Why is the media under-reporting climate change?

This is another “I told you so” story: Why is the media under-reporting climate change?

“We need the public to be aware that children and even young adults alive today are going to experience the transition to a much more challenging world – unless we make major changes now,” he said.

“Politicians and the private sector respond to the public. So the most important thing is to raise awareness of the risks we’re facing among consumers,” he added.

King was asked if it would take more serious climate-related events for the message to sink in about climate change, to which he replied: “How many more incidences do we need?”

“Each year we see more and more [of those]. Now, here is the problem: why is the media not reporting them as caused by climate change?”

“Instead of reporting each incident as if it was isolated, why can’t the media develop this notion that this is the portent of things to come?” he said.

Translation for those who still don’t get it: The “challenging” world will be deprived of food. So the challenge will be how you intend to survive on the scraps you will be paying exorbitant prices for. The whole connedsumer paradigm is swiftly changing. In a world designed to exploit and profit from every possible resource, this method of doing business falls apart in a world deprived of food.

The media is utterly failing the general public (and the business world) by refusing to investigate the cause of the extreme events and rightly pointing the finger directly at escalating climate change. What we’ve experienced so far is but a tiny fraction of the disasters to come and it’s absolutely critical that this message finally be told.

But nobody listens to me. Not even when I’m right.


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17 thoughts on “Why is the media under-reporting climate change?

  • March 7, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    California won’t meet its climate change goals without a lot more housing density in its cities

    And how could they have possibly missed POPULATION CONTROL?

    There is a ridiculously prevalent idea that everything can be maintained indefinitely if “we just go green”. Which is total bullshit, because green means fossil fuels are still being burned. So all those electric vehicles which are NOT zero-emissions won’t help much.

    But they missed the biggest issue of all.

    As expected because journalists can’t bother themselves to report the truth. And they don’t read this blog.

  • March 7, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    By the way…. it’s not just the media that is under-reporting climate change. Scientists are doing it too. I’ve written about scientific reticence several times before, but there is also dishonesty being paraded about.

    Here is an example:

    New York 2140: A Novelist’s Vision of a Drowned City

    Of course, no comments are allowed for this piece of dishonesty. I’ve done extensive reading on sea level rise, and Kopp’s claims (article author) are dead wrong. If fact, it is Kim Robinson who is far more correct about what to expect.

    I found a way to contact Kopp, but as I said, they’re not allowing the unwashed public to post refuting evidence on the website.

    I found Kopp’s article incredibly disingenuous (dishonest). Sea level rise is now widely reported at 4.5mm per year and accelerating. The IPCC is using data that is 10 YEARS old. The process (creating the report) takes no less the 4 years to complete. It’s also already been shown that climate change is exceeding the RCP 8.5 projections for this very reason. Using old data in rapidly accelerating conditions will not lead to any kind of accuracy or effective planning. Only hesitancy and delay and a lot of wasted time and money.

    Here’s some links relevant to this point:

    And for the United States: https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/publications/techrpt83_Global_and_Regional_SLR_Scenarios_for_the_US_final.pdf

    Robinson is more correct then the “scientist” Kopp. How strange is that? Not very when you consider how much disagreement there really is within the science community. There is far too much pressure to “be noticed” then there should be, so everyone wants to be the hero in other words (stand out).

    Obviously, science is NOT immune to the human emotions of vanity. Neither am I for that matter, but I still prefer to hang in the background and poke fingers at the false arguments and claims.

    This isn’t about me anyway, it is about whether or not science and the public and finally our lousy political process will sit up and take notice that yes, we have a real, honest to God climate emergency on our hands. But goddamn it, it needs to come from the experts (scientists) and they need to pull their heads from their asses and unify their message. I can’t hardly believe that I figured this all out years ago and they’re STILL trying to catch up.

    How many here have learned that vast amounts of water have been found INSIDE the mantle of the Earth, exceeding the amount already found in the world’s oceans? Recent research indicates that the Earth may “create” water from extreme pressures and processes occurring within the Earth itself (prevalent theories were that water came to Earth from crashing comets long ago).

    If true, then volcanic activity releases more water to the surface. And this also makes Robinson’s fictional story pretty interesting. There is a book I read, but forget the title (fiction) that portrays a rapidly flooding Earth, that eventually drowns the entire world (even the very highest mountains). The book was pretty interesting and entertaining. So this new theory of water deep in the mantle of the Earth is also very interesting.

  • March 8, 2017 at 10:20 am

    It really hit me yesterday just how dependent the Internet the modern world is: I could not access the email account I have been using for nearly two decades, and every time I attempted to reach it I got an error message telling me

    ‘There is a problem connecting securely to this website
    The security certificate presented by this website is not secure.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.’

    I rang my ISP and after talking to a robot and a half-hour wait I got a call back from someone in India or other Asian country who did his best to help but did not have the capability to resolve the issue.

    Quite suddenly, my email site became available and was useable later in the day. I used it this morning. And now it’s gone again.

