Whining About Climate Change

While I “get” why people complain about the effects of climate change, it’s hard to get on board with them when they insist on rebuilding in the exact same spots as before. You cannot keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results. Especially so when climate change just means worse and worse every year.

The reality is people see climate change devastate their lives but are incapable of making essential changes to their lives (like where and how they live). Everybody is like that. We all have this problem.

Re-engineering how we live is the proper adaption strategy, but there are no people out there, no leadership out there, no industries, no businesses, etc., etc., that have successfully been able to stay in business by promoting climate change adaption. We’ve all gone broke that tried and found ourselves at odds with virtually everyone.

Climate change adaption is only important to “you” for a very short while, then the old paradigms on how to live, where to live kick right back in. People do not support climate change activists or their efforts. Quite frankly, it’s just easier to whine about climate change then actually do something, like change your life or get involved.

The short-term perspectives of the human race found within each living generation pretty much guarantees that we will always miss the mark, we’re always far, far behind the curve when it comes to properly planning or working towards this new future.

Until that changes, billions of dollars will be spent repeating the same mistakes as always. And millions of words will be written about disasters and communities and endless discussions about how we can supposedly restore our broken cities.

It’s all baloney, every bit of it. The disasters are real, but the intentions are not. There is no meaningful life-style changes being made either, which virtually guarantees that we will keep making the problem worse and worse.

People still don’t get it. Climate change is the result of human activity. Human lifestyle, human choices. We’re all contributors. We fully intend to keep on doing exactly the same things that caused this time, only a little bit “better” in the false hopes that we’ll be more resilient “next time”. This is a fools game and we’re the fools.

Rebuilding and / or re-engineering civilization effectively doesn’t mean we do the same things over and over again and expect different results. Higher dikes, seawalls, bigger pumps – these are not “adaption strategies”, these are refusal strategies to accept reality. I’ve read the ridiculous assessments that we won’t need to abandon our coastal cities. They’re dead wrong and are trying to prop up prices and investments.

Smart people will MOVE away. They’ll have to. And they’ll avoid rebuilding in a flood plain or buying into one. But they’ll need to be aware of a lot more then this. There are many, many factors on what not to do and where you should try to live, and then there are many, many factors on what you should be living like when you do find such a place.

An incredibly few number of people will take these initiatives, with the vast majority simply refusing to do much of anything, or change much of anything. This is why humanity as a whole is going to fail the climate change reality test. Our cities and towns will continue to be devastated because we failed to change and we failed collectively to understand what adaption actually and truly means.

It’s why I developed the Life Project. I’m simply not willing to accept what is provably bad advice based upon a lack of comprehension and understanding about what climate change means for human survival. I may not live long enough to see its full effects, but my children certainly will. And they will suffer enormously because we have refused to accurately assess this new unfolding reality.

So will your children. All of them. There are not going to be any people anywhere on the planet that don’t. But even this awareness is barely perceptible today. We’re still quite willing to destroy our progeny – and every successive generation of humans far off into the future – by our steadfast refusal to change now. We simply do not care. The tiny few that do are constantly being overwhelmed by all those that don’t.

We really don’t get it. We’re all in this together, but we absolutely do not act like it or even believe it. We’re only interested in getting something for ourselves while we still can. That selfishness is built right into the very fabric of our present civilization and how we make our existence. This is another reason why failure is our only real option now. We don’t see us all dying, or even care that this is going to happen. Our short-term perspectives only permit us to care about ourselves and what we can “get” now, all of which is helping make things worse and worse.

This is what I mean by expecting different results by doing the same things. That’s what caused climate change. That’s what caused widespread environmental destruction. And that’s why we won’t succeed – because we cannot fundamentally change. It is our collective refusal to so that is the root cause of our continuing failure.

Humans lived on this planet of hundreds of thousands of years without causing climate change. The damage they did was real – but they did not destroy the place and make it increasingly uninhabitable for all life forms. There is no valid argument other then refusal that defines why we cannot change. Our addiction to this civilization is going to be our epitaph.


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