White Elephants

Ok, what I want to do here today is mention some things that need to be re-mentioned – and demonstrate that there are always things you are not being told.

The Myth of Alternative Energy –

  • Perpetuates growth
  • Consumes enormous amounts of new resources
  • Requires extensive mining operations
  • Many of these locations are in conflict areas (war)
  • Exploits indigenous populations (who won’t benefit much at all)
  • Does little for global warming (greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Continues capitalism
  • Does nothing to combat over-population
  • Requires extensive re-engineering of the energy infrastructure
  • We don’t suddenly become “green” because we are using alternative energy – we just exploit more.

Every proposal that I’ve seen boils down to “more”.

To be fair, this applies to everything that I’ve seen in the public space (what is permitted to be published, vs. what isn’t permitted to be published), all of it, always perpetuates growth.

I am not a growth advocate. I contend that this is the wrong direction for humanity. We do not need more – we need less. Ultimately growth always means less for every successive generation. Is that fair? Ethical? Moral? Or even safe? Of course not.

Growth is the white elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about (or permits honest discussion). Humanity has tried for hundreds of year to build a technological utopia, this has not worked. It has done the exact opposite – it has helped enslave mankind, exploit irreplaceable resources, brought about the destruction of the biosphere and deadly climate change. More technology is not going to solve anything. Growth is the problem and always has been.

Growth is the child of capitalism. The endless consumption and production of goods for a profit while perpetuating endless population expansion. It’s beyond simple to state that this cannot last forever on a finite planet, but it needs to be re-said.

There are a lot of white elephants being ignored – or paraded around as if they were the answer to everything. Not one – not a single one deals with growth. All seek to re-engineer our way through technological innovation and adoption of more technology to some promised state of “sustainability”. It is all bullshit. It is all a lie. It is all a deceptive claim that ignores it’s own giant ecological footprint.

I love technology in the sense that it makes my life easier, better, faster, safer and what have you. But I recognize its deadly dangers that are being put-off for the next generation to deal with. Growth is all about putting our irresponsibility upon the next generation – for as long as we can get away with this.

We could do better – if we wanted to. But we never will. We lack the desire, the knowledge, the instruction and the direction to build something else. Our species has become too enamored with ‘development’ to even consider another alternative that would have real meaning towards human survival and sustainability.

Try this exercise just for fun and learning – think ‘opposite’ whenever you read a story, view an ad or even watch a movie. Whenever you are in a conversation or considering a topic. Start asking yourself – “is this good?”, “Is this beneficial?”, “Are their side-effects?”, “Who’s going to pay for the environmental costs?”, “Can we do this indefinitely?”, “Is this really what we need?”, “Why is more always considered a good thing?”.

If that doesn’t work for you, ask yourself “Who’s really going to profit from this?”. Follow the money. The only thing that gets promoted now in the public space is whatever is profitable. Profitability is never sustainable, because it depends on an endless exploitation of resources somewhere along the line.

All they ever do is lie about this. They don’t permit any truth to be shared. Humans don’t have to destroy the biosphere. They don’t even have to be profitable. This is all a choice we’ve made, long ago. It’s also a choice we keep making – with the same miserable results.

It doesn’t get “better” after this, or by following the same economic model. It gets worse because we have already stolen all the easy fruit that can be reached, burning it all up and massively growing our populations and infrastructure and thereby, making ourselves totally dependent upon doing even more of this insanity.

It can’t end well – and it won’t.


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