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I’ve been posting a few links over on the World Status Report for the last couple of weeks. These are reported news stories that depict the ongoing state of collapse.

I’m certain to miss far more then I find, and I often am too distracted to bother posting the links, but over 50% of the stories in publication today can be used to reveal just how far advanced our decline already is. Behind the news is what you’re looking for.

There will be much more of this to look forward to (depending on your perspective). Stress fractures are being reported everywhere, in the environment, politics, war, terrorism, pandemic, economy and society. We’re so immersed in this stuff it’s not really “news” unless you ponder it’s implications. And we’re so distracted by too many thing that we don’t understand it’s overall significance until it’s too late. By the time these messages reach our conciousness and awareness, our ability to cope with them and mitigate their effects is already lost.

Climate change is but one example. Ignored, ridiculed and buried under an onslaught of false information, attacks and disengenous reporting, climate change has now proven itself to be real, deadly and irreversible. The War on Terrorism was also handled this same way – objections were ridiculed, ignored or glossed over, but now the effects of our asinine foreign policies and intervention have come back to haunt us ten times over.

Picking any subject and we discover that our puny human attempts to “fix” things wind up in disaster after disaster.

It’s been said that we suffer from information overload and that may well be true. My argument is that we are being bombarded with utterly useless information, and important life changing information is being lost in the wash. There are several things you can do, which should be obvious if you haven’t figured them out already. I killed the t.v. many years ago and still don’t watch it for news or information. In my mind, it’s utterly useless.

The Web is hardly better, a great deal of useless junk and mindless fluff that need be laboriously waded through to find the useful pieces. And when you find them, you’re sort of stuck, wondering what the hell do I do with this? Not very many people want you share what you’ve found. And the few that do, are just like you, unsure as to what they can do with it because the information is already well-dated and difficult, or impossible to rectify anyway. It’s simply too late.

Two stolen Presidential elections later, we’re still stuck with the moron from Texas. Far too much evidence exists that this murdering monster didn’t lawfully belong in office, and yet here we are. Same goes for the events surrounding 9/11, which we are soon to be dutifully reminded of. What we know and what we can do about it are two entirely different things and rarely do they meet. Sometimes never do they meet.

So even armed with our “knowledge” and our evidence, facts, reports, stories and eyewitness accounts, scientific journals and precise measurements, we are still powerless. I think that should be obvious. I’ve long made the argument that grassroot organizations are constantly losing ground despite their popularity and efforts. To me, they are steam valves, useful to keep the people further occupied and distracted, accomplishing nothing at all of significance.

We already know we have lost complete and total control of our government, but do we yet realize that this is also true of the very world we live in? We are on a plunging descent of unprecedented catastrophes in modern history and we are still running around pretending we can somehow organize efficiently enough and stop it somehow. This absurd belief is beyond laughable, it’s pathetic. I am aware of how defeatist it sounds, but I’m also correct. No significant progress has been made by ANY body, institution, agency or effort to put a stop to what is happening in our world today. Pick ANY subject. Overfishing, climate change, pollution, overconsumption, desertification, overgrazing, agriculture, genetic engineering, war, terrorism, deforestation, population, starvation, you name it – all of these issues and thousands more are already far beyond our control and ability to manage, govern or rectify.

And this should be obvious to my way of thinking, because if we do not acknowledge our inability to fix the problems we created, how can we presume to have any say in their outcomes at all? We’re only deluding ourselves, repeatedly, over and over like that mindless moron in office.

Of course, this assessment reveals several things – we are too populated to govern ourselves efficienctly, effectively and with minimal impact upon our society and our planet; we are too arrogant to admit to our mistakes and fess up to them; we prefer our delusions and fantasies to reality, which we constantly reinforce with useless mind clutter and fluff; and importantly, our self-delusion is so great that we stand no chance at all of saving ourselves before it’s too late. We have a terminator gene embeded in our consiousness that refuses to let us save ourselves.
Extinction will be a human-caused event. That is almost a 100% certainty now. We are already witnessing the result of thousands of years of human stupidity, arrogance and greed, effects which have taken generations to reveal themselves. It’s now far too late to fix them and the required motivation and momentum is most certainly not there. Just the opposite is true – status quo, party till you drop. And drop we will, like a rock plunging in the bottom of a deep, dark abyss, clattering all the way down to shatter upon the far recesses below.

