World War Forever

All of these events are related:

U.S. Rejects International Criminal Court

New Bill Would See US Taxpayers Subsidize Experimental Israeli Laser Weapons

‘Rule of law’ states defend Israel’s cold blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators while trying to rob Venezuela of its oil

A Scream for Life – Gaza March of Return Architect Abu Artema Celebrates Its First-Year Anniversary

Venezuela collapse: looting, hunger, blackouts

16 Years After Iraq, the US Has Become A Nation Of passive Neocons

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

There is a common theme happening here. It goes by many different names. You won’t read about these stories in the main stream news, unless it serves the interests of the ‘official narrative’.

Lawless governments acting with impunity. No accountability. No regard for human rights. Nullifying every attempt to be held responsible.

Not even an official declaration of war by established law in many cases. But it is war nonetheless, and the victims are the usual ‘suspects’ of ‘undesirables’. And it is supported by what Dredd calls the ‘despotic minority’.

People who simply want to be left alone to live their lives. However, that doesn’t matter. The Empire, and its handlers, minions, vassals and sycophants, does not regard life or being left alone as a human right, no matter where those lives are being lived. Either you comply to the demands being made, no matter what they are, or how brutal, torturous or depriving they may be, or you get the boot stamped into your face.

We should all ask ourselves why they always get away with what it is that they do. You know – kill people, in large numbers. Starve people. Deprive people. Destroy their homes, livelihoods, and ways of life. Why do we tolerate it all? When will we decide we’ve had enough?


It depends on which end of the stick you’re on. It’s always been challenging to know what is the ‘real’ winning side – but only if you’re a depraved mother-fucking idiot. Here in the Empire, and everywhere else on the planet, everybody and everything is a target. A nail, and the Empire is the Hammer. But the propaganda matrix that permeates so much of the media convinces the populace to go ahead and swing that Hammer over and over again. In fact, there needs to be a Hammer. And a nail. The Empire would be lost without these.

There’s not a lot of complaining here because the Hammer doesn’t often strike home. But I suspect it will, in time. If it does – who then will care about us? Probably nobody, just like we don’t seem to care about anyone else. Just desserts.

There are other wars going on, right here, right under our noses, but we’re still not paying much attention to these either. There’s the Propaganda War, the Official Narrative War, and the Information War, and the Economic War, the Race War, the Border War, the Corporate War, the Defense War, the Fundamentalist War, the Drug War, the Health Care War, the Poverty War and on and  on. We’re at War Everywhere, so let’s just call it a World War Forever (WWF), battling crisis after crisis, always with the promise that the solutions tried will finally win the battles and end the war(s). It never happens.

I could provide you the reader, with hundreds of links to articles, stories and research on each one of these, but this dizzying array of information overload wouldn’t change anything. If we’re half-way intelligent, reasonably astute, and make a half-assed attempt at being informed, we already know about all of these things. Our lives are full to the brim with the simmering saturation of that bubbling brew we know as ‘news and events’ that infect our world daily, but we’re so totally numbed by the sheer magnitude of all of it, that we are incapacitated, helpless and infinitely distracted.

We secretly hope, that we ourselves won’t become the next drone strike, or civilian casualty, or test subject, or rape victim of unbridled downsizing or offshore expropriation. We know we are at risk because we can see with our own two eyes what is happening, but it’s not us, usually – not yet. But if you happen to live next to a fracking well, or downstream from a mining operation, or next to a pesticide plantation or chemical plant, or if you are downwind of any number of industries, or corporate take-overs or plundered retirement plans, then you understand the ‘risks’ – just a little.

But it’s still nothing like the risks and the realities being experienced by millions of others that have been the direct recipients of America’s greatest inventions, which is intervention, invasion, destruction, and plundering. Rapacious capitalism cloaked in diplomacy and ‘democracy’, wrapped tightly with pretty little ribbons of trades and tariffs, hiding a deadly combination of toxicity, oppression, greed and exploitation.

I read where there are now over 46,000,000 real slaves in the world today. That exceeds the populations of some countries. How does something like that happen? How does it manage to flourish? Most of the world turns a blind eye – even in our own nation’s capital where the slave trade flourishes. Few are paying attention. We’re too numb, and uninformed. And powerless. And we know it. We don’t want the Hammer to strike us, but it already has, we’re just unwilling to admit to it, because most of us still have something that we’re still trying to protect. And the Hammer knows it, so it continues to get away with everything that it does, again and again.

It’s a seriously fucked up system we’ve got here. The MAGA morons are almost totally blind to all of it, happy to lick the crumbs off the table like the domesticated lap dogs they are. America isn’t great, and isn’t being made great again. It’s headed down the same exact path of self-destruction it’s been on for a long, long time. We’re all now existing on the left-overs that the powerfully ‘elite’ rich arrogant assholes leave us to survive on. That slice of the pie keeps getting shaved down thinner and thinner like a cheap restaurant trying to cut corners. To appease our growing distrust and resentment, bullshit policies and propaganda pour forth from the nation’s leaders in an endless litany of government actions and useless activity, and many fall for it, only to discover later that they’ve been lied to again. Endlessly.

It’s actually beyond seriously fucked up. It’s a system designed to exploit the very core elements of human life and existence on this planet. If you’re so unlucky to have been born somewhere else, then you already know the brunt and bullshit of Empire. But if you were born here, you were indoctrinated from birth to be a brain-dead follower. You’ll even send your kids to die for the Empire, convinced that they’re expending their lives ‘doing good’ as the bombs drop and the bullets blow out brains and the living grieve the dead. Lots of these same kids come home draped in flags as if this is supposed to mean something, but the husbands, wives, children, mother and fathers deprived on both sides of these senseless stupid ‘conflicts’ are still left without.

Yeah, America has enemies, but why? It’s not because of our bullshit ‘freedoms’. But it might have a lot to do with how we treat the rest of the world. That’s a conversation we’re not being allowed to have. We’re never going to talk about this. But we all know it’s true. So we continue to sit on our hands and behind our protest signs and pretend that a ‘Like’ on Facebook somehow ‘matters’. Keyboard Kommandoes pretending to be politically, socially ‘active’.

Yeah, they’ve got us exactly where they want us. Defanged, disillusioned, depressed, hooked on drugs, infotainment, and cheap news. Social media morons. Surveillance on everything, everywhere, everybody. Disconnected, divided, distressed, deluded. A nation of zombies, with a government gone absolutely fucking insane. Do not be surprised when it’s our turn.


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  • March 23, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    From Surviving Capitalism:

    This is another confirmation of the theme I have been hammering for the past several years: the capitalist ruling classes behind the Empire are a driven lot. They are thoroughly addicted to the power that capitalism delivers to them via concentrated wealth. Because of this addiction to power, this question becomes irrelevant. The addiction must be satisfied regardless of the consequences which are horrendous. The real question is: are we ordinary people going to tolerate this any longer? Are we prepared to endure whatever “slings and arrows” that we might experience in the immediate future in order to save us from horrors that await us in the long run?

    The unfortunate headline implies that Trump is behind these policies. Trump is only one addicted figure among a whole class of capitalists largely within the borders of the US/Anglo/Zionist Empire.

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