WikiLeaks Founder Accused of Rape, Molestation – Updated

The attack on WikiLeaks has reached new heights.  The Pentagon and the Department of Defense, along with numerous government officials have all claimed that WikiLeaks recent disclosure of tens of thousands of war documents has caused a serious breach of security and threatens many lives.

Of course, there has been absolutely no proof if this at all, but politicians and pundits alike have jumped up and screamed the same tired claims over and over again.  For the record, these are the same slugs who have their fingers in the cookie jar, promote war and the occupation and have done next to nothing to further the cause of freedom, liberty, truth, justice or peace.  To say that they have a vested interest in keeping WikiLeaks quiet is an understatement.

Secrecy News once again jumped on the bandwagon with this article, proving as far as I am concerned, that the FAS Project on Government Secrecy is a joke — on you.  Pretending to be a website of truth, Aftergood once again slams head first into total lunacy.

Unable to put a stop to WikiLeaks so far, they’ve now gone after its founder, Julian Assange with new accusations of rape and molestation.  Whether Assange is guilty or not is unknown, but the timing of this “leak” is auspicious at best and for this reason alone, smacks of yet another government crackdown against freedom.

Time will tell (maybe) if these charges have any merit whatsoever (and likely, we will NEVER know the truth), but it is already dead obvious that they will not stop persecuting WikiLeaks to put a stop to their exposure of deep government corruption.

This is how it is always played out. Over the years, anybody that speaks out and generates too large a following is always taken down.  Always.

It might be through a engineered heart attack, or a plane crash or disease, or malicious character assassination attacks, but this tried and true method of coercion is played out over and over again.

UPDATE: Swedish authorities now claim Julian Assange is no longer accused

Stockholm, Sweden (CNN) — Swedish authorities say they have revoked an arrest warrant that had alleged rape against the founder and editor of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

Assange is “no longer wanted” and “is not suspected of rape,” Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne said in a statement posted on the agency’s official website Saturday. He is also no longer arrested in absentia, the statement said.

Many of you may not already know that a certain bullhorn-shouting “icon” is thought to be compromised. My own readings on this indicate it is probably true.   Those that obtain success in the fight for truth and freedom are often compromised and coerced into playing to a particular script.  Their very success makes them targets, and their weaknesses are then exploited and used as leverage against them.

It should be obvious that the truth is being widely suppressed.  We in America, the so-called lighthouse of freedom, should be able to easily speak the truth and learn the truth about any subject or topic. But just the opposite is true when it comes to government corruption, malfeasance and coverup (and many, many other topics).  Certain topics altogether are absolutely taboo.  Vested interests make absolutely certain that a pro-bias saturates the websites and forums and the media — or the subject is simply not discussed at all.

I’ve come to view American media as being the most controlled and manipulated sources of news (and scripted “opinion”) on the entire planet. Everything here is scripted, right down to the casual slacks worn by the weather woman and the “timing” of the newscasts.  You are spoon-fed literally everything shown on television.  The print media is not much better.  The views, opinions, commentary are all carefully scripted to project a certain image and worldview.

This image has become your image, the one you’ve adopted, largely without your complete awareness.  Americans view the world through xenophobic eyes, but this is a script they’ve been spoon-fed since birth. Our world view of life, living, politics, religion, war, the environment, pollution, the economy, all of it, is an extension of what we have read, seen and watched through television and the media.  We have long-since become exactly what they wanted us to be — indifferent, apathetic and disinterested in all the subjects and topics that really and truly matter.  Instead, we are fascinating with the mundane and the profane, creating our own “superheros” and “super-villians” in goosestep with the daily remedia programming.

They did this because it serves their interests to manipulate us and control us from being too passionate or too involved to disrupt their own (corrupt and corrosive) business interests.

You will see truth-speakers taken down again and again and again. It is very predictable.  Outspoken “opponents” (notice how the media calls them that) are given their tiny slice of fame up to a point.  But then they are disappeared, if not in life through their death, then in the media where you can no longer read or hear about them.  For you, they are as good as dead by this tactic.

This is one reason why the world really never changes, and why business as usual goes on and on and on, despite the pleas from the people.  Those who serve in the breech are ground up and spit out, oftentimes attacked, killed, accused, bankrupted and exhausted through the constant pressure and resistance that they’ve encountered.

