World faces four famines as Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid budget

World faces four famines as Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid budget

‘Biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II’ about to engulf 20 million people, UN says, as governments only donate 10 per cent of funds needed for essential aid’.

YAWN. Go back to sleep. The people dying of acute malnutrition aren’t Americans, so what does it matter? Or that this is the largest humanitarian crisis in history?

Twenty million people are at risk of starvation and facing water shortages in Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen, while parts of South Sudan are already officially suffering from famine.

Well, they don’t live here, right? And isn’t Trump “Making American Great Again?”. You’d be hell pressed to find ANY evidence of this claim, but denying foreign aid when needed the most isn’t one of the great “improvements” unless you are heartless bastard. The amount of food waste this country alone generates could feed all 20,000,000 people if we but tried.

But we won’t. Not under the Great and Mighty Trumpatolla. His decrees are the law of the land, even if they’re dead wrong.

To be fair, it’s not all Trump’s fault, but for a man who made endless promises to get things fixed and get them done right, I’m going to go ahead and hold him accountable for his many lies. He did inherit a mess like every President does, but he also stuck his foot in his mouth and made promises that there was no way in hell he could keep. But this post isn’t about Trump, it’s about us humans and how we fail to do the right thing, every fucking time.

As the world’s dominoes topple over faster and faster, we’re all going to start wondering about this strange and suicidal behavior by our fellow humans. It’s as if stupid-diseases has infected the species, eating away like voracious microbes on our frontal lobes, dissolving into mush our ability to think, act and behave responsibly. I’ll call it Trumpencephalopathy. How we all got stupider.

There is a cure by the way. Rebellion. Refusal to go along with the insanity and deranged “decisions” by the delusional decider. The more I read about this madman’s “decisions”, the more I am convinced he is mentally ill and needs to be removed from any position of power, asap. Lacking that, we could all just grow a goddamn spine and just say no. No more to the madness and the commitment to more human suffering, especially when we know it is morally wrong.

Isn’t that what the Nuremberg Trials were really all about?

Oh, if you somehow think that the hunger games will manage somehow to stay off-shore in darkest Africa and not come to America, wake up. From what I hear, it’s really hitting home across the country. This country.


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