Why Sustainable Will Never Happen

This is a must-read on why sustainability and combatting global warming will never occur on a significant level.

Second, politicians, advertisers and businessmen are not stupid. They know what I was too naive to realise until the revelations of the quota made it inescapable. They understand the depth of hypocrisy lying behind all the environmentalist’s accusations. They know that virtually no one, not even the environmentalists themselves, is actually willing to live sustainably. No one really wants the world saved, not if it will significantly restrict their gluttony. All anyone really wants is someone else to blame. So the producers and politicians serve us doubly. While fine-tuning the machinery of destruction for us to fuel and drive, they receive the wrath which we aim at them. Perhaps we have actually come to believe in our own condemnation of our suppliers.

Perhaps these career scapegoats even encourage us, by adjusting their rhetoric so as to continue to attract our anger. After all, they wouldn’t want us to face reality, would they? Whatever the case, having established our supply of excuses, we continue to buy whatever we like for ourselves, rewarding the politicians with votes for a job well done, and blessing businessmen with an uninhibited market. Even the environmental pressure groups now find a comfortable nest in this collective rottenness. They soon learned that subs and fame came only from telling the sort of truth that people wanted to hear. We were thus instructed to direct our hatred at governments and multinationals. With our lifestyles quantitatively exceeding sustainable levels many times over, the most that mainstream environmental groups thought we should have to cope with was the suggestion that we put our bottles in a different shaped bin, or pump up our car tyres properly. Pleased with their words, we gave them some money. Pleased with our money, they gave us newsletters full of invective about big business, and coloured stickers to stick on our unsustainable cars.

It is logical enough, I suppose, that our environmentally corrupt society should have an even more corrupt environmental movement to protect it. Perhaps everyone else has known this for years, but it is new to me, and something of a shock.

I definitely recommend reading the entire article. It makes perfect sense (to me).


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2 thoughts on “Why Sustainable Will Never Happen

  • January 14, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    This weekend I watched an inconvenient truth.

    Before I started the DVD I determined the two questions that I hoped would be answered.

    The first question was: Is global warning taking place?

    There was tons of evidence presented to lead to the conclusion that indeed gobal warming is taking place.

    My second question was to what degree does mankind contribute to this global warming.

    The primary reason for this question was to determine what effect the actions of mankind will actually against this crisis.

    There were hundreds of precise measurements, facts, and figures presented in this film to prove increases in CO2 levels and tempratures.

    Why was man’s percentage of contribution to these increases missing from this documentary?

    Why is man’s role simply an assumption based on population growth? Where are the measures to determine a number?

    Is there a more inconvenient truth that is still untold.

    I still feel that it is our own arrogance that causes use to believe that we have the ability to distroy the planet.

    True, we might wipe mankind off of the face of the Earth, but we have been guests here for only a short period of the planet’s history.

    But I beleive the Earth have the ability to renew itself; and life in other forms could spring up again.

    Is mankind primarily responsible for global warming, or is instead is it the planet itself?

    Mankind should reduce toxic emissions. But will such action reverse the global warming trend, or only slow it down?

    Is there a fear that the knowledge that nothing we do will completely stop global warming will destroy the willingness of people to sacrifice today to postpone the enevable to much future generations?

    The United States of America is based on freedom. Waste and guttony are some of these freedoms. But in times of need, Americans have been willing to sacrifice to win a battle against those who endanger our way of life.

    We just need the truth about the challenge that we are facing, and what all of our efforts might accomplish.


  • January 15, 2007 at 10:47 am

    I’ve ‘settled’ these questions, in my mind. Modern man is the only species on the planet that doesn’t ‘fit’ within the biosphere. Daniel Quinns book “Ishmael” calls man ‘takers’, which is appropriate for how mankind lives. We do not live on the abundance (anymore), but on the depletion. Thus, population is a severe problem.

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