What Lies Beneath (all the lies and disinformation)

There is always more in the news on climate. And it is always bad – if you toss out the false claims, invisible technology and false hopium that is usually interjected into these articles.

If you just stick to the known facts, you will quickly realize that we’re still not being told the whole scope of the problem facing humanity. By now, you will probably also realize that this withholding has been deliberate for many, many years.

First, a few articles to quickly share before I get to the “good stuff”. The first – parts of China is facing catastrophic heat of such magnitude that human life will no longer be possible:

Research has shown that beyond a certain threshold of temperature and humidity, a person cannot survive unprotected in the open for extended periods — as, for example, farmers must do. Now, a new MIT study shows that unless drastic measures are taken to limit climate-changing emissions, China’s most populous and agriculturally important region could face such deadly conditions repeatedly, suffering the most damaging heat effects, at least as far as human life is concerned, of any place on the planet.

This just happens to be the most productive, fertile parts of China. What do you suppose is going to happen when China realizes that there is no way out of this predicament?

Most of the world has known about the catastrophic effects of climate change for many years, but chose to ignore it. Usually, their motive was profit, which present and future generations are going to call profiting from ecocide.

Over in England, there is concern that the Brexit plan will fail, so now they’re telling their citizens to stockpile food: A no-deal Brexit survival guide: what food to stockpile. Nothing has been done about interdependency and just-in-time delivery systems. But buying seeds isn’t going to solve anything in time – harvests would still be a long ways away.

This is a worthy paper that you should take the time to read: What Lies Beneath – The Understatement of Existential Climate Risk

Under the Existential Risk to Human Civilization, we find:

a) The Paris Agreement (which is not being adhered to) guarantees a 4.1 °C average global temperature increase;
b) Warming of 4°C or more could reduce the global human population by 80% or 90%, and the World Bank reports “there is no certainty that adaptation to a 4°C world is possible”.

This is in alignment with all of my earlier publications and claims published here years ago. Which like this report, remain broadly ignored. There’s more:

If the rate should exceed 0.4°C per decade, all ecosystems will be quickly destroyed, opportunistic species will dominate, and the breakdown of biological material will lead to even greater emissions of CO2. At 4°C of warming “the limits for adaptation for natural systems would largely be exceeded throughout the world”. Ecological breakdown of this scale would ensure an existential human crisis.

I’ll spell it out for you, just in case you don’t know the meaning of “existential human crisis”. It’s spelled E.X.T.I.N.C.T.I.O.N. Is that brutally honest enough?

Existential risk management requires brutally honest articulation of the risks, opportunities and the response time frame, the development of new existential risk-management techniques outside conventional politics, and global leadership and integrated policy. Since it is not possible to recover from existential risks, “we cannot allow even one existential disaster to happen; there would be no opportunity to learn from experience”, but at the moment we are facing existential disasters on several climate fronts, seemingly without being able even to articulate that fact.

I’ve endured a painful journey over the many years of writing this blog, in part because I wrote about our climate change and our extinction. Resistance to the truth at all levels continues to this day, so I had taken another long break from public disclosure of this awful truth. Coming back, as it were, I find the same stupidity and ignorance as before. Nothing has changed, leading me to continue to believe that nothing ever will change. We lack the capacity to grasp what we’ve done and especially, what we as a species now need to do.

I’ve been “blamed” by a few talking fools for not having any solutions, but this isn’t true. Their too brutal in their scope and severity for people to accept. Anything that challenges the profit-motive and status-quo is considered “extreme” anyway. And even I do not know if they are actually solutions – more like desperate attempts to stave off a extinction-level event (ELE).

I am still disgusted by the stupid idiots that pose as intellectual and scientific minds that keep promising us we can maintain our present civilization. I know with total certainty that they are all lying. I know for certain that we cannot. I know that civilization is the root cause of our climate crisis and as long as we keep pretending we can have our cake and eat it too, I know we will miserably fail, together. But I also know that hard to hear difficult and painful messengers are easily ignored and the world will go on blindly into disaster.

The failure of both the research community and the policy making apparatus to consider, advocate and/or adopt an existential risk-management approach is itself a failure of imagination with catastrophic consequences.

We’re still in a global climate emergency – and always will be. But we’re still ignoring this unfolding reality that is worsening daily, inexorably towards our demise.


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