Where We’re Really At

Nice rant by Kunstler – Where We’re At (link removed).

He’s covered most of the topics, except the serious food crisis underway, shortages of critical metals and the other two biggies, collapsing eco-systems and climate change.

It’s way, way more then a double-whammy headed our way, it’s a pummeling by a gang of enraged bullies and all of their cousins that stretches clear around the block. And WE pissed them off.

Haha!! We definitely don’t like being reminded this fact. I’m sharing it here because Kunstler does briefly state the theme I pummel on here myself: “No one is interested in changing our current behavior.”

Therefore, since we are still going to insist on Herr Fuhrer’s decree of the non-negotiable way of life, here is what we can all plan on doing in the near future:

Parking our cars (forever) to walk to bread lines (where they exist), or scouring the forest and fields for morsels of food. There won’t be any money, so you can leave your gold and silver at home or better yet, melt it all down for use as sinkers on your fishing lines (or silver bullets) as you desperately hope for a bite (be sure to check whatever you might catch for toxic poisoning).

Then, if your lucky, you’ll make it “home” by sneaking quietly to your hidden debris hut in the forest where you can a) choose to eat raw fish; b) risk cooking it and attracting the hungry horde. Here’s a hint, the best time to cook is early morning at sunrise or even better, at dusk when the smoke is hardest to see. Use very dry wood, if you can still find any.

There won’t be any toilet paper but since you won’t be eating much, you’ll manage. The Indians used sticks, others advocate leaves, just be sure you know the difference between poison oak and real oak leaves.

Your water will need to be filtered or boiled (good luck), or you’re going to get very sick from the giardia. Plan on 1 – 2 gallons per day, per survivor. You can take a bath whenever its safe by jumping in the creek or lake. If you don’t have something like this within walking distance, don’t worry about bathing or eating, it’s not going to matter.

All that useless junk you’ve been piling up could be used as a barricade, or a bonfire, take your pick. Most of it though won’t be worth burning because this produces a black toxic smoke that is extremely harmful. I suggest you just pile it up outside and forget about it.

You can forget about hunting, unless you learn to like the taste of the other white meat. I hear it taste like chicken, but I’ve never tried it. I do suggest you cook it thoroughly though, the toxins and carcinogenic poisons that have accumulated in this meat makes is pretty dangerous to eat.

If the game populations ever recover after the first six weeks of the human collapse, it will be long after you and I are dead. By then, they’ll probably be found everywhere, sort of like in the movie “Legend”, roaming the abandoned streets and yards, looking for food themselves.

If you were bright and smart, you’d be able to hang on long enough, if you can stay hidden and out of site and avoid the labor camps. Plenty of food and ammunition and a source of potable water and heat will be required. I like the underground shelter idea, the scorched earth policy is going to mean a lot more soon then the Neo-con blitzkrieg of rape and pillage. Clear flammable materials away as unobtrusively as possible, otherwise you’ll come to know what cooked meat feels like.

The hardest physical part will be staying somewhat healthy, so don’t even create a papercut in your finger, gangrene is a terrible way to die. The hardest mental and emotional part will be staying unaffected by all the death and destruction and suffering all around you. Earplugs are cheap, by multiple sets while you still can. But make sure if you’re not alone, you take turns using these, someone must be alert and awake and armed at all times. If it’s just you, good luck. You’ll soon learn that the division of labor meant a whole lot more then being a indentured slave to buy corporate toys.

Vicks vapor rub also works well to combat the terrible smell. I suggest you carry some with you at all times. Also carry at least two knives, and matches or firestarter. Become an expert in their use.

You will be able to easily tell who the most dangerous are. They’ll either come in groups, or be the guy who’s carrying very little. Those packing a lot aren’t going to be anybody’s problem very long, you can probably save your ammo. Treat everybody the same and never let your guard down. Remember, if they can see you, you’re in range and vice versa.

Don’t try to convince anybody of anything, calories will be hard enough to come by, so keep the ones you’ve got and keep your mouth shut. You can blend in plenty by wearing earth-colored clothes and still look harmless. Nod your head when needed to pretend your listening, but say little. Remember that alliances are only as strong as their weakest link, which isn’t always their bellies, it’s just as often their liabilities. If you’ve got them, keep them as far away as you can, they’re counting on you.

Hope and pray this all happens sooner rather then later or none of the above is even going to matter.


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2 thoughts on “Where We’re Really At

  • July 7, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    If you are not alone – along with the earplugs have a ‘light blocking sleep mask’. That way, getting a nap in during daylight before you are on watch at night is easier, too.

  • July 7, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    Know why buchaneers, pirates and warriors ‘often’ wore eye patches?

    It wasn’t due to a lost/damaged eye.

    With (if) two ‘good’ eyes, by shading one of them (keeps the pupil dilated) increases one’s visual acuity (perception) in times/places of darkness – sometimes at the moments of great peril (among other reasons).

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