Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

This is a worthwhile article to read – Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it

I’ve been harping on the the alternative stupidity expressed by Scribbler for a reason – alternative energy sources are NOT what is being claimed. I am no fan of oil, having covered the abuse, destruction, pollution and harm fossil fuels and the companies behind them have caused. But the alternative energy mantra being embraced by Haney and others is another false narrative.

$4 trillion dollars have been spent, according to the article, with little to show for it. There has been a recent ridiculous claim that ‘investors’ would be the saviors of the climate – by choosing to invest in the safer option in alternative energy. Well, there you have it. It hasn’t worked – at all. The world remains both addicted to oil and as dependent upon oil as ever, despite a $4 trillion dollar investment in alternative energy.

Humanity needs to use less energy – not more. But you won’t read this anywhere else. Replacement of energy sources with ‘alternatives’ does not change the fundamental paradigm of energy consumption – or energy pollution caused by fossil fuels, or the entire issue of disposing of expired alternative energy products (solar panels for example, a highly toxic waste product). Or how virtually ALL alternative energy sources are still TOTALLY dependent upon fossil fuel for their creation, manufacturing, maintenance and even disposal.

In a world that continues to grow, overpopulate and demand more and more – the notion that we can use less energy continues to fall on deaf ears. The need to power down instead of powering up is anathema to the illogical and deliberately skewed false narratives being promoted.

I’m presently reading a odd, interesting and weird book called “The World Inside”. 80 billion people inhabit Earth. Everyone lives inside gigantic buildings 3 kilometers high. All the land of the planet has been converted into gigantic structures and food production, exclusively taken over for human use. The book is a parody of how utopians and cornicopians think today. It’s Manifest Destiny on steroids. Humans are the only species that matter, but to achieve this staggering density, all individual rights are abolished. You can’t have any notions of freedom or individual expression or choose how to live your life when you’re literally piled up to the heavens on top of each other. It’s a parody of the cities of today.

This is what the developers omit. They don’t grasp the fundamental truths about freedom, or how a lives totally controlled destroy opportunity, expression and habitat. They’d much rather profit from everything, even the very air we all breath. Growth, development, expansion into every possible nook and cranny (for profit of course) is deemed the correct path for our species.

It is this type of thinking and activity that has brought the world to the brink of destruction, destroying the biosphere, oppressing billions and causing massive starvation, dislocation and refugees, endless wars, conflicts and suffering. Without land, space, opportunity, and a wide diversity of biological life (plants, fish, animals, trees and even wilderness) – there is no freedom. Everything is controlled, regulated, monitored and dictated. It’s a horrifying world, but it is the world that the growth monsters are advocating.

It is a world that you can find right here on Earth right now. We call them cities. Everyone living there is a slave. There are no chains, but they’re totally enslaved to produce, work and endlessly consume. What passes for recreation and freedom and free expression is in fact, highly controlled, regulated and monitored. It is a situation that is getting worse and worse every year.

Many alternative energy proponents fail to grasp cultural issues of population, growth, consumption and even the deeper issues of what life actually is. Life isn’t exclusive to homo sapiens. But even we cannot exist on this planet if we destroy everything else in our quest for energy, or growth, or profits, or control of every living being. These things are counterproductive to our very existence and continuance on this planet because they all cause massive levels of destruction, pollution and lasting effects that have severely harmed the biosphere. Without this habitat, with an environment that supports biological life instead of destroying it, we will also perish, hiding in our climate controlled, alternative energy powered enclaves.

Powering up is not the answer – no matter where that power comes from. Powering down makes a lot more sense for the long term. Inhibiting unchecked growth (in all forms) must also occur. Every decision made by industry and business should be done to enhance and protect biodiversity and environmental stewardship, not arbitrarily destroy it for temporary profits. It’s absolutely absurd that a single generation has chosen to destroy all succeeding generations through unchecked growth, consumption and pollution. How incredibly selfish this is. And yet, here we sit, doing next to nothing about it, except watch it happen and listen to the false narratives about how alternative energy which continues this paradigm of growth will somehow ‘save us’ from ourselves.

It’s time to end the lies.


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