Whose Going to Live and Whose Going To Die?

I’m going to venture into a very sensitive area that I have yet to cover in detail. Fair warning: this subject matter is going to strike very hard at the heart of many cherished belief systems, especially held by Americans. Read on at your own risk.

The collapse of civilization is a broad euphemism for masses of dead people in most parts of the world. Let’s not kid ourselves here. When our civilization collapses, it is going to mean massive body counts and death by violent means. It will also mean death by disease, starvation and more then a few self-inflictions.

The recently shared story on global ecological collapse, all by itself, signifies that our overpopulated world cannot possibly sustain 7+ billion people much longer. Environmentally speaking, we have depleted the world’s sustenance to such a degree, that our very survival (food) is at stake and has been for some time. More then simply supplementing this, our mega-farms throughout the world have made it dangerously possible to feed the world’s billions by overproduction and overtaxing the land far beyond sustainable levels. This has been possible through climate, the heavy application of fertilizers and pesticides, industrialization and mechanization, and a global just-in-time distribution system entirely reliant upon cheap oil.

All of this production and resulting human population requires massive energy inputs of extracted resources and a tolerable climate conducive for crops. Current predictions for climate and energy resource availability (and affordability) are dire indeed. If anything, they consistently underestimate the reality of what is actually happening to our planet, its climate and its resources. This is a dramatic understatement, one which bears careful consideration.

Energy and environmental predictions are being moved up by decades, as better science, measurements and assessments of what is really happening to our planet come forward. The so-called ‘predictions’ I have made are not my own, but the actual assessments of leading world scientists and researchers who have come to realize what I have, and that is our world is in dire peril.

The bottom line is our world can no longer support 7 billion people (and never could for very long), let alone the futuristic predictions of 10 billion, 12 billion or even more souls offered by some so-called “futurists”. Environmental collapse alone will cause the death of billions, soon. Energy collapse will help ensure this reality. Financial collapse will nail the coffin shut and resource collapse will be the signature on the last will and testament for most of mankind. Who’s going to live and who’s going to die then becomes a very pertinent and pressing question for this generation.

I will not try to “account” for unknown variables such as luck, chance and opportunity, which are unknown to all. Nor will I ascribe any “hope” to superstition or wishful thinking (religion) or magical rescues from above (alien or otherwise). Instead, I will deal with known’s and unknowns (reality).

Environmental collapse (ecological) means the world’s natural food supply will have reached maximum capacity for extraction and sustenance for human populations. This “date” has already occurred, and we are at least 20 years now past our maximum extraction capacity of the natural food supply. During this time, the world’s population has nearly doubled, while the natural food supply began a steep decline.

In some parts of the world, these food sources have never recovered since that time (and never will, as long as human population continues to grow). The Atlantic cod fisheries for example, collapsed in the early 90’s and has no chance of recovery due to constant overfishing. Tuna, swordfish, marlin, sharks, halibut and flounder have also collapsed to less then 10% of their former levels. Over 40% of the worlds billions depend upon the ocean fisheries, their collapse poses dire conditions for the world’s food supply.

Environmental collapse also means the collapse of land-based ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest and critical top soils throughout the world through erosion, compaction, depletion and in some areas such as Australia, salinization. The rainforest provides the lungs of the Earth, absorbing huge quantities of carbon dioxide, but we’re still cutting down and burning massive quantities of trees on a daily basis.

Other examples of environmental changes include disease emergence, abrupt alterations in water quality, the depletion of natural aquifers, the creation of “dead zones” in coastal waters, the collapse of land and ocean fisheries, fertilizer “plumes”, and shifts in regional climate.

This also indicates the inability of natural food systems to continue to provide essential food for burgeoning human populations as we continue rape and pillage these areas for resources. The Living Planet Report said the natural world was being degraded “at a rate unprecedented in human history“. Our very way of life (existence) is now threatened by too many people consuming too many resources.

Facts and Figures of Ecosystem Changes

Water withdrawal and impoundment

* Water withdrawals from rivers and lakes for irrigation, household, and industrial use doubled in the last 40 years.
* Humans now use between 40% and 50% of the fresh water running off land to which the majority of the population has access.
* In some regions, such as the Middle East and North Africa, humans use 120% of renewable supplies (due to the reliance on groundwater that is not recharged).
* Between 1960 and 2000, reservoir storage capacity quadrupled and, as a result, the amount of water stored behind large dams is estimated to be three to six times the amount held by natural river channels (this excludes natural lakes).

Land conversion and degradation

* More land was converted to cropland in the 30 years after 1950 than in the 150 years between 1700 and 1850, and now approximately one quarter (24%) of Earth’s terrestrial surface has been transformed to cultivated systems.
* Since about 1980, approximately 35% of mangroves have been lost, while 20% of the world’s coral reefs have been destroyed and a further 20% badly degraded or destroyed.
* Nutrient use and levels
* Human activities now produce more biologically usable nitrogen than is produced by all natural processes combined, and more than half of all the manufactured nitrogen fertilizer first produced in 1913) ever used on the planet has been applied since 1985.
* The flow of nitrogen to the oceans has doubled since 1860.
* The use of phosphorus fertilizers and the rate of phosphorus accumulation in agricultural soils both increased nearly threefold between 1960 and 1990. Although the rate has declined somewhat since then, phosphorus can remain in soils for decades before entering the wider environment.


