When The Permafrost Fails…

When the permafrost fails, you can expect this to happen: Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts.

Does this mean that the world’s food supply is in trouble? Well sure. It’s always been in peril. The impacts of climate change are going to absolutely wreck food production.

If they can’t get these seeds safe, it means that if these crop species are lost for whatever reason, there is no backup plan either. I’ve looked. You might be shocked to learn that there really isn’t a plan to provide food if we lose our existing production capacity. These seeds are being set aside in case of catastrophic disaster (blight, insects, whatever) for crop diversity, but they’re not considered to be a part of a global backup plan for feeding the world during climate collapse. That plan does not actually exist.

I’ve seen a few videos of the vault. I can’t say for sure – but it sure looks to me like it would be very, very easy to sabotage. There are no safety checks. Anybody could package up a seed box to look legit and wreck everything (or hold it for ransom). And it looks like Nature just tried. Perhaps the two-legged creeps will ignore this ‘opportunity’. We can always hope, right?

But I’m still wondering how these seeds will propagate in a hotter world with no bees in a world in which they were never intended for… clearly, most won’t – or maybe none will.

The narrow window for plant survival is closing fast, and so far there are no plans on how to feed the world once this range of habitability is exceeded. This is a huge under-discussed, unrecognized by most area.

These are known knowns – climatic events that will happen, it’s not speculation anymore, occurring sometime in you or your children’s lifetimes, depending on how fast the planet heats up. The loss of the permafrost is just one of many irreversible feedbacks.


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