This is going to be horribly painful. I’m often asked “what should we do” and the answer is entirely up to you. Nothing will save mankind from his folly, not his technology, nor his science, or his “wisdom” or his religions. We had our shot, we blew it and reality is hitting home like a ton of bricks on a plate glass window. The only thing you can do is to ease your pain as best as you can, but saving the world, saving civilization or even saving mankind has already been decided for you by your forefathers.

And no, in case you were wondering, I’ve no idea at all how often I’ll be posting here. This is just something that I wanted to say. I’m spending far more time on other things these days then writing into the ether.

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2 thoughts on “World Status Report

  • September 7, 2006 at 10:07 am

    “No significant progress has been made by ANY body, institution, agency or effort to put a stop to what is happening in our world today. Pick ANY subject.”

    I have known for a long time that we were on an unsustainable path in everything that we do. Our most serious delusion was that we would be able to recognize and change this before it was too late. Kyoto was my last hope for meaningful change. We are well past the point of being able to “fix” things now.
    It is difficult to predict how the collapse will play out. Resource wars? Climate change? Food shortages? Pandemic? Soil depletion? Peak energy? Etc. All have the capability to seriously harm our existence. These may all come to a head at once, or barrage us one at a time creating different problems with unpredictable rates of decline.
    With any scenerio, or combination of, it will be near impossible to not be affected. Like a tide that raises all ships, there is no place to hide, nor enough food and resources that can be stored to escape any of these problems.
    Even when it is evident to everyone that something is wrong, we will not change. In fact, it will make matters worse. As long as there is enough to go around, everyone remains nice to each other. When the surplus no longer exists, our animal instincts will take over to preserve ourselves and families.
    Wars are always fought over resources. Religion only justifies the war. This is going on right now. It will get worse as time goes on.
    I do not think this collapse will happen in a short time span. First, we will spin our wheels. Not being able to expand. Then there will be shortages and more starving peoples. The media may say that, “The government’s efforts in Kyoto are finally working. Sorry about the economy, but it is a necessary downside to conservation of resources for our future”.
    When there are shortages in everything, and mass suffering, it will finally be realized by all that we are hooped. Despite all of our efforts, each generation after will suffer worse than the previous one.
    Time line? I’m not sure. Most of us in the West could easily hold a good life style even at half of the energy use (spinning our wheels). We are also quite inventive. Conservation efforts will be viewed as “winning”, when in fact we are trying to survive on less and less.
    Serious decline won’t happen right away, but starvation in 3rd world countries will increase first before we are next. More wars against terrorists will be justified.
    As energy and good top soil are more depleted we will feel the difference, but excuses will be made for the shortfalls. The new weather patterns won’t co-operate either.
    This may take 100 or more than a few 1000 years before our numbers come down to a sustainable level. There will likely be an overshoot on the downside, as dammaged and polluted soil won’t replenish quickly.
    We are more adapted by evolution to re-act to acute changes. We (like our animal cousins), lack the foresight to control ourselves on the large scale timeline. Individuals may have the capability to understand the process and try to change, but without the help of the whole, that one person will only do as well as the general population.
    Most of us today live and eat better than Kings of yesteryear. The royalty and elite of the future may not have it as good as the average person today. It all sits on a pyriamid. The top level can not rise up past a certain level if the base is rotting.
    Don’t get me wrong. I do not want any of this to happen. I just feel that I have a good grasp of the realm of human nature. Changing our ways as a whole may be as impossible as breaking the laws of physics.
    As it has happened for billions of years, surplus population will be reduced to a sustainable level one way, or another. We have given up our chance to choose. It will be done for us.

  • September 8, 2006 at 4:53 am

    I agree with everything you’ve said. I suspect climate shift will impact far more seriously then most realize, and soon. Greater pendulum swings on both ends of the spectrum. It’s going to be hard to know where to live (not near sea level, that’s for sure).

    I think what concerns me the most is the ‘thundering herd’ stampeding for the exits when there isn’t any. So many extremely serious and life threatening issues are all coming to head at the same time. As much as I realize that we cannot fix the problems, what tiny little we actually can do in preparation and significant lifestyle changes and location isn’t being done. So the stampede will begin – 6+ billion people struggling to survive, climbing over each other is the worst dog-eat-dog situation imaginable. We’re going to witness the very best of human behaviour – and the very worst.

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