You would think by now for example, that a real third-party would actually exist in this country — but it doesn’t.  You would also think that by now for example, that government corruption would be largely extinguished (or at least dealt with) — but it doesn’t.  You would think by now, through the countless hours of efforts of volunteers and grass roots organizations, that we would have real political reform — but we don’t.

I could go on and on and on about what we don’t have, but should, from the sheer effort and time expended already by tens of thousands of well-meaning people.  There is a clear reason why we don’t have any of these things today.  The leaders are being extinguished, through coercion, corruption and derailing their original interests, through threats and accusations, through their deaths (there have been hundreds and hundreds outright killed over the years) and through every conceivable method of quenching their focus, almost always through direct personal attacks against the leaders.

This WikiLeaks accusation smacks of this same ploy used so often before.  I will never know the truth and neither will you. (since Assange is no longer accused — we can correctly assume that a character assassination of Assange is / was the goal.  What could be worse then a rape charge?)

And that is the point to all of this today — you will never really know the truth about anything.  They really don’t want you to, because it exposes their corruption, their lies, their deceit, the manipulation and special interests, the favoritism taking place, the elite status enjoyed, the billions and billions of dollars exchanging hands with all the players — and the lives being lost, tossed tragically into the waste can of life through the manipulation and backroom deals taking place.

There are the little people and the players.  They will always keep it that way so that they can retain power and control.

The Assange’s of this world are under attack, everywhere through a complicit and corrupt media that really has no interest and even, no more rights themselves to tell you the truth.  They too are owned, through and through, playing to yet a larger script. Anybody that has done any research on who owns the media knows this to be true.

The sad truth is, we don’t have a free media in this country at all, which also means we don’t have a free people either, because we have become what the media has promoted.  Just look around and examine critically what you see.  We are the product of what they promoted.  We wear the same clothes, buy the same shoes, eat the same food as advertised.  These are the little things, but dig farther into it.  People espouse the same exact views that you’re watching on television. They express the same opinions, even adopting the ones by the corporations they work for.

These are not people who are unowned, but people that have adopted the worldviews and the lifestyles they’ve been scripted to accept. They are a product of manipulation and control that governs their daily lives.  This why it is now so easy to get Americans to adopt any particular view, even violent views such as torture, war, occupation or the death-culture we all live under.  It’s a no-brainer that we would not tolerate occupation here — but we’re quite willing to do this “there” to other people.  This dichotomy is part of the script we’ve been spoon-fed. We’re able to balance the obvious contradictions through media supported propaganda.

Don’t even let me get started on the plastic morality exhibited by Americans. In this country, it’s okay to protect the unborn, but go blow the hell out of children elsewhere.  But I’ll leave this to another post — just know for now that this too is all part of the script.

None of this is any accident. Almost all of life in America is scripted through religion, through the media, through government institutions (including schools and colleges), and through employment (the “workplace”).  It is only when you get away from these hallowed halls of brainwashing do you come to find a very different awareness of how the world really operates.

It’s too bad, in my opinion, that we don’t all just take a gigantic break for “this life” and step back and ponder what is really going on.  Many people have truly tried to make the world a better place, but our decline remains unchecked. If we could take such a time-out, we would eventually realize that we are being prevented from making the right choices about almost everything.  Instead, we’ve given up our freedom of choice and responsibility and delegated this to others, who have proven themselves to be inherently corrupt and indifferent.  We are now left with the results of that abdication.

Anyway, all I can say is “watch and see”.  They do not want us to have any real choices, or any real awareness for that matter, and will do absolutely anything to see that it does not happen.  It has been said many times before, that if the American people really understood the truth of things and what has been done to them, and in their name, that they would tear this country apart.  The truth that is being hidden from all of us is in fact, that bad.

To keep us from knowing, they have kept us from understanding, from hearing, from seeing and from being aware.  It’s far, far bigger then most people think, but it is just as far out of our reach.  Too few people are aware, and too few show any interests in unlearning all the lies and manipulations they’ve accepted as their own.  This makes this an impossible task then, to show even a glimmer of the size and scale and scope of this manipulation. So I don’t expect anything to change.

I wish I could be more upbeat about this, but experience tells me otherwise.  We’re still not ready for real change in this country despite all the rhetoric you’ve read (also part of the script).  Not yet.  And not in two year either when the next (s)election takes place.


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