World on ‘catastrophic’ path to 2.7C warming, UN chief warns

I’ve long pointed out that the world is MISERABLY FAILING to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. Despite endless promises, lip-service and numerous trading scams that claim the world is on the right path (or soon will be), it’s all pathetic bullshit and horribly untrue. A new United Nations report is now available, which claims:

A UN report on 191 countries’ emissions promises found that they would not meet the ambition of the 2015 Paris climate agreement to limit human-caused global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial temperatures.

Instead, it showed “the world is on a catastrophic pathway to 2.7-degrees of heating”, Guterres said in a statement on Friday, just weeks before crunch talks at the COP26 summit in November aimed at securing more ambitious climate action.

The new UN analysis said that under countries’ current pledges, global emissions would be 16 percent higher in 2030 than they were in 2010 – far off the 45 percent reduction by 2030 that scientists say is needed to stave off disastrous climate change.

Without more ambitious commitments, global temperatures could hit 2.7C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century, the UN said.

World on ‘catastrophic’ path to 2.7C warming, UN chief warns

So that’s 61% “off target” (already, worsening daily). The article didn’t say what they claimed the “pre-industrial” would be, which would matter greatly.

The 2.7-degrees of heating is absolutely catastrophic for life on Earth (all life), which still fits right in to the scenario I’ve been warning about, we’re headed for extinction. This also matches exactly what I just warned about in a Different Narrative and numerous others blog posts. They are NOT telling the truth. The situation is FAR worse then we are being told.


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One thought on “World on ‘catastrophic’ path to 2.7C warming, UN chief warns

  • September 19, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    They are MISERABLY FAILING because they are not actually trying.

    The entire political-economic narrative is about perpetuating the gross aberrations that arose after the mass extraction of coal and oil commenced in the 1800s. That plus creating money out of thin air to create credit that facilitates destruction of the biosphere, and charging interest on the money created out of thin air on the basis that the economy will keep expanding forever. And the criminals and clowns are failing at that too, of course.

    The laws of chemistry, physics, mathematics and ecology etc. have a different ‘plan’. Their ‘plan’ is to demolish all the fanciful systems invented and operated by the sociopaths at the top of the political-financial pyramid. And that demolition is underway right now. And is accelerating, of course.

    ‘Here’s our summary of key economic events over the weekend that affect New Zealand with news it’s a week where central banks may have to rescue dysfunctional public policy again.

    First in the US, there is another Fed policy position review this week on Thursday and all eyes will be on tapering signals. But this decision is likely to be overshadowed by the growing partisan fight in Congress over raising their debt ceiling. While the Democrats granted the Trump presidency a holiday from this self-imposed restriction, the Republicans are using it to hobble the Biden spending plans. This seriously raises the likelihood of a technical US default soon – they will make their debt payments, just not on the scheduled dates.

    This intransigence triggered UST bond yields to rise at the tail end of last week. It may also weigh on the Fed’s decision-making.

    And the closely-watched University of Michigan sentiment survey came in at the same level in September as it was in August – and that isn’t good because August was a sharp dive to a decade low. The worries all center around inflation. There is unease that it won’t be transitory, which for consumers could be self-fulfilling. A strong view is that now is not a good time to buy a house.

    Equity markets are showing concern. While the overall S&P500 fall in September so far has been -2.0% market watchers are eyeing a larger decline than we had in September or October 2020. With the S&P500 futures indicating a -1.3% fall when Wall Street opens tomorrow, that would take the loss so far this month to -3.3% and something market watchers will take seriously, wondering what it signals.’

    It’s a little scary when one is surrounded by complacent, ignorant ‘livestock’ who haven’t got a clue what is likely to befall them some time in the coming year or so. Or perhaps later this year.

    My personal preparations are coming along quite well, considering I had to start from scratch just over 18 months ago. That progress on preparations is because I spend 100 hours or so a week on them.

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