Wheat Price Increase

All wheat prices have just been increased by the cannery, effective immediately. This will affect all wheat products and food plans for all new orders that contain wheat.

I’ve update the site and the food plan page, but not the catalog yet. This was long overdue in my opinion, since the commodities market has gone insane earlier this year and speculation and shortages have driven the price of wheat to record levels.

ALL current quotations sent in for quotes are now null and void if there is any wheat product or food plan products containing wheat items. This cannot be helped, all prices are subject to change without notice and I received absolutely ZERO notice.

Nobody yell at me, I’ve been warning this was going to happen for at least two years. Everybody that is still waiting to get food had better start digging. Your grave or your garden plot, take your pick.

Update: We are now sold out of hard white wheat (Golden 86). Only existing orders will be filled, no more new orders until further notice for the hard white wheat. If this is like other products now disappearing, don’t expect us to have this anytime soon and if we do, the price will be considerably higher.

Anybody waiting to obtain food has now waited too long. This isn’t a “sell” pitch, this is a clear and imminent danger warning to all the procrastinators and disbelievers. When a cannery like the ones I deal with “dry up” (they are the largest in the country) this means that there are serious problems with food supplies.

2nd Update:

Someone called me earlier today and told me the wheat shortage was a “scam”. I told them to read the news (when I could get a word in edgewise). They were convinced that their friend was better informed. Maybe so. Maybe it is a scam. Maybe somebody has tried to drive the commodity prices up — but I don’t think this is the only thing that is occurring, not even close. This does not account for the news reports now screaming from around the world of global food shortages and dramatic price increases.

But I’m not here to argue or prove a point or sell you anything. I’m much too tired and sick to be concerned about whether you believe me or anyone else. You should however, immediately step forth and convince yourself of what is going on.

3rd Update:

The same person wrote me — and told me that he did indeed follow my advice and went and bought two pallets of wheat from a local source.  Good thing too, because he reported the prices went up $3 per bucket the next day.  My own prices had increased too.

Unfortunately, this same person has kept dinking me around for quite some time. I received yet another email from him and went back and looked at his entire email history.  He’s been doing this since January.  Since then, there have already been two price increases and I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent answering his many questions since then.

I wrote him back – take your business elsewhere.  I don’t have time for this anymore. Anybody that doesn’t realize the urgency of the situation is just wasting everybody’s time, including their own.  I am not here to babysit anybody, make up your own mind or move on.

Something everyone should keep in mind. We’re too busy to be playing around. I’m not even interested in taking orders from those who are not serious about food prepartion.  Why?  Is not the money – it’s the time.  Time is something none of us have anymore and it’s utterly irreplaceable.


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5 thoughts on “Wheat Price Increase

  • March 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I ordered 2- 25lb bags of organic whole wheat flower from my neigborhood health food store. Prepaid at 65c a lb. Pick it up in one week. One week later I was told it was 1.09 a lb.
    Pick-up day was Friday Mar. 15th.
    Even if one is not convinced is it worth the risk to ‘hope’ it goes down again so you can buy it cheaper?
    This collapse thing is too important to rely on friends for info. That caller needs to educate him/her- self..

  • March 18, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    You have served all of us well John.

    You set up tons of information for us to wade through at our leisure. You worked hard to warn people. You have been ahead of your time. Far ahead.

    Don’t let anyone give you any crap. Don’t even bother finishing reading it. Just hit delete and block them.

  • March 18, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    Looks like my decision to top off my food storage a month ago when there were initial indications of long waits at the canneries was a good decision.

    Anyone who thinks that the recent increases in wheat and other agricultural commodities is a scam is incredibly ignorant. These markets are way too large to be manipulated – particularly for the level of increases seen in the last 12-18 months.

  • March 19, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Ya I bought more food again last month. I swear by those double sealed superpails for longevity and value.

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