World Woes

The food situation continues to worsen.  Demand is very extreme and it is getting increasingly difficult to handle. We are already well into another Y2K sized event and I now expect this will never stop.

This was expected, I’ve warned many times that this day would come.  We are seeing unprecedented global disasters all over the world, which while they do not all directly affect us here in America, they certainly will.  Let me explain.

People are watching the Middle East meltdown and panicking. This causes them to react in a self-preservation mode.  Food is always high on the list when this happens.

They’re also watching Australia, who went through extreme drought, extreme fires, then extreme rain and extreme flooding and then a category 5 hurricane — all in the space of a single year.  It’s nearly impossible to comprehend the series of mega-disasters that have hit that country.

Brazil has had terrific flooding, landslides and entire villages washed away.  Desdemona continues to post articles about massive environmental collapse occurring all over the world.  It’s very bad and it is getting worse.  Many people have noted that almost nothing is being done to stop this.

Russia stopped all grain exports months ago, because they too like many other countries, have been having to deal with climate collapse.

In America, we’re being pounded by massive snowstorms.  New Mexico is now in a state of emergency and running out of natural gas.  Ice storms and snow storms are taking their toll on virtually everything in most of the country.  Sure, it’s winter, but we’ve never seen a winter like this.

Mega-droughts in China, Somalia and the Amazon are having terrible effects.  The climate that we have long since taken for granted in spiraling faster and faster out of control.

I’m still seeing really idiotic responses by people who should know better.  They’re still claiming that this is normal, that these events are not related and that global warming is not actually happening.  These claims blow my mind to be honest, because every credible climate scientist in the world doesn’t agree with that.  The historical records alone show that we are now in a destabilized condition, one which is fully expected to get significantly worse.

But let me talk about “belief” for a moment (let’s disregard science and facts).  Belief is something you have that persuades you to a particular point of view.  There are zillions of beliefs about every subject and every topic on Earth.  Humans have a strange propensity to try and persuade others to their beliefs.

Beliefs are in point of fact, not important.  What I or you believe is only relevant to reality by how it changes reality.

Reality is what the world actually is, whether we believe it or not. Beliefs are often in contradiction to the real world. They are often at odds with facts, circumstances, or events.  Nonetheless, beliefs are what people go by when they make decisions. Sometimes beliefs are in agreement with reality, sometimes not.  Beliefs cause you to act rationally or irrationally, depending on the strength and the power of that belief.  In this regard, beliefs have an effect on reality, changing how things actually are.  Entire nations and virtually the world can change because of belief.

We have seem the world virtually explode because of beliefs.  It matters not that these beliefs are not in agreement with the facts, the beliefs “ruled the day”.  For example, there was the claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  The government and media promoted this belief which ruled the day and engaged this country in a extremely destructive war.  The facts were ignored then (and now) and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, but the entire world changed because of this belief, and now we are dealing with the changed world as a fact.

Beliefs can be easily manipulated by people who know exactly what they are doing.  It is in fact, a finely tuned social science used by all kinds of people in our world today.  They know that you can stampede the herd of humanity very easily by implanting the right kind of trigger belief through propaganda and manipulation, and they do this all of the time.

A few more examples: the oil industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on false advertising, claiming that global warming is not true.  Massive campaigns have been developed and are still underway to ensure that the truth about climate change is being suppressed.  Millions of people obtain their beliefs about climate change by devouring this propaganda.  However, none of this is actually true as world events have already shown.  Science refutes these claims but does not have the same propaganda arm that these industries do, who are very much interested in protecting their strangle-hold on world energy consumption and who makes the profits.  Moreover, science is much more disciplined, a virtue by which it has established its credibility and is virtually built into the scientific method itself.

The United States is particularly sensitive to this type of belief manipulation, because we are addicted to the media, which is not disciplined.  It does not matter if the media source is the Internet, television, Hollywood or the radio, the media is promoting all kinds of different beliefs as part of its undisciplined process.  It’s not about truth, it’s about ratings, profits, readership and subscriptions. It is also about control.  They want you, ultimately, to remain a pawn in this game of connedsumerism.  They con you into believing what they want you to believe, because their corporate sponsorship and the people that actually own these media outlets want it that way.  It is extremely profitable.

They want you to remain dumbed-down, ignorant and ‘productive’.  I.e., make money (produce goods or services), spend everything that you “earned”, engage in debt borrowing, and worry not about what the actual and real effects of this lifestyle and manipulation really are.  This, upon examination, is a very destructive and life-threatening cycle for all living beings. The media works in close cooperation with government and corporate entities throughout the entire world.  It is absolutely no accident at all that these media empires are all owned by the very same people.

