Why We Fight

Why We Fight

If you haven???t seen the movie yet, then go rent it (if you can find it).

Americans love war. The national fabric of the nation is interwoven with vast multinational conglomerates and corporate lobbyists whose main business is to provide the arsenals of war. To anyone, anywhere who can pay the price.

The tools of death and destruction are sold to the highest bidder, even the ???enemy???. America armed Iraq. Saddam was handpicked by the CIA. Saddam was given tacit approval to invade Kuwait. Suddenly, the Saudi oil fields were imperiled, and the US war machinery cranked up.

America produces more war machinery and weapons of mass destruction then any other nation on earth. Yet we are repeatedly told, we are not a war making people. Defense contractors employ million of Americans, with jobs located in ever single Congressional district, ensuring that the perpetual war machinery is keeping Americans employed, satiated and of course, heavily taxed. And we are repeatedly told, we are the freest people on earth.

The entire nation is built around the concepts of capitalism and military superiority. Democracy by blood. Any nation which fails to submit to American demands is either destroyed financially or militarily, oftentimes by both. This is the price of freedom in the New World order.

The national consciousness for war is harnessed with patriotic images, movies and hero stereotypes. What really happens in war is hidden behind the flag waving and sound bytes. The villains are always radicals, fundamentalists in the extreme who take exception to anything American. Anti-Americanism is bad, killing people who espouse such views is good. It???s also good for business.

War means hundreds of billions in profits, millions of jobs and expansions of Empire. War supports huge corporations whose sole purpose is exploitation, commercialization and extraction of resources. War profits those who already have the most but want more. War always takes from those who have the least, including their lives. War employs the poor. War kills the poor. This the price of democracy.

War stirs strong emotions, feelings of hatred and loathing, and feelings of nationalistic pride and patriotism. The winner is always those who have the best funding and the best support. The loser is always those who were already impoverished or happen to be sitting on a pool of oil or other desirable resource.

War is what America is all about. A significant portion of Americans support war and support the vast industrial military complex that makes war their reality. Theirs is a disconnect from the casualties of war, the death, destruction and suffering inflicted by all those American jobs. This is the price for the American way of life, which is not negotiable.

War creates racial separation and class distinction. War seperates the riffraff from the chosen. War helps weed out the undesirables, racial and poor, both at home and abroad. War supports the few and exploits the many. War perpetuates the slave-holder status of the plantation owners. War is freedom. Immigrants can obtain citizenship by going to war. Fight for Empire. Die if necessary.

War creates mechants. Lobbyists. Jobs. War is innovation and invention. Technology. Advancement. War is good for America because Americans benefit so much. War creates security for those engaged in the long distance support infrastructure. War is safe for those at home.

America has engaged in more wars then any other nation, but we???re still being told, we are not a war making people. Americans spend more on ???defense??? in the quest for bigger and better wars then any other nation on earth. More money is spent on the war machine then all other discretionary spending combined.

And the price for all of this ???freedom??? is what? More war. More sons and daughters. America???s enemies are growing by leaps and bounds and even once friendly nations now despise and dread the Empire. It???s not like this can last forever. Despite military bases in 142 nations of the world. Despite nearly a trillion dollars spent, American security is worse then ever before.

War does far more then kill people. It profits faceless corporations immensely. It creates a national indebtedness to war’s employers, insinuating itself into the economy and the fabric of living. Congress becomes beholden to its lobbyists. The media caters to its interests. The American voter becomes its unwilling victims.

The young of America are forced into it???s gaping maw because of economic inequities. The desperate and the delusional are championed together. The old turn the other cheek because they know what the real price is for their lifestyle. The mothers and fathers look on with horror at their destroyed families and future years, alone. The sons and daughters stand in utter bewilderment and incomprehension. They did their “duty”. Some “paid” with their lives. But nobody seems to know who got paid or why their duty was required of them. The Congress and the Senate demand our “sacrifices” on the altar of bloodshed to the unknown god of Empire. The rich cluck with sympathy as their children attend college and they attend to their bank accounts and stock profits and board seats on defense corporations.

In war, there are no winners. There is only the victorious and the defeated. There is much suffering on both sides. Examine any defeated or victorious nation that embarked on war. Even today, Germany and Japan continue to suffer. America, ostentiously the victor, embarked upon a gigantic and global military buildup that has never stopped. Cannot stop. Empire is colonial expansion.