* At least one quarter of marine fish stocks are over-harvested.
* The quantity of fish caught by humans increased until the 1980s but is now declining because of the shortage of stocks.
* In many sea areas, the total weight of fish available to be captured is less than a tenth of that available before the onset of industrial fishing.
* Inland fisheries, especially important for providing high-quality diets for the poor, have also declined due to overfishing, changes to habitats, and withdrawal of fresh water.

In essence, the collapse of our planetary ecosystems has already occurred as shown by the examples of above and cannot possibly hope to recover, or hope to provide the essential food sources for the existing human population. Without the massive food production provided by mega-farms and gigantic corporate enterprises, the world would have long since entered into irreversible starvation.

Right now, drought is encompassing over 30% of the Earth. The seriousness of this situation is not lost on many governments of the world who are making desperate moves to save their farmers and their national food supply. However, climate is something that humans have very little direct control over. We are far past the trigger points for “uncontrollable” global warming (a misnomer if there ever was one). Current greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb despite a growing world-wide awareness of the issue and we have now entered into an irreversible decline in our planetary climate.

In other words, we’re simply NOT going to be able to grow enough food to feed the existing population very soon. We may be “there” already, but just don’t know it yet as we consume the remaining stocks in our warehouses and silos.

We are also dealing with other issues, such as fertilizer shortages (produced by natural gas) and of course, petroleum depletion and their sky rocketing costs. These two issues, taken entirely alone from all the other factors now working against us, will create conditions of famine and starvation in many parts of the world.

Resource depletion however, has now taken a more serious turn then this, which was bound to happen due to severe overpopulation. Oil resources peaked over 20 years ago. The world reached peak oil discovery in the United States in 1970 and peak oil production worldwide in 2005. Oil IS food, providing the energy required to farm tens of millions of acres and provide the processing and distribution capacity to transport billions of tons of food stuffs throughout the world.

We are now on the downslope of oil production and oil discovery and there is absolutely nothing on the horizon that will solve this problem. This means our food production potential, without any other factors taken into account, will be in steep decline from here on out. Without oil, we cannot power our farms and raise the mega-harvests we have grown accustomed to. Without cheap oil and the artificial fertilizers we make from (cheap) natural gas, we are already facing a decline in production. A decline in production capacity means famine for some countries, and limited food stuffs in others.

Right now, the poor third-world countries are being hit by food shortages. This follows on the heels of economic crisis and collapse and poor governmental practices. South Africa for example, actively destroyed much of their farmland capabilities and brought famine early to their country (but it would have happened anyway). Other countries have suffered devastating climate change effects and severely limited crop productions and exports as a result, such as the Ukraine and Argentina, some of the largest food producers in the world. Australia, normally the world’s second-largest wheat exporter, has been suffering from an epic drought.

So who lives and who dies? The “evidence” is already out there for us to examine this question. We can extrapolate this data and make some logical deductions on what this means for the rest of us.

The rich and wealthy will “live” (for a while), despite their inability to actually feed and take care of themselves. This is most unfortunate, because it also means that their offspring will be just as incapable as they are and thereby doomed. However, it is my guess based on human behavior that they will survive — by manipulating their money, power and influence over the people that they still need (and always have) to keep them alive. This is how the world actually works and has almost always worked in Western Civilization.

The resourceful will “live”, but not at the same comfort level they enjoy now. And they will only live for a while until they, through bad luck, ill-timing or misfortune, slip up or are caught in the coming dragnet. This is the encroaching police state of course, which is a natural response by the State and corporate powers to enforce a draconian level of control on the world’s populations. This is “necessary” from their point of view as resource shortages become increasingly critical. Management of the most minute detail and it’s efficient distribution, protection, security and consumption is profitably in their “best interests” and has been hailed as the holy grail of corporate conglomerates. Their desire is to control and own it all, but they can only do this through the tracking, tagging and management (surveillance) required in a full-blown police state. Do not scoff at this — American have fully embraced the police state concept right here in America.

Those that escape (a few I imagine) will be crafty and skilled enough to evade capture and conscription. Since this is beyond the scope of this particular entry, I will leave off on this subject, some thoughts on this topic have been covered before on this blog.

Since resource wars will be a part of the daily landscape on every level (even in your neighborhood), those that can glean the resources they need to survive will be the most adept at survival. This will happen through various means, most will eventually turn violent as time goes on. This will happen out of necessity in many cases. When confronted with acceptance of the police state, food rationing, road restrictions and the inability to work, desperation will force many to step off the well-worn path of civility.

Examples of this are of course, found throughout human history and even right now in the modern world. Countries undergoing collapse experience higher rates of crime, including murder, theft, and violence such as rape and assault. Desperate people are ‘lawless’ when they have to be (and when they can be).

This will also be a time of increased militarized police presence, which will respond in kind to the increased ‘restlessness’ and disgruntlement of the civilian population. Already America is being primed for such a take-over by police departments and sheriff departments all over the nation. Practice ‘sweeps’ and urban assault exercises are now a normal course of events.

