What Is Wrong With America

Be prepared to get your stupid on. The Atlantic discusses the trends and changes that have occurred in America.

The facts presented might surprise you. I do recommend you find the time to read this article all the way through. There are some real nuggets of observable truth in there. I don’t agree with a few of the statements of facts made, but the rest is spot-on.

Much more than the other billion or so people in the developed world, we Americans believe—really believein the supernatural and the miraculous, in Satan on Earth, in reports of recent trips to and from heaven, and in a story of life’s instantaneous creation several thousand years ago.

We believe that the government and its co-conspirators are hiding all sorts of monstrous and shocking truths from us, concerning assassinations, extraterrestrials, the genesis of aids, the 9/11 attacks, the dangers of vaccines, and so much more.

And this was all true before we became familiar with the terms post-factual and post-truth, before we elected a president with an astoundingly open mind about conspiracy theories, what’s true and what’s false, the nature of reality.

I’ve often used the word mainstream (media) to identify the constant levels of propaganda, dishonesty and infotainment. They are indeed “at fault”, but they are not the source of stupidity, they are the enablers.

The word mainstream has recently become a pejorative, shorthand for bias, lies, oppression by the elites. Yet the institutions and forces that once kept us from indulging the flagrantly untrue or absurd—media, academia, government, corporate America, professional associations, respectable opinion in the aggregate—have enabled and encouraged every species of fantasy over the past few decades.

Of course, this has all had a tremendous effect upon our culture and country, and even our standing in the world. But it’s much, much more then prestige or respect, it’s even caused two wars (at least) as religious stupidity and arrogance won over reason, truth, and doing the right thing.

Our whole social environment and each of its overlapping parts—cultural, religious, political, intellectual, psychological—have become conducive to spectacular fallacy and truthiness and make-believe. There are many slippery slopes, leading in various directions to other exciting nonsense. During the past several decades, those naturally slippery slopes have been turned into a colossal and permanent complex of interconnected, crisscrossing bobsled tracks, which Donald Trump slid down right into the White House.

And now another madman has his fingers on the nuclear trigger — and he’s enraging yet another madman whom the world doesn’t trust either. Not a good situation, but it is one that has been rooted in our collective stupidity and fantasy, the stupidstitions of the religious forces that have taken over the minds of millions — including the President.

I can’t be the only one who has noticed this. The non-reality based worldviews and opinions, and therefore actions of millions of people have led America down something far worse then the rabbit hole of Wonderland, ie., the “full Fantasyland” of the religiously indoctrinated who actually long a nuclear holocaust and a sea of melted glass.

Before the internet, crackpots were mostly isolated, and surely had a harder time remaining convinced of their alternate realities. Now their devoutly believed opinions are all over the airwaves and the web, just like actual news. Now all of the fantasies look real.

Both my wife and I have spent too much time reviewing these fantasies – and what is supposedly believed. You don’t have to look far, just read the comments on any article for starters. The country is infected with stupidstitious idiots, a virtual plague of brain-dead zombies shuffling us all towards the abyss. Voices of truth and reason are noticeably absent. The fantasies don’t look real (not to me), but they’re all over the place. It’s become incredibly painful to attempt to even find intelligent life, anywhere.

In other words: Mix epic individualism with extreme religion; mix show business with everything else; let all that ferment for a few centuries; then run it through the anything-goes ’60s and the internet age. The result is the America we inhabit today, with reality and fantasy weirdly and dangerously blurred and commingled.

It would be unfair for me to say much more — read the article (all of it because you’ll miss important elements). Our descent into fantasy chronicled. Expecting to find reason, common sense or a reality-based worldview has definitely been challenged – there’s just not much of that out there. Some of the statistics quotes are startling, but if you’ve been paying attention, you get it. You’ve sensed this yourself. You know it’s true, or even worse, since no survey or poll or study really tells the whole truth. At best, the numbers indicate “at least this much, but probably more” from my own experience.

It’s absolutely no wonder at all when you consider the real heart of the nation, the “soul” of who and what we are and how this relates to what we do as a country next.

We dive down the rabbit hole.


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One thought on “What Is Wrong With America

  • August 9, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    The problem with America is we’ve been turned into mindless consumer sheep and would rather be safe and secure than have freedom over our lives. We’ve somehow succumbed to both Huxley’s version of the world and Orwell’s at the same time. On Huxley’s side, we have bread and circuses everywhere – sports, drugs, alcohol, television shows, the internet/social media, access to streaming video 24/7. Enough entertainment to appease the masses forever. I can’t even begin with the parallels of the opioid epidemic to Huxley’s Soma.

    Then on Orwell’s side we have good old big brother watching us constantly. NSA surveillance on cell phones, internet etc… etc…. A police state that has never been more highly armed, imprisoned more people, stolen more money via civil asset forfeitures etc…There are cameras everywhere in public today. Always on and recording and watching. And then there’s the good old military industrial complex – there to carry out wars all over non-U.S. soil to “protect our interests” abroad and line the pockets of the D.C. war complex and all of those internet security/external security mercenaries that exist.

    No wonder so many people are disillusioned and looking for an escape and believe whatever the fuck they want. Being a religious fanatic is about the only hope billions of people have these days. Not to mention being abducted by Aliens and being taken away from this cesspool we’ve created here.

    The author acts like there was no reason for Trump to be elected. Clearly he’s out of touch with reality – pretty fucking ironic given that the whole article was about “so many Americans” being out of touch with reality. No mention of the Citizen’s United decision handed down from the Supreme Court that effectively took democracy out of the hands of the U.S. Citizens and gave it to bought and paid for corporate candidates?

    Reality is that a shitshow is unfolding and the people at the top don’t see it because central banks are pumping up asset prices around the world, making them obscenely rich and oblivious to the realities the average citizen of the world faces and many Americans face these days from rising costs of education, healthcare, energy, taxes, low job security, shitty job quality with no benefits etc… etc….

    Who gives a fuck if prices are rising 10% when your $10 million investment portfolio is rising 20% per year because of Apple, Facebook, Tesla etc….it’s great to be rich because the asset inflation is outstripping other price increases – for now anyway. For everyone else, it’s a death sentence and leads to drug use, crime, poverty, discouragement and ultimately bloody revolutions. But it won’t be the rich and powerful who fight it. They’ll send in the peons to do the dirty work.

    Hard to believe the author missed all those facts when trying to explain why Trump was elected President. It’s not some tinfoil hat wearers voting him in. It’s pretty much the entire heartland of the U.S. that has been gutted and whose jobs were sent to China/India/Vietnam/Bangladesh etc…so they could make the goods at 1/10th the cost with slave labor and send it back here to be sold by Amazon and the Walton family cutting out small, family owned mom and pop stores across the country.

    So that’s where we are today. This whole story with Trump is just more bullshit to distract the masses and entertain the far right and far left. So they’re in a pissing match. Perfect for the corporations because nothing will get done, nothing will change and they’ll