Whose Bloodlust Are We Catering (and Dying) To?

Read this article, Deadly New Level of Depravity in New Reality TV Show.

This shocking, disgusting, sick. I cannot believe that they’d pull a sick stunt like this. Would you want your dad or mother or sister or brother to be exploited like this? Unbelievable. This is pure televised terrorism.

I have often wondered if we are catering to the bloodlust of the government, or to the bloodlust of the corporate elite, or to the bloodlust of the people, I think the jury is still out only on the latter.

I’m totally convinced that we are being extremely manipulated. But what happens when that manipulation takes over and brings forth a new life of it’s own? Society is degenerating into vile, disgusting and evil infotainment. It’s why I don’t watch television, it pollutes the mind.


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