This is highly disturbing to any thinking person, who already realizes that much of the police power already being exercised in this country is way beyond that which was granted in the US Constitution. The U.S. courts, including the Supreme Court have ruled on numerous occasions that the police have “no obligation to protect the citizen”, yet the alleged agenda being spouted by these agencies is that more power is “needed” to provide protection. This contradiction should be recognized as being what it is. It is a smoke-screen, hiding the fact that US police presence has become something far more then what it seems. It is the enforcing arm of the State, ultimately acting on the corporate business interests of American corporations.

Much could be said about the American judicial system in this regard, which now houses no less then 2.2 million American prisoners for crimes designed and developed by the same system. Many of these prisoners are not guilty of anything other then some bureaucratic legislation that has arbitrarily outlawed certain behaviors, including thought crimes. Crimes of violent offenders and offenses against property and persons are far less then crimes against administrative ‘offenses’.

The agenda behind all of this is two-fold. America has a huge prison labor population, run by American corporations, which are raking in billions of dollars in profits. Creating crime ‘offenses’ create cheap or free labor. It also justifies and creates a perceived ‘need’ in the eyes of the judicial system (and the gullible public) to increase the level of ‘protection’ and of course, the billion dollar budgets now being expended by law ‘enforcement’. This is of course, now a self-perpetuating system, of near infinite motion to create criminals out of thin air and to keep creating, demanding and justifying more and more ‘protection’ and budgetary grants.

Even worse, is the militarization of American law enforcement, which has gotten very heavily behind the bandwagon of the so-called war on terrorism. This is a totally false-flag ‘war’, which is really a war on the American individual and our historic freedoms as persons in this country. Almost everything is now illegal and you can be arrested (or “not”, simply disappeared is also now “legal”) for anything in this country. Probably cause is not even necessary anymore. You can have your home invaded without a search warrant, you can be dragged out of your car and tasered for simply running a red light by accident, and you can even be killed with no recourse or apology to your surviving family (if they survive).

These are all true stories and they have happened right here in America, and there are many thousands of them now, increasing all of the time. Under all this malfeasance is the party-line mantra of “fighting the war on terrorism”, which previously was also falsely labeled the “war on drugs”. Americans seem to have this bizarre need to be at “war” with something all of the time. If we label it a “war”, then we can be sure to spend billions of dollars stomping on the object of our affection until we have absolutely destroyed it beyond any recognition (or taken it over for our own profits).

This is a war indeed — it is a war against you, your rights, the US Constitution and what you are going to be allowed (permitted, licensed, taxed, stamped and approved) to do in your life. This is happening now, all over America and more and more ‘crimes’ and offenses are being added to the books for the most ridiculous things to get you arrested, fined, imprisoned and jailed, many which eventually wind up being slave labor. Won’t cut your lawn? Then you can be arrested and imprisoned for ‘offending your neighbors eyes’ or neighborhood ordinance.

This list of inane and stupid offenses is quite long and growing longer, I won’t bother with trying to educate you on all of them.

Those that live (survive) will also have to evade the police state that is now rising to the forefront in American life. This is already a fact, but unacknowledged by most Americans. Devvy Kidd just wrote an article on this subject, Americans are embracing a police state. You see this everywhere and nobody is doing anything at all about it. Those few feeble attempts to stop it have been thwarted by a corrupt judiciary that will not relinquish their power easily.

If you are to live, you will either live in the cage of their choosing, or find a way to live outside. Anyone living in a city in America today is already living in a cage, with its well-defined rules, regulations and demands that are required of its citizens and visitors. This is a cage that is growing smaller and smaller all of the time in the sense of personal freedoms. There are tens of millions of cameras in operation today for example, all decried as being “necessary” despite the fact that they have been proven to do little to deter actual crimes. Being under constant surveillance is the real goal, obviously, one that has been championed by top military and corporate adviser’s and misguided bureaucrats.

We should all be asking ourselves why this is. What can they possibly be hoping to gain? Or protect? If our protection was truly in their minds as they have often claimed, they would have started down that path a long time ago, with affordable health care, proper nutrition for every American, healthy food, limited immigration, clean water, clean air, renewable energy, sustainable cities and towns, and even arming the average citizen and especially, deleting from the law books all the stupid victimless ‘crimes’ that have filled up our prisons.

But they have not done any of these things and never will, because our protection is not at all what they are all about. They fully intend to control us to the nth degree with their satellites, cameras, helicopters, wiretaps and illegal searches. You can intimidate just a few to control many thousands, it is a technique used by dictators all over the world for thousands of years and it works very, very well.

Well, now I’ve gone and done it and drifted far from my main topic. Those that live will be either a part of this police-state society and providing it support through employment, contracts or other means (snitches being one of them), or they will be the tiny cogs that they are in support of the rest of functioning society. They will be engineers, electricians and blue collar workers of all types, necessary for the continued function and operation of society. There will also be many white collar types providing administrative, bureaucratic and legal assistance. In other words, just like now, with the added distinction that it will all be geared towards the ‘survival of the State’.

This is a concept that must be contemplated on and hopefully, fully understood. In a police state, which is a natural outcome of a collapsing society, the survival of the State is deemed most important. This is more important to its proponents then your survival, or that of your family, or even your town. The State already deems each and every American as an ‘economic unit’, which I don’t have the time to cover here. You are an ‘asset’ of value, working or not, in the eyes of the State. As the police presence becomes increasingly draconian (which it will), the State will continue to place a higher and higher percentage of its resources (you) and all of it’s agents and agencies (everything else) on ensuring its continued survival and not yours.

