Wi-Fi Signals Reported To Make Trees Sick

A new study reports that Wi-Fi (wireless antenna signals) are damaging trees: Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says

What is more interesting at the moment, is the comments posted to this article.  Self-prescribed ‘experts’ deny the evidence reported, while others support it.

I do know that a new study just came out that cell phone usage is dangerous by more and more researchers. Having a cell phone anywhere near your body and especially your head is considered dangerous.  They suggest keeping it at least 1 inch away from any part of your body.

But the same crowd of technophobe denialist will also claim that none of this is true, while pointing to the rise in brain cancers as some other cause (which could be true).  But this still doesn’t change the results of the studies performed.

Biological beings – trees, fish, mammals, humans, even bugs or bacteria, are not immune from electromagnetic radiation, which is always the final refuge of the denialist.

If they were actually immune, they would have survived and we would already know of their existence today through the many fields of science.  But we don’t — science has not found any organism that is immune to such radiation.  Various levels of effects and harm have long been measured. In today’s world, our increasing use of electromagnetic radiation has to be honestly considered as “not harmless”.


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