In my last article, I wrote that “it is all related”.  This is very true with this discussion of beliefs.  You are being constantly and strongly encouraged to accept a false world reality of what life actually is, and what is actually happening throughout the world.  If you knew the truth, and if you were not so desensitized when you read it or heard it, you would most likely rebel, and at the very least, become extremely upset.

Our world is in collapse in some very major ways.  The environment is falling apart very fast now, and it’s not just the weather, but long-term trends in climate, natural resources, the world’s oceans, fresh water, crop production, species extinction, pollution, deforestation, acidification, carbon dioxide saturation, and many, many more very important issues that will have a extremely dramatic effect upon the habitability of this planet.

We are very much destroying the only home we have far more rapidly then the majority of the world seems to realize.  There can be absolutely no mistake about it now. Your beliefs about these topics are all being highly manipulated by vested interests that want to keep you in the dark and feed you their brand bullshit.  There, you will grow and produce more spores and continue to act like the good little connedsumers you are, remaining uninformed, ignorant and in total denial of what is really happening.  This is in their best interests, but it most certainly not in your best interest or that of your children.  You, like me, are rapidly destroying what is left, by refusing to wake up to the harsh reality of what is actually happening right outside our doors.

It is critically important that we stop accepting this line of utter bullshit that our politicians, our government and our industries are actually looking out for our best interest. This is patently false on many levels. If they were — there would be no pollution, no deforestation, no war, no starvation, no lack of medical care, no debt and so forth.  But the more of these kind that we add to our “leadership”, the worse things keep getting. Nothing is getting fixed.  Nothing is improving.  They are behind much of the illusionary beliefs that directly contradict the real world, however they are not alone, there are many other actors today that are doing the same things.

Many people today seem to fail to understand any of this.  They’re self-centered, stuck in their own belief system, too afraid, too tired or too something to look outside of their own comfort zone.  They believe in a magical rescue from a planet full of woe, or they believe that it is not their responsibility to be concerned or aware (awake), walking like zombies through this life, ignorant, apathetic and unconcerned about anything but their own lives.

This is an attitude that is deliberately promoted.  We’ve come to accept the belief (there it is again) that we can trust our politicians to do the right thing, that they have this all under control, that they are actually looking out for our best interest.  We are strongly encouraged to then ignore the contradictory evidence that is occurring all over the world as these paid actors “act” for our alleged benefits.  Irradiating an entire country with depleted uranium was a “necessary” evil, as was refusing to reign in global industrial pollution so that we can have our “jobs” (wage slavery) protected (so we can be conned into buying more useless shit).

In the meanwhile, the place we call home is virtually falling apart, but we’d never know, because we’re zoned out watching Dancing with the Stars or the StupidBowl where paid performers entertain us in an endless stream of programmed “fun” and you can participate in Big Sis’s “see something say something” citizen spying program.  Brain-dead infotainment is much too easy now as 500+ cable channels allow us to surf our way to mindless oblivion.

The world is full of woes, but we’re not too concerned, not too aware and most certainly, not much involved.  Sometimes, something pushes our buttons a bit and we react — in very predictable and programmed ways.  Then, having done so, we “feel good” in our “belief” that we’ve “done something” when in reality, nothing has really changed and the problems still exists.  The world grinds on as before, and grinds down the lives of millions upon millions into abject poverty and suffering while the environment we depend upon virtually falls apart — but as long as we feel good about everything in our patently false beliefs we’ve come to accept as reality, we’re just not too concerned.

We live lives of unbelievable comfort and protection, a gilded cage for a gifted people, blessed with stupendous abundance and a once verdant land, virtually stolen from a noble people who we happily exterminated.  But having not taken any real interest in its husbandry or care since, we’ve turned much of it into toxic waste dumps and shopping malls where zombies can ignorantly buy from corporate empires who are rapidly destroying the rest of the world, while we “enjoy” the trinkets and toys we can by with the wage slavery we’ve come to “believe” is “making a living”.

This is the “good life”, the American dream that we’re told all would aspire to.  We ignore our children’s plight, the lack of jobs or creative enterprises, the social injustice and double standards.  “All” should want what we have, despite its glaring contradictions and absurdities.

But boy oh boy, watch out when we panic like the sheep we are, stampeding with the same religious fervor that swept through the Salem witch trials, demanding “justice” for imagined wrongs.  We’re quick to lash out with the world’s most powerful weapons, backed by the massive machine of global military power and superiority, especially when anything even remotely affects the gilded cage and glitter we’ve come to expect as our divine right.

Never mind that our over-reactions are legendary or that millions upon millions have died under our aerial bombardments, guns or oppressive tactics.  We’re the ones who are important, we believe, the only ones that really and truly matter, or even have the right to exist.  We virtually claim the divine right to judge all of the world according to our standards and our belief systems, appointing ourselves judge, jury and executioner to all who do not measure up or matter.  Woe unto those who do hold up to our self-righteous standards!