This means that the State survival will supersede the needs of your community, family farm or place of business. If you by chance are deemed unnecessary or worse, undesirable, your business, home, job or even your life, is now forfeit.

This is how communist empires also work by the way. There must be some benefit to the State. Right now, American enterprises and businesses are allowed to survive as they do as long as the State is permitted to have several things to overlord; taxation, licensing, permits, inspections and the final “say” in its continued existence.

One other thing here: the corporate enterprise that is America is another way of envisioning the State. The US government is not a freely elected or appointed government beholden to the people of this country. We have elections, which I have long since coined the term (s)Elections, but they are neither free, nor fair, nor representative to the will of the people. What we have is smoke and mirrors distractions, as corporate America — the real corporate America, selects for itself the American people who will be President, or who will be a Supreme Court judge, who are truly beholden to corporate interests and not yours. This malfeasance in American politics and especially it’s (s)Elections is legendary.

Corporate America and even various foreign interest such as Israel (which is also not really the State, but certain individuals and corporations) are what really runs this country. Our government is just a reflection of what is going on in corporate boardrooms around the world. It has always been done like that in America — read your (true) history.

Because of this fact, resource depletion is going to have serious affects on corporate America, the real “State” entity. This is why the war for resources is already long since underway. Iraq was invaded for oil, among a few other things, 9/11 was orchestrated to protect “American” interests by sacrificing a few thousand Americans (it was supposed to be much higher), and the American military war machine was cranked up decades ago, just like it is now, to go forth and protect American corporations.

America is a war country and always has been (another history fact everyone should know). America “protects” only what it has an interest in protecting, which is why we do almost nothing except token exercises for the actual and real suffering going on in the world today. Much of this is actually caused by American monetary policies, corporate intervention and protection and the actual and real rape of sovereign nations and people.

This is “business as usual”, a term I am fond of saying for American interests. The American Empire is a voracious devourer of people, places, plants, animals and resources and is quite willing to go to war to get whatever it wants. The result of all this ‘activity’ is the country you live in today, with its fast, cheap and crappy food, cheap gas (compare our prices to the rest of the world), consumer ‘goods’ (boatloads of junk found in every home in America, imported from foreign shores), mega-malls brimming with absolutely useless trinkets and baubles, urban housing disasters by the thousands of square miles, and of course, the increasing police state to keep it all under control.

This is the “deal” Americans got by turning a blind eye to corporate malfeasance exercised within American boardrooms and political halls throughout the world. We are now indebted slaves of the worst kind, thinking we are “free” to buy, consume and reproduce with abandon (all for a price of course), while the rest of the world toils away and sells its assets in increasingly worthless dollars for our continued consumption. This situation cannot last forever, a finite world with finite resources is and never will be infinite. Nor can it be bankrolled on pure faith and credit forever. America will collapse, and it will take all the rest of the world with it when it does. This is indeed a sick, sad deal for all of the world.

There will always be those that will be a part of all this, even if in a small and distant way. I’m sure I am too, just like all of my readers are. We all eat, buy, consume and even reproduce. Much of what we have is made overseas, by foreign workers who have replaced American manufacturers. We let this happen, focusing instead on quick profits and quicker opportunities. Many foreign countries had eager populations economically and domestically deprived, with large available labor resources, and were very quick to tool up and ’employ’ millions of their own citizens on our behalf. What they didn’t know is they were also going to receive a toxic wasteland in return and abused citizen-slaves as a result. Well, some did, but others didn’t.

Entanglement in foreign ‘affairs’ is a dangerous path we’re not about to step off of. Not now, not when our very survival is now at stake. In fact, this will only worsen by my estimates, as resources wars begin in earnest and foreign “competition” (for their own assets) fights back.

So, those that live will be essential parts of all this State survival, as long as it may last. Nobody knows how long the State will last, but I would hazard a guess a goodly long time still. If you are willing to succumb to the incessant demands asked of you and sell yourself into a lifetime of bondage to the State (corporate America), and are willing to be mobile, essential and posses needed skills and talents, you will “survive” as a citizen-slave yourself, at least as long as the State entity you are a part of also lasts.

You will, like the rest of us, pay increasingly higher and higher prices for the basic necessities in life, like food, water, housing and electricity (not a real necessity), but you will also realize ‘benefits’ not offered to the rest of the peons (like me). Health care, vacations, ‘retirement’ (another form of slavery), and perhaps, even a few real-life citizen-slaves of your own to order around and do your bidding.

As a ’employee’, you will of course, be used in ways that is deemed best by someone else. This will be your bosses bosses boss and all the way, on up the line. Essential industries will be permitted to exist, as long as they contribute to the survival of the State and corporate America, while non-essential industries will actually be outlawed and banned outright. This will be a part of the traditional freedoms that will be destroyed in the days ahead as the State and it’s entities enact tighter and tighter controls.

Some of these industries probably need to go bye-bye, as world of depletion and environmental damage are fully realized. But others will be regulated to the dustbin of history as being considered “non-essential”. If you are already in one of these occupations or worse, a business owner in one of these, you had best be thinking about your future.

