World food prices rise for seventh consecutive month, reach new historic peak

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World food prices rise for seventh consecutive month, reach new historic peak

There is definitely panic in the air.

I have recently been contacted by a couple of people who allege they were prepared to make some major storable food purchases. One would-be buyer wanted nearly 2 million dollars in food, the other would-be buyer asked for over a quarter-million dollars worth.

I turned them both down.

Purchases of this size would max out all capacity at the respective canneries (in this case, all four of them) for quite some time and would hurt anybody else who was waiting on their shipments. This would have a pretty noticeable impact too on stock levels.

During the Y2K rush, these “big buys” happened then too, where big money would effectively show up and gobble up all capacity the moment an order was taken.

I’ve decided not to allow this since it would have a really huge impact upon the entire storable food market. I told my prospective buyers why, and that they needed to reduce their order sizes down to something more manageable.

Anybody who has followed enough of this blog will have long since realized that money doesn’t motivate me. Everybody gets treated the same, large or small, rich or poor. Fortunately, these inquires were polite and that was that. In the past, I’ve had people try to “bully” me and the cannery reports the same thing. They get turned away at the door.

I am however, going to “have to do something” since volume remains quite extreme. Raising order minimums may help slightly, and also ensure that anybody who is truly concerned is focused on getting “truly prepared”. Right now, minimum order size is $100. This may go to $250 or even $500 if things don’t slow down.

No news yet on the eggs situation. USDA remains at a snails pace and nothing can be done about it. Corn is still gone, but we did get buckwheat back in (yeah!). I really feel for the packers and shippers who are doing a Herculean job (round of applause everyone!!) to accommodate the gigantic crush.

Oh, almost forgot… I HAVE made several changes, as follows: No more substitutions on units (food plans). If a food plan doesn’t work for you, simply order ala-carte (pick out what you want yourself), we no longer have time to go back and forth with making up custom units.

All freight quotes will now be done just once (1 time). A finalized order is REQUIRED before we will obtain a freight quote (1,000 lbs minimums), with no changes permitted later on. This has been extremely problematic lately and the only solution is to make sure you are actually “ready” and not changing your order or mind later on.

Spring is coming, do not forget your heirloom seeds! Still a TON of snow here, it just doesn’t seem to stop and already I can see that our spring is a long ways away.

Sigh…. five months of snow is not fun, especially when there is no play time.


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