If it’s not convenient, we’re simply never told about the destruction we cause as we work in our factories making even more weapons in a world absolutely saturated with our killing machines.  We’ve always got an enemy, and if not, they we’ll declare yet another one, because we have to keep this illusion alive, it’s good for the economy and prosperity at home.

You should be enraged if you are awake. The world is at woe in large part because of us and our participation in ignorance, apathy and indifference.  We allowed all this evil to happen and we’re still doing it, day in and day out, in an endless production factory of global suffering and death.  We are producing suffering, in a myriad of ways, so that we alone can be the benefactors of wealth, prosperity and control.

I have oft wrote that all people everywhere, all over the world, want the same things if given the chance. This is still true, but not all people are even allowed that chance.  There are too many forces at work now that prey upon the weak and the exploited (including us dear readers) to ensure that only some people are given that chance, and very importantly, that even this group conforms to the dictates prescribed to them.

Manipulating your beliefs is a big part of this.  You’re not being told what is really going on because if you did, you might decide to stop your participation.  Multiplied millions and millions of times over and you’ve got some idea now of what is at stake here.

But do you really?  Do you really yet understand what is at stake?

If we keep allowing these monsters to manipulate the truth, distort reality and foster these false belief systems and worldviews, then they will in point of fact, destroy the remaining parts of the world and we will all collapse into utter ruin.  This is by no means a exaggeration, it is a fact and it is happening right now.

If you have not done so already — stop supporting these people.  Stop promoting their stupid brand of bullshit and ignorance.  Cancel your subscriptions, stop catering their stores and businesses, stop buying their crap and stop tolerating their lies.  Yes, it’s small step, but one in the right direction.  It is a liberating exercise that will help your mind unchain itself from their illusions.  You need to develop a hunger for truth and for reality.  If you don’t, there will be none who can rescue you from what you’ve become.  This is something that you have to do.

I hold no illusions that we are going to avoid what is already here and the even worse effects of what is headed our way.  We got here, in this place and with these effects, for a reason.  It is our fault.  And it is also our responsibility to wake up to reality.  If we can do that, if we can stop allowing our brains to be manipulated by these monsters, then we can start assuming the responsibility of unchaining our minds and freeing our bodies to take actions to help ourselves.  Breaking free from their illusions and lies is a big part of this.  So is breaking our dependency and taking on the autonomy and self-responsibility that comes with it.

These are small steps, they won’t change the world but in minuscule ways.  Corporate empires exist because we support them.  Evil, lying, manipulate government exist because we permit it.  These entities are made up of individual humans, just like us.  They are dependent themselves, just like us.  Their dependency is our participation. If we revoke our dependency, bit by bit, then we have undermined their control and ownership, including the false beliefs that they have implanted in our heads.

This too is a small step, but one in the right direction.  They may think that they are the plantation owners and our slave masters, but that too is an illusion they’ve created because it serves their interests, not ours.  Our interests are very much different in reality then theirs.  We have no interest in war, nor any interest in pollution, or lack of medical care, but they do.  It’s big business to create these evils and extremely profitable.  Shortages of any type are a huge industry, creating entire empires of wealthy billionaires.

The people of the earth all want the same things.  We all desire and need the same things, but the way the world is being run, orchestrated and manipulated, it is a virtual certainty that this will never happen.  That is reality, the way things are.  And now we are imperiled by that reality, the world in which they manipulated to their advantage, it is falling apart because of their extreme abuse.  We too, participated in that abuse on an individual level because we never believed that we might run out, or have much effect. We were wrong.

The world woes is very, very real. It’s all-encompassing now from starvation to drought, flooding to deforestation, injustice to tyranny, pollution to destruction.  It’s all related, it’s all the fault of human-kind (some more then others), and it is our responsibility to wake the hell up and realize just how late in the game this really is.  Collapse is a virtual certainty now — but what about our survival?  We can possibly survive the collapse with effort, but we cannot hope to survive ignorance.

There is a war going on for your mind and to keep you ignorant of what is going on.  By virtue of this fact, you should have an inkling of an idea of what you are dealing with.  Any person, newspaper, media, government official, corporate executive or lobbyist or any other person that is willing to lie to you or all of us about the facts and what they are doing is a traitor to humanity.  They are willingly risking virtually EVERYTHING to stay in power, reap massive profits while turning the only world we have into an uninhabitable shithole.  This makes them absolute monsters.

There was a time when the people of the Earth would never stand for this type of insanity.  Somewhere along the way, we lost our ability to think, act and put a stop to this.
If this continues — there will be nothing left.


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