalism”, “Lock & Load”, etc.) you are helping to create PANIC.

For everyone that passes the word – “No gas in Portland!!” they will tell ten more, and those ten will tell another ten (each) and it will snowball from there. You are creating a run on supplies, fuel and probably food. It’s not hard to see the end outcome.


Why are you doing this? Is the keyboard so demanding that you must simply scream the latest shortage? You are not helping anybody. You are playing right into the situation and increasing the anxiety and panic, especially among some of the Timebomb members here.

Do you really want to create a run on supplies? Because that is exactly what you are doing.

Whatever difference is another five gallons of gas or a tank of gas going to make to you now? So you can “get out of town” and take your panic somewhere else?

Don’t you see? You are fostering a domino affect. The whole country is doing this. You WILL create a national crisis – and for no reason at all.

I WILL NOT BE A PART OF THIS ANYMORE. I am aware of aftershocks occurring in the food industry, but I’m not going to even bother telling any of you about it. Katrina is survivable – if people CALM DOWN. But if you do not, you will bring about your worst fears and it will be all your own doing. A mindless stampede is NOT what is needed. WHO CARES what gas costs? SO WHAT? It’s not that important. But one falling domino will topple another – unless people simply realize that this isn’t the end of the world – it’s JUST higher prices for crying out loud!!!!

And frankly, it’s not that damned important. It’s pretty darn selfish of people to be only thinking of themselves.


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