World Oxygen Levels Decline

Joel has been following the declining oxygen levels in the world, and has just sent in this link: Oxygen Supplies for India Police. Severe smog and pollution, unregulated vehicles and overcrowding have made simply breathing hazardous to your health.

There are some graphs on the decline of oxygen here, along with some predictions on what to expect:

The Decline of Atmospheric free Oxygen

Since we have begun to measure in 1989, there has been a steady decline of free oxygen in our atmosphere. And while this is nothing more than expected, since every molecule of additional carbon dioxide locks up two oxygen atoms, the free oxygen decline is greater than the carbon dioxide lock-up.

  • The climatic extremes all over the world will increase in frequency and severity at a rapidly accelerating rate.
  • The “ozone holes” will get progressively larger, and the ozone content of our stratosphere will progressively decline the world over.
  • We will experience a rapidly increasing scarcity of water on the continents.
  • We will see vast forest fire conflagrations in the near future.
  • We will experience rapidly worsening droughts, both in severity and duration.
  • We will experience rapidly worsening flash floods the world over.
  • “El Ninos” and “El Ninas” will steadily increase in severity and frequency.
  • We will begin to see massive, and rapidly worsening crop failures, caused by climatic extremes, massive droughts, and increasing UVB radiation.
  • The rise of sea level will come suddenly and practically ‘overnight’, like a spring thaw, only on a globale scale, and exactly like the phase transition from ice to fluid water.
  • Concurrently, we will see a progressive physical and mental sickening and dying of the world’s population caused by the deficiency or lack of over 60 crucially vital trace elements in the food produced by our modern agriculture, and by the agricultural poisons on and in our food, water and environments. We will also see a rapidly progressive decrease in the physical and mental viability of our offspring.[Since I’ve written this article (in Jan. 1998), there has been a dramatic increase in autism and Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyper Activity Attention Deficit Disorder in our children – as well as of leukemia and cancers. Again, my predictions are right on track – July 2003].

This will result in a 65% to 75% plummeting of the world’s population within the next 50 years – and the total collapse of modern economies, technologies, governments, and civilisations. This then, is the true and full cost of the decimation of the Earth’s forests by logging and slash & burn.

  • At this point, human civilisation will revert to small and medium agrarian tribal units formed by small and widely scattered groups of survivors capable of ‘living off the land’. Due to the massive reduction of the human population, the deterioration of our biosphere will then decelerate to some extent.
  • The decline of atmospheric free oxygen will become progressively more noticeable, human habitation at high altitudes will become untenable, while Life at low altitudes will first take on the aerobic characteristics of high altitude living, and then too become progressively more untenable.
  • The ultimate fate of our biosphere depends entirely on how far we push the deforestation/desertification of the Earth. If we push it far enough to decrease the ozone shield of the Earth (no free oxygen, no ozone) to the point where UVB radiation will burn away the tender new growth of spring – then it’s game over. At that point we have crossed the point of no return, and the Earth will become a barren anoxic desert planet, as UVB radiation burns away all plant life, and with it, all food and all free oxygen. Only primitive anoxic organisms will survive in deep UVB sheltered places.

All of this can be completely averted though – if we stop all logging and burning of the Earth’s forests, and regreen the continents on a rapid and massive scale beginning now. The longer we do nothing the worse it will get, and the progressively harder it will be to reverse the dynamics now well underway – until we have reached the point of no return and reversal is impossible.

I’ve made many of the same predictions. I disagree with the final comment though, fixing this problem is not going to be possible, and it would take a lot more then just stopping logging and burning. Denial remains too strong until it’s going to be too late.  Pick up any newspaper in the country and read the “news”.  Don’t forget to look at the advertisements either.  It’s business as usual.
It’s interesting to note the prediction on how fast the ocean levels will rise. If this happens, the methane in the permafrost will also suddenly be suddenly released. Existence would become untenable very, very quickly for all lifeforms on Earth.


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