WikiLeaks Hits A Home Run

WikiLeaks has released an additional 250,000 diplomatic messages, causing governments around the world to do the mad scramble once again.

Most media sources are trying to discredit WikiLeaks, but here’s a few thoughts on this issue:

We’ve all heard that “if you’ve nothing to hide, then what are you afraid of” type of rebuttals.  You should not be afraid to be frisked, strip searched, have your computer hard drive read, have your electronic communications monitored, have your email archived by a three-letter agency, or live in a surveillance-based society “if you’ve nothing to hide“.

The same logic by these nanny-state admirers who have widely made these claims online would then also apply to our government and our alleged “diplomats” (who are revealed in the new leaks to actually be intelligence spies).  If they’ve nothing to hide, then they should not fear exposure on what they’ve been doing.  Honest and ethical governments do not hide behind “state secrets” privileges.

But oh boy oh boy, do they ever have plenty to hide.  They’re literally going ape-shit now over this latest leak.

Personally, I stand with WikiLeaks and always have.  Governments do a lot of very evil, very horrible and inhumane things in secret and it’s high time somebody with a real pair of balls stood up and exposed these rotten evil bastards for who and what they really are.

So I am going to flat-out ignore the hoopla over “state secrets” and “classified communications” and all that crap, just like I would a pile of dog shit on my living room floor.  Well, actually I’d clean up the mess, which is what we need to do here (but won’t) and beat the dog, which we won’t do either because we’re insouciant.  I’d leave the dog alone if this were my own fault, but like these secret releases, this isn’t my fault, so a good “beating” is (over) due.

Insouciant Americans simply won’t care one way or the other, or they’ll coddle up once again to their nanny-state protectors like starving piglets on a sows tit and decry the exposure.  Whatever.  I give up on all of them, they’re the reason our country is in the shitter.

Saudi Arabia (home to 16 of the 9/11 hijackers as I recall) is revealed to be the world’s leading terrorist supporters of Al Qaeda with the largest financial donations.  No “news” there to the non-insouciant.  Most interestingly, the United States just sold Saudi Arabia $60 billion dollars worth of high-tech weaponry.  This is the Hegelian Dialect, where the United States funds both sides of future (and present) conflicts, never mind that our own sons and daughters get caught in the crossfire.

The cables names Saudi donors as the biggest financiers of terror groups, and provide an extraordinarily detailed account of an agreement between Washington and Yemen to cover up the use of US planes to bomb al-Qaida targets.  US Embassy Cables Spark Global Diplomatic Crisis

What is most interesting to the little people is how these power-brokers deal in human lives, back-stabbing each other and lying about their roles and involvements, orchestrating the rise and fall of nations in the daily details and machinations they manipulate.

And now these lying sacks of shit get found out with their fingers in the cookie jar, all over the world.

These people are truly evil, the personification of corruption, immorality and inhumanity.  They do not care about us, you or me, all they care about, all they’ve EVER cared about is themselves and now they’re in another great panic, trying to cover their backsides and pretend that this exposure of their evil deeds is some great disaster.


The people of the Earth don’t care one way or the other.  All this hoopla is going to be over nothing and I know they know this.  They’re putting on an act, their “put-out face” as if they’re personally hurt or outraged when it’s all an act, from start to finish.  They already know that we are totally powerless to respond to these exposure of their evil deeds, that we have been utterly brainwashed into stampeding each other to death at Target or Wal-Mart or any other big box store on Black Friday.  The the whole scope of our concern is simply this: can we get a good deal?

The rest is all smoke and mirrors, as our so-called protectors and defenders of freedom and the American way are exposed for the lying, evil monsters that they really are.

So what?  I already knew this and so do many of my own readers.  Nothing will be done.  The media will go into warp-overdrive to downplay the revelations, with even more leaked “data” and exposures coming forthwith.  It’ll be interesting, but it won’t change anything.

And this is where WikiLeaks remains powerless.  We are far too stupid and helpless to help ourselves, even when we have clear evidence of our manipulation and lies by our slave-owners.  This is yet another “line in the sand” event that simply gets pushed back once again (and again and again and again) in an endless series of exposures and revelations that causes us to do nothing.

We are that far gone.  We could learn in a “secret release” or by televised announcement from the President himself that Americants are being secretly kidnapped and executed in prison camps around the world and this wouldn’t faze us one bit.  What do we care if this is already happening to other people in real life?  So what? We don’t care, and we won’t care when it starts happening to us either.  We are exactly in that place where our masters want us to be.

If you don’t realize how Nazi-like our country and culture has become, then you need a SERIOUS wake-up call.  We’ve fully arrived at the point where they can now cart people off in broad daylight and nobody will do anything.

I admire what WikiLeaks has done, and fully support these “revelations” and exposures of these evil doers.  I just wish it could have done some good, instead of attacking the messengers.  The world is much too ignorant, especially here in America to even realize that the message is the issue, and always was.

Go read any of the comments on any article on the Net that exposes corruption, destruction, war, tyranny, torture, environmental collapse or the terrible deeds of Empire by an authentic, non co-opted author, and you will see that the majority of the people are so utterly brainwashed, so incredibly dumbed down in their ability to think, and their outright stonewall refusal to connect the dots, that whatever attempts the authors have made are falling on deaf ears, again and again and again.  It’s like beating on a granite mountain with a rubber hammer.

The true crisis that exists within our civilization today is us and what we have become, what we truly are now.  Our humanity has been abandoned in favor of instant gratification and greed.  We have committed ourselves to the pathways of insanity and insatiability.  The June 2009 “Beating My Head Against The Wall”  entry remains as accurate and true as ever.  I see absolutely nothing to change any of this, not even these latest leaks and who is truly behind the evil machinations going on in the world today.

I’m going to take a break from this blog once again.  I’m still working 7 days a week here and I need some time for myself.  Recently, I have had to put up with several ridiculous and absurd personal attacks which have tried my patience and my tolerance to the max.  They’ve only served to emphasize to me the overarching state of stupidity that exists in a sizeable portion of the American population.  As Steve Lendeman attests about American journalism

Overall, America’s major media fails the test. It’s biased, shameless, and irresponsible with “everything to sell and nothing to tell” as a noted US media critic once said. It delivers a daily diet of “managed news” (propaganda), infotainment, and “junk food news,” a worthless mix, treating people like mushrooms – well-watered, in the dark, and uninformed about what matters most. No wonder greater numbers opt out, consuming less broadcast “news” and print media, the kind no one should waste time or money on.

Our population, by and large remains just as shameless and irresponsible.  I remind everyone — you do have a choice.  To be intelligent, investigative, inquisitive and honest, or to remain a mushroom, consuming and feeding and excreting bullshit.

But personally, I think it is utterly hopeless.  I really, really do.  We’ve lost the present generation to ignorance, and most certainly the younger generation, which (obviously) leaves nothing whatsoever in the form of creativity, intelligence, honesty, ethics, morality, compassion, humanity, awareness, knowledge or involvement for the future.

From my own word –

But it is plainly evident that if the younger generation does not care about any of these issues, then there is no hope whatsoever for turning anything around.

And so it is.


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