Examples include many tourism destinations and activities, which will obviously be limited in a future of increasingly higher travel costs, manufacturing and selling of non-essentials such as oil-powered automobiles, water parks and other ridiculous “theme” parks, etc.

The best place to be is going to be in the ‘essential industries’, such as food production, security, transportation (by any means), communications, housing, reclamation, power generation and such like. If in doubt, you can always enlist, there is sure to be a gigantic demand there.

I won’t go into this because I have never much believed in being a part of what everyone seems to think is American life. This means that I am not a big fan of huge conglomerates and corporations, especially those with foreign owners. Nor am I a fan of corporations in general, because they are unmanageable and indifferent to the harm they cause to the planet and the individual.

Small businesses seem to me, to be the “best enterprises” of all, but they do not offer the same things the bigger businesses offer, such as health insurance, retirement, or even a financial future (because they are often stamped out by the corporations). So do not look to me for support for a corporate anything. I think they are a bane on the Earth and for the most part, should be abolished worldwide.

I support a small America, built by small businesses, focused on healthy, sustainable and sensible enterprises. There are few enough of these around these days, but you simply will not find me working for one of the larger outfits, I’d rather be dead.

This means of course, what should be obvious — small America will flourish only at the local level (which is really the only place is should flourish when you think about the resource demands and requirements), and corporate America will still be actively engaged in making sure small America is well under it’s thumb, or stamped out entirely.

Even in collapse, this will happen. I do not believe in a total meltdown of our society, where we have a Mad Max situation all across the country. This country in particular, has a vested interested in keeping everything “business as usual”, which means the survival of its interests (corporate America) and by necessary extension, small America. If you are positioned in an essential service, industry or skills, then you will probably have opportunity to stay gainfully employed, even if this means you are simply working for food (a real possibility). Your living standard, and that of every non-rich person alive today, will diminish dramatically.

Those who are not a part of all this will be increasingly destitute. The poor (yes, I’m finally getting to this), will become a horde and will be mostly left to fend for themselves if they can escape incarceration. Many parts of middle and lower-class America will join the ranks of the homeless where they have failed to navigate themselves to an essential skill or position, the rest will migrate into positions and ’employment’ deemed necessary for the survival of the State.

The very young will be taken care of because they represent the future, the elderly will not. I see this as an essential decision that will be forced upon many parts of America. The young will be molded to be the next generation of citizen-slaves, the elderly will represent an unwanted burden and even a threat to a fascist society. They will know and understand what America once was, at least the idea of America if not ever the reality, and will be a threat to the surviving society.

This is going to be a tragic mistake, because a great deal of our knowledge and actual inheritance lies within those greying minds. Many of the elderly understand what it takes to actually feed a family and the skills and knowledge that this requires. Smart communities will recognize this and will need to make sure that these people are considered as assets instead of as burdens.

Finally, there will be those like me that will refuse to bow down to “the way things are” and will be hunted down and killed, one by one, by a society that turns against its own people. Outsiders such as this, will be feared as being threats (terrorist) since they will refuse to be a part of a fascist empire and controlled in their every thought, action and deed.

I expect that this will eventually number in the millions, but this fails to account for what I think will happen to many of these people. They will be the new slave labor in American prison camps and detention centers and “reeducation work places”, slaves for the Empire. China employs these techniques now, and American corporations are very much actively involved in helping setup the most advance surveillance society on Earth there.

Yet despite this foreboding conclusion, I believe that the Empire will falter, dramatically, as all Empires must (and should). Those that can either navigate their survival by serving the Empire (not!) or by avoiding its draconian measures (including your arrest, imprisonment and execution) will be many. The real clincher here is of course, climate change, which will require the reallocation of critical resources (food, water, energy, oil, etc.) and nobody knows yet how severe this will be, but this is expected to kill billions.

I expect it to be VERY severe to be honest, way beyond anything most are anticipating, because we have only barely begun to see what has been set in motion decades ago. At even 10% of what we might get, this will mean the death of millions of people who failed to navigate these changes. Their homes will be flooded, or they will die of dehydration and starvation, or disease, or find themselves dispossessed and force to move, with no employable or desirable job skills and on and on. Many will die of actual starvation, because global food supplies will be very critical and unable to feed 7+ billion people.

Those that survive will be flexible enough to avoid being one of these dispossessed refugees. Refugees have ALWAYS fared poorly, especially at first when it really counts. Some have gone on to become quite successful, but that was a different world then, this is now and the depleted future I’m talking about here. In any case, the opportunities for “success” are changing very rapidly indeed. Success in the future will generally be thought to mean to embrace the State Empire (which is what it really means now). For others, success will mean to have found a way to survive outside of the crushing embrace of the Empire, so check your definition and see where you stand.

There will be little room for the infirmed and the sick. I’ve hinted at this before, when I said that democracy would also disappear. Resource abundance fosters compassion, resource depletion creates competition. We can “afford” certain things now, such as highly advanced medical techniques which are resource and monetarily expensive.  However, it is very unlikely that this will last into the future as critical resources run out.  This is already happening if you’ve been paying attention.  The rich and wealthy have access to the best medical care in the world, but the poor and destitute receive nothing. It is not that there isn’t any medical care available, it’s because it is only being offered to certain classes of well-heeled citizens.