War perpetuates the continued slavery of the human race. Even the victorious are less free then before the conflict. Afterwards, they must suffer for their losses of family and friends, lives and liberties that are forever stolen from them. War never serves the people, it only serves the corporations and the elite. None of them go to war. Ever. Instead, they send you and clap you on the back and tell you what a good soldier you are and how your country needs you. To die. Somewhere else. Somewhere far from home. For freedom. When you come back, if you do, you???re an embarrassment and quickly forgotten. Your benefits are cut. Your health deteriorates and your government doctors deny anything is wrong with you. Your Congressman ignores you. You drink or drug yourself into oblivion because of the pain and the memories and because you’re an outcast. Your usefulness as a cog in the machinery of war is used up, and so are you. Your life spirals ever downward and you die, bruised, broken, forgotten and poor. Nobody comes and visits your grave. Nobody remembers you. America marches on, to another war. New heroes. New sacrifices to the Gods of War. Waving the flag. Of Empire.

We are the worlds largest debtor nation. We are the supposedly the bastion of democracy. We are the world largest exporter of arms. We are the supposedly the forerunners of freedom. We have engaged in more wars then any other nation. We supposedly have the worlds greatest economy. We have some of the highest taxes on earth. We supposedly have the worlds highest living standard. Tens of millions have no health care. We supposedly have more freedoms then any other nation. Over two million Americans rot in our prison system. We are allegedly the greatest country on earth. Millions of Americans are applying for their passports and leaving.

War makes this all happen. War is the health of the State, the reason for Empire and the purpose for our supposed superiority. War makes America what we are, the most terrible and hated nation on earth. War is America. Americans, a significant portion of them, love war. They support war because they are the merchants of the earth. They revel in the profits of gluttony of blood. War is their America. Anti-war people are their enemy. They are now turning their war machinery upon the anti-war activists. War abroad is no longer enough to satiate their hunger. War at home against the dissenters is now a consideration. It would be good for business. Good for America. Rid the world of more terrorists.

Because America is war. America is business. America is democracy. America is freedom. America is Empire. America is profits and projection into every nation on earth. Because we are America, and war has made intercourse with the national consciousness, entwining and enveloping itself into the very fabric of our economy, our lifestyle and our purpose for existence. Even into our belief systems and our national religion. War justifies and supports everything that America is. War validates America, anything else is unthinkable. War made America. War keeps America. War is necessary for America. War is demanded of America. And what America demands, America gets.

This is why we fight. We fight for us. For Empire. For profits. For promotions. For preeminence. For resources. For corporate expansion. For corporate authorized freedom. For corporate jobs. For safety. For security. For ownership of what is rightfully ours. For control of all things that go bump in the night. We fight for anything that might imperil the American way of life we have grown oh so very, very accustomed to.

It doesn’t matter what it costs. It doesn’t matter what it takes. It doesn’t matter what it affects, or what it destroys, or what it damages or how it’s done. It doesn’t even matter if it takes some of us, or some of you. Or some of them. No price is too high. No sacrifice is too great. Duty calls upon you, upon us. Empire must advance. The American way of life is not negotiable. Do your duty. You owe it to Empire. To the corporate elite. To the Congress and to the Senate. To the President. To the fat cats and the board chairs and corporate lobbyists. To the rich and to the manipulators and the liars and the undermining weasels. To the merchants and profiteers. Lay down your life and die, so that they can have theirs. You owe it to them for the life they gave you. Your life for theirs.

Go on now. Hurry up and get with it before Empire falls.


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3 thoughts on “Why We Fight

  • June 30, 2006 at 1:41 pm

    America is not the only country of War Profiteers and weapon manufacturers, don’t forget to leave out the China, Russia, England and France. Plenty of blame to go around. The movie Lord of War summed it up well.

  • June 30, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    Of course you’re right. America isn’t alone by any means. But America is where we live. And where we butter our bread, so to speak.

    It’s all a game to the profiteers, whoever they are. Our lives (and labor and money and hope and future and happiness and on and on and on) for their trinkets. So that we may have these trinkets, we must fight, slaves and knaves, neck and neck, generation after generation.

    The people don’t make wars, goverments and corporations do.

    The reality is, we don’t need them, but we’ve been fooled into believing it. It is they that need us, how else do they gain their profits? Or protect their stolen loot?

    I saw the movie, defnitely worth watching!

  • July 1, 2006 at 4:29 am

    Admiting our true nature is the first step. The next step is to embrace Peace. Change our thinking, then our souls. America has become the empire that Jesus stood up against. The self delusion of the U.S. Christian right is the most incredible part of the times we’re living through.

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