    I can imagine a scenario whereby a major fault develops = let’s say there is a super Carrington event


    and all the satellites currently orbiting the Earth get ‘fried’ and a lot of other telecommunications equipment ‘blows a fuse’…..and suddenly we are back in the 19th century. But with a buggered global environment and a massive overpopulation predicament.

    Even if there is no Carrington event, we know that all the systems we use are dependent on energy, and the fossil fuel sector (especially liquid fuels) is on the brink of decline, and we have an economic system that DEMANDS use of ever greater amounts of liquid fuels.

    I have notice that the ‘Daily CO2’ often is not daily and that sometimes there is no update for the best part of a week.

    Industrial civliation stumbles on for the moment.

    I have mentioned the ‘unusual’ summer we’ve been experiencing. Yesterday another storm hit NZ and caused extensive minor damage.

    Extremely busy outside at this time of the year, as fruit ripens and requires harvesting and preservation.

    Few other people around here think about food production or preservation at the moment.

    • March 8, 2017 at 11:17 am

      Security certificates (SSL) expire every so often. They validate a website as being the real deal (not redirected to some hacker site). I have to maintain Food Asset’s SSL every year by purchasing a new one and installing it, but sometimes it expires.

      Email sites also use them and sometimes they don’t get installed in a timely fashion. Could be the issue you have, and sometimes the domain name servers get screwed up too and the site “can’t be found” because it’s not being properly directed when you try to go there.

      It snowed here again, got about 4 or 5 inches it looks like. Sigh… my greenhouse is still encased in snow. Took a picture of it and thought to myself, “arrggghhh!”

      Almost nobody is thinking “food” which is bizarre as hell in my book. Food Assets should be buried with business considering the doom news on the food outlook, but almost nobody is buying anything. Their spending what money they have either trying to survive hand-to-mouth or on stupid shit. They’re going to pay for this big time.

      One of my kids has started to stockpile :), brought in about 500 lbs of bulk food products which will last 30 years on the shelf. They’re staring to get pretty concerned about what the future food supplies will be.

      It’s all I eat these days (wife and I), we’ve almost stopped going to the store at all, just for fresh veggies. It will be many months still before I can grow anything to harvest here.

  • March 8, 2017 at 11:05 am

    What happens we you get several one-in-a-100-year storms over a fairly short period?

    Are they still one-in-a-100-year storms?

    ‘The sodden Coromandel Peninsula is braced for another deluge today, after a one-in-100-year storm dumped nearly 300mm of rain in less than 36 hours.

    Rain eased overnight, but more downpours were forecast for parts of the peninsula, a day the torrential rain caused major flooding in the region.

    The storm in the upper North Island made some roads impassable, flooded homes and businesses, and caused major flooding and power cuts in the Auckland region.

    People were evacuated from homes and camping grounds.
    MetService has issued severe wind and rain warnings for Coromandel and Northland today.’


    • March 8, 2017 at 11:19 am

      A new vocabulary is needed, which is why I like “extinctionists” better then “climate change denier”. The “storm of the century” claims are being broken every year now, and sometimes more then once per year. We could call it “the latest world record” or something. WREE, world record extinction events.

      300mm? That’s biblical!

    • March 8, 2017 at 11:55 am

      I’ve never believed that we were going to stop our extinctions. The entire apparatus is setup and designed (monetized) to exploit every possible resource, even if it means killing the last rhino, the last elephant, the last tiger.

      Moreover, humans care too little for life itself. It has no value. It’s just lip-service too when talking about human life, let alone wildlife. Life isn’t sacred, respected or protected. Just ask any “patriot” that sends his sons (and now daughters) off to die with parental “blessings” and prayers. It’s fucking ridiculous. Go kill the brown-skinned because that’s your patriotic “duty” – die for the Empire.

      Humans are fucking horrible. I over-generalize too often though – some humans are worth saving. But probably almost none within modern society and those that embrace the lies.

  • March 8, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    It’s just laughable or idiotic to me how we want to colonize space but can’t even save elephants or rhinos. What a joke we are.

    • March 8, 2017 at 8:56 pm

      What a riot: “THE OPTIMIST: Being “hopeful” about climate change requires a strong foundation of reality. As stewards of our planet for generations to come”

      Uh, assumptions? And what was that part about “reality”? And how does our past history demonstrate the real reality of our stewardship? And what’s this about “generations to come”? Based on what known facts?

      And the bit farther on about “adapt and thrive”? More gobbledygook for “growth”?

      “Some have suggested, without offering a real and practical alternative, that capitalism is the root cause of environmental destruction.”

      Why is it necessary to offer an “alternative” when anyone points out the real and provable faults of capitalism? What he’s doing here is called deflection, introducing a false argument to deflect further inquiry. It’s a sign of a weak position and a refusal to address the issue.

      This Optimist dude is high on hopium – and ignorance. Clinging at straws and waving micro-successes for a handful of people as “solutions” (for the world) while denying reality.