I have often been reminded of this fact when it comes to the medical care of woman versus men. There is a decided difference on what type of care is offered between the two sexes.  And it’s really noticeable if you have health insurance or if you don’t.  America is a “pay as you go” society, which will only worsen as it disintegrates.  We do not have the ethic of cohesion and community that is needed, I do not expect it to magically arrive either.

In the Future Prep series (I think) is where I listed the qualities for future survival. The young and healthy will have the best chances of all, if they can avoid conscription (employment or otherwise). Bear this mind, whatever health you have today, preserve it and cherish it (protect it) as long as you can, because it is one of the very best assets you will ever have.

There is a true story right here of a 19 year old young man who tragically broke his back and is now a paraplegic.  He will be dependent on many parts of society to continue to function for the rest of his life, which is likely to be dramatically shortened even in normal circumstances.  In a collapsing civilization, he will receive less and less care.  This will also happen to the diseased, aged, mentally ill and injured, so take very careful care of yourself now.


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18 thoughts on “Whose Going to Live and Whose Going To Die?

  • May 28, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    I recently read an article that said snitches to those crime stopper lines, when asked why they are turning in their neighbour have said it is for the money. Things are tight now.
    According to the article it used to be because they wanted to do the ‘right thing’.
    In the small town of Florissant, CO, which I recently passed through, there are fliers advertising fund raising events to help the local elderly that have Alzheimers. They do not explicity state RFID but the fliers said the technology works in the rain, sleet , cloudy days, etc. “Help protect those that may wander away and give to this fundraiser.” The population of Florissant is about a hundred people.

    Based on previous posts here and independent research I still expect fullblown collapse Mad Max style. (Actual date unknown.)
    Many times on this site, Admin, you have stated that just with the depletion of oil there will be no food, no power, (which means no water) no transportation.
    Extrapolating that alone leads me to conclude that 90% plus of city dwellers will die. That comes to about 250 million starved or frozen to death or dehydrated to death Americans. Not to mention murder and disease.
    One day the switch will be permanently in the off position.
    IMO it will be easier to survive when all we have to worry about is growing food and sustaining life. Not defending from the hordes and the government.
    That is after the second die off.
    After the second die off the state will also succumb.

  • May 29, 2008 at 3:58 am

    As my grandmother grew more and more elderly, I had been within several “Independent Living” and nursing homes. Their way of dealing with the mentally infirm was to simply to require a pass code to get out the door. Any attempt to leave otherwise would cause a horrendous alarm to go off. No RFID chip needed. Mom bragged to me a few days ago that her new puppy had one of these chips…I told her to have the vet look at it once a year, as it causes 100X more cases of cancer than smoking ever did.

    Well, if my area becomes a wasted landscape, I’ll be more than happy to gobble up the empty land and buildings about me. This area was farmland less than 30 years ago, and my own plot now remembers what it once was. My first eye is on the slum-lord-rental next to me…its owner lives out of state. I’m sure the guy on the other side and the guy across the street (both do-it-yourself survivalist libertarians) would be willing to help me turn it into something useful…for once. We could all use an extra acre…

  • May 29, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    Seems to me you’ve just described the ‘slow crash’ scenario quite well.

    However, Lord Georghovah (aka God’s personal confidant) isn’t quite done with US (or the adherents of Mohammed) just yet.

    Therefore, I remain Holy (sic) unconvinced that a fast crash scenario isn’t out of the running.

    They haven’t manufactured all those Executive Orders and trashed the US Constitution for bushing nothing – to just leave it all behind. NTM, there are far too many people with a cultivated vested interest in securing Armageddon for the human race. (approx 50% of US population is a recent survey/poll I saw). ‘Lord’ )sic) help us all.

    Even IF ‘Osama’ Obama does gain the Residency, the ZioNeoNaziCons still have MANY more nasty tricks up their sleeves to play.

    911 Part B, IMO, WILL happen. Sooner or later. Then shit soars without further aid of any assistance (all else being equal, which it obviously isn’t).

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” Bertrand Russell

  • May 29, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    PS – saw a poll today (www.hbo.com/films/recount/) asking whether or not the 2000 debacle in Florida was a coup d’etat. When I ‘voted’ in the affirmative, 81% had indicated YES. And we still live in a Democracy! – Yeah, fucking right. 81% think 2000 (ntm 2004) was a coup but we still are “the home of the free and land of the brave”. Talk about ‘your basic’ cognitive dissonance. And the war in Iraq is all about preserving “freedom”. Ha ha ha.

  • May 29, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    I took a vacation this week to perhaps see my family for the last time. As we drove through much of Nebraska almost all the fields are flooded out and nothing has been planted, the same with much of Missouri. My uncle lives in eastern South Dakota and he says the same thing about up there. I think the food shortages will be really bad this year, especially if drought hits later this summer. Much of the northern breadbasket states have such a short growing season that is nothing is planted in the next week or two it will be too late for any planting whatsoever. Expect many empty shelves this fall and Joe Sixpack won’t understand why.

  • May 29, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Two points in favor of Lonewolf’s comments about fast crash:

    1. There have been persistent rumors out of the Middle East, including from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, that those governments are being told the US is lining up to hit Iran.

    2. Hamas today stated that they see no progress on peace talks with Israel and plan to go to a war footing at the end of June.

    3. Hezbollah has basically taken control of Lebanon, which regardless of whether the Lebanese like that or not, Israel will not.

    There are components brewing for an ugly storm in the Middle East. I am not predicting anything here but simply noting that the odds appear much higher of widespread conflict this summer than last summer. Unfortunately, any Middle Eastern conflict can easily spiral out of control.

    Even a general open war in the Middle East that does not spread will negatively affect available oil supplies. And because of how oil fits into civilization’s overall structure, any shortcoming of oil ripples outward and eventually touches almost everything.

  • May 29, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Mominer, and here in the mid-atlantic, ‘officially’ the drought has ended … maybe the reservoirs are full again. However, the rain we have gotten has been ‘more than a months worth in 4 days’ type rain, with little to no rain the rest of the month. I just used the last of roof-collected rain water on my garden, and could have used at least another 6 gallons.

    And the bee population is way down, from what I can tell. One lonely bumble bee was working my sage blossoms. One different bee, maybe a honey bee of some sort, working my peppers. Saw another bee somewhere else around the yard, too. Usually the sage has a crowd of bees and wasps, and the clover in the yard has multiple bumble bees.

    Even the garden pest population is down. I’ve had almost no cabbage worms on the broccoli and cabbage, no caterpillars on the roses. From the vast numbers of tent caterpillars on the choke cherry and crab apple trees in the neighborhood, it doesn’t look as if the county has sprayed poisons to kill off gypsy moths. It looks more as if the cabbage moths got here too early – I saw them before I transplanted, and I put my plants in as early as possible.

    Food issues, indeed.

  • May 29, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    There has been such an increase in dementia in a slightly younger than usual population that I’ve been wondering if some of these people have been “given” dementia, whether via mad cow prions, heavy metals, or ??
    I live in sort of a “middle of nowhere” type place and within a 2-mile radius I personally know two women who were diagnosed with dementia at age 62. One now has full-blown Alzheimer’s Disease at age 66 and the other at age 63 is in the early stages of deterioration. Last year when my elderly mother was in a nursing home, her new roommate was 61, with Alzheimer’s Disease, and died within 6 months. There seems, to me, to be literally an epidemic of dementia in this slightly younger population.
    One might wonder about those “free flu shots” and what is in them besides flu vaccine? There could be many methods of delivery besides vaccine.
    At any rate, this pattern fits nicely with the what admin reiterated above–something to the effect that the elderly will be considered dead weight and useless, a drain on society, when in fact, they are actually most valuable for their wisdom and knowing.

  • May 30, 2008 at 8:30 am

    I cannot understand for the life of me why people are STILL having children. Stop the madness! Want to help the planet? Quit breeding like cockroaches.
    Humans really are not smarter than yeast.

  • May 30, 2008 at 8:51 am

    It would seem that some small groups of non-industrialized humans will survive the on-going crash, unless climate change kills them. Here’s an article I just found:
    “Their bodies are painted red, and they’re firing bows and arrows at the plane which snapped the photos. Anthropologists have discovered this tribe in the jungles of South America.
    They don’t even know how lucky they are not to know anything about our messing up the planet.

    Story and pictures at the link:

  • May 30, 2008 at 9:32 am

    Active Denial Systems

    I thought we already had plenty of Active Denial Systems – principally in the guise of religion. Okay, not funny – still true.

  • May 30, 2008 at 9:51 am

    Excerpt from //www.theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly/Treasons_and_Assasinations_Treachery_and_War/

    “Of course, this all assumes we have an election in November, which is in substantial doubt. Because of the treasonous actions and mass murder of 911, the neocons must stay in power to continue the cover-up of their actions. This is why we had voter fraud during the 2004 election, this time in Ohio instead of Florida, to ensure a Bush victory. A loss would mean the loss of control over the CIA and the military and the potential for a real investigation into 911, into the phony “War on Terror”, into the lies about Saddam Hussein and Iraqi WMD’s to justify our entry into Iraq, into torture and other war crimes and into the mountain of corruption in connection with military and civilian no-bid contracts, payments for non-performance and missing cash and weapons, to name but a few.

    The neocons are quaking in terror at the prospect of leaving their seats of power and at the potential for being exposed to endless inquiries and recriminations which might lead them to the gallows, which is where they all belong. So all this adds up to the potential for another 911-type false-flag attack, this time to keep the neocons in power so they can continue the cover-up of their misdeeds during a period of martial law to be declared under the auspices of the Patriot Acts and the Military Commissions Act. As a bonus, this type of situation would be intended to draw our attention away from the intentional and malevolent destruction of our economy, which was enabled by the Illuminist, privately-owned Fed and which occurred primarily during the era of unparalleled debauchery which we refer to as the Bush-Clinton-Bush triple whammy. “

  • May 30, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    @ Fallout: If as many people are going to perish as predicted (i.e. the clueless masses with no inkling of preparedness, collapse, martial law and all the other issues) then I think if anyone can procreate with some measure of hope / expectancy for a better future world it would be those who do have a clue.

    @ Lonewolf, re the quote from international forecaster: I agree, martial law is 100% on its way to the USA. The detention camps are in place, the legal apparatus is in place, the drills are underway, the private thug caste (as Naomi Wolf calls it) is established, the economy is so bushed that martial law could scarcely worsen matters, and of course, if the rumours are true, the list of dissidents to be rounded up is in place. All that’s missing is 911 V.2.0 to get the party started.

  • June 1, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Total agreement with fallout11.
    Should you ever be in Utah just walk through a grocery store and observe the women with four, five, six kids in tow as well as either a newborn in their arms or they’re pregnant.

  • June 1, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Perhaps at some level, breeding more in the face of upheaval makes sense. More of your genes in the gene pool may help make sure that at least some of your genetic descendents survive. A quantity vs quality issue. You see that a lot in nature – even sickly plant will flower and send out some seeds, putting energy into the seeds not into its own health.

    Of course, the corralary to that is that the runt of most litters is going to be rejected by the mother, and the apple tree is going to ‘abort’ many of the proto-apples that it sets to send more nutrients to the ones that … well, I don’t know how the apple tree ‘decides’, but not all fertilized flowers become apples on a wild tree.


  • June 2, 2008 at 6:42 am

    There is still thimersol/mercury in all the flu shots. Our own high tech version of a smallpox blanket I suppose, considering the cocktail of neurtoxins already in the food, water, soil and air. It was taken out of the childhood immunizations, due to govt admissions that the mercury was related to autism increases, but no one sued over the flu shots.

    If you knew you were going to:
    A) survive
    B) die sooner than you would like;

    How would that change your current plans?
    What would you do with that information?

    Do you think the people who are having kids believe more in option B for themselves?

    Personally, on the election, it seems like they are all TRYING to lose the election. Or maybe the media coverage is just so strange this year it is simply confusing me what the point is.(Is it to win? doesn’t seem like it.)

    I wonder if any self-interested politician would want to be a public figure after the next round or two hits the fan and eventually the money they pilfer doesn’t buy them squat? They don’t seem to have huge supplies of inner courage and I would guess the minute their police state dream becomes an early causality they will be cowering in a bolt hole somewhere.

    You may need allies and a connected relationship with a producer/s to get food more than $$. Last year one of the larger farms I buy from sent a letter saying they were only going to work with existing clients going forward. They are not taking any new customers as they working as many hours a week as they wish to.

    I have heard the same sentiments expressed by two other producers who have also scaled back their hours and imagine this will start happening more as the local food markets accelerate. Anyone who produces a lot of what they consume will understand the exhaustion factor in non-petro based agriculture.

    But I think it might also be new types of customers entering the local food market lately. Heard a story about one demanding new customer calling and ordering hundreds of tenderloins and nothing else and wanting immediate delivery. and the producer asking them… ‘Do you know how many cows that is? what would I do with all the ground beef?… I don’t have that many cows now I would need to raise them… (NOT 3-5 business days, and NO,it is not a PERSONAL problem on my part….etc.) and really why would he sell someone he doesn’t know the best cuts when his friends will buy the whole cow?

  • June 2, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    Very interesting dokijo, thank you as what you’ve shared is of value to me.

    My current mantra on the mundane level is: “please let the neo cons implode sooner rather than later” so we can return to a certain level of sanity.

  • June 3, 2008 at 10:19 am

    Why [the rate of] Decline Matters


    Personally, I don’t see a linear rate of decline as possible. and given the inherent dependencies and interconnectedness of so-called ‘ modern living’, I don’t see a ‘stair-step decline’ as possible either. IMO, it will be an exponential rate of ‘deterioration’ even without any climate change effects or any continued NeoZioNaziCon malfeasance. In fact, the tumbling dominos we already see (those few that can see and connect the dots) can only accelerate. Ultimately, at some point in the not unforeseeable future. critical connections/systems will ‘go down for the last time’ and bring the entire house-of cards with it.

    Just as with oil (portable high-density energy) wherein a 1% decline in supply (actual or perceived) will easily double the price, so too with a 1% decline in food supply prices will react similarly (killing the old, young, weak, meek and poorest first). And, a 1% decline in future confidence, will bring a doubling of chaotic reactionary responses through ‘society’ (and a parallel rise in belief in false hope, aka religion). Each 1% decline in familiarity/convenience/comfort will evoke further doublings of frustration, fear, mania and despair (aka panic). All of which will summersault (cascade) into the next 1% drop in confidence, hope, comfort etc. And the next and the next, faster and faster until fewer and fewer individuals (ntm interconnected systems) are remotely able to maintain a sense of personal sanity ntm see the remaining world as sane or at all predictable. IMO, it’s only going to ‘take’ a few percentage point decline in our so-called “standard of living” (fraudulent expectations) to produce Hobbes prescient “bellum omnium contra omnes”. IMO, given ‘human nature” is what it has always been (aka, idiotic momentary selfishness/greed, if not worse) , ‘the slow crash’ scenario is the worst possible and the least likely result. Or, so I ‘hope’. Peak Fear is not here yet – not by a long-shot. But to me, it lurks just over the horizon and it truly is only a matter of limited time before the majority will ‘smell the corpses in the morning’. Then the final war of all against all commences in all earnest. Bye bye bipeds – and good riddance.

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