Why Nobody Trusts the Mainstream Media

I came across this video tonight, backs up a lot of what I’ve tried to share about the main stream news: it’s absolutely worthless.

The programming for your mind is very evident if you never watch television and then catch a program or even a commercial. The longer you are away from t.v., the more evident this becomes because you’ve had a chance to decouple your mind from the media programming.

Catching these clowns in lies is not hard to do either. But the real power here is simply this: understand that you are being constantly bombarded with lies, deceptions, misinformation and planted stories, all specifically designed to create an illusion about the real world going on outside of your door.

It’s brainwashing, pure and simple and has been extremely effective as a major tool in dumbing down the American population, but of course, you can tell by that cockney accent, this is not unique to America.

Kill your television.


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