      But definitely – thanks for posting. Hopium is always good to tear to shreds to inject reality and refute the deceptions.

  • March 8, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    This story is unbelievable – “inflating” the ground:

    The 2,000-foot hole in the ground that’s important in the battle against sea level rise

    Is this really a solution? Ground water does not stay in one place, but I’m not a hydrologist either.

    Would they constantly have to inject water to keep the area “up” as sea levels continue to rise? What happens if there is a breach in this subsurface water? Does the town / area then “sink”?

    This seems pretty odd to me. Wouldn’t work in Florida (porous limestone) and many other areas. This is a “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” kind of effort, they’ll never be able to stop “floating” the area with water injection. Is that a wise move?

    Probably not.

  • March 9, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Things are getting weirder and weirder in NZ.

    As most informed people know, NZ is one of ‘the places to run’ in anticipation of the coming shirt storm of economic, environmental and social collapse which is a product of overpopulation and industrial living: I worked it out in the late 1960s. Well, the immigration figures just keep hitting new highs (as compared to periods in the not-too-distant-past when NZ lost population to Australia because Australia was perceived to have a higher standard of living and provide better job opportunities). Currently there is a net inflow of around 70,000 per annum -a lot for such a small country in terms of current population and infrastructure- which is encouraged by the government because housing is one of the few sectors of the economy that is ‘doing well’,keeping unemployment numbers down and promoting consumption……you know, all the furniture and fittings and cars needed by migrants to live in a consumer society which has been set up for individualized personal transport via motor vehicles (By the way, NZ imports about 80% of its oil requirements).

    As some may know, the NZ dairy sector is one of the main foreign exchange earners and has traditionally been the backbone of the economy. Well, a while back export prices collapsed from the high level that gave dairy farmers a very comfortable living (partly because of global oversupply and partly because the people who need milk the most have no money to but it), and there has been a lot of talk about recovery of dairy prices over the past couple of years.

    I have mentioned several times that we have been experiencing weird weather -effectively no summer this year, just a few hot sunny days and lot of comparatively cool, wet, windy weather. The irony is that the cooler than normal and somewhat wetter than normal weather (especially in western regions) has resulted in excellent grass growth, which in turn has led to unexpectedly high milk production, which in turn has led to a further glut of milk and milk powder, which has led to another partial collapse in prices.


    Meanwhile, eastern regions have been fairly hot and dry, resulting in the usual stress associated with farming in seasonally dryish locations.

    Over recent days there have been a number of torrential rain episodes that have caused flooding and slips, especially in the Northland-Auckland-Coromandel regions.

    I have noticed that something similar has happened in America, insofar as the droughts that were plaguing many regions of the US have been replaced by inundation.

    Anyway, here in NZ we now have a serious housing crisis in Auckland (with a massive house price bubble that has to pop some time) while the backbone of the traditional economy is languishing. However, according to recently published figures, vehicle sales have never been higher (mostly petrol driven, of course), and this is occurring right at the time when global oil extraction is expected to start declining.

    The fuckwits and self-serving liars that comprise the bulk of government and local government and the bureaucracy are determined to spend what few resources we have left on art galleries, sports stadia and roading upgrades, in anticipation of mass tourism ‘saving the economy’.

    All I can say is, matters appear to be worse in most other places.

    By the way, the Outlook mailbox I have been using for years was inaccessible most of yesterday (‘security’ problem), as was the case the day before, and was inaccessible earlier this morning, but has now suddenly become accessible again. Suddenly there is no ‘security’ issue. And maybe the next time I try to access the mailbox there will be a ‘security’ issue.

    I suppose this is all part of the slow breakdown of systems that we must expect as western societies ‘progressively’ head off the cliff and into the abyss.

    By the way, Antarctic sea ice cover is extraordinarily low at the moment:


  • March 9, 2017 at 11:30 am

    A new political party has been formed and it says some of the right things. However, as we know, it is not possible to wean a fossil-fuel-based economy off fossil fuels. And the time frame for doing so (2050) is too late anyway.

    Nevertheless, at least TOP is talking about the matter, as opposed to the National government, which continues to promote rapid planet-fucking, and promotes scams connected with emissions trading that just make matters worse.


  • March 9, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    I daily check sites for news on climate related matters. Most simply regurgitate headlines originating somewhere else. Some, like Drudge, rewrite the headlines to make them say whatever they want. This assclown consistently gets it wrong too. I’d loss to toss his corpse on top of Alex Jones, light them both on fire and watch the smoke ascend into the heavens. However, the gods would be pissed to have endure such stench.

    Desdemona isn’t getting hardly any commentary anymore, but I don’t know about readership. Hopefully it has stayed high. His headlines are always good, but the lack of participation and commentary there indicates that people care very little about environmental issues.

    There are multiple goods sites out there worth checking daily. If you don’t look at them yourself, your likely to never hear about the stories or articles presented. I use Google Alerts to keep me informed of breaking news and have quite a few sites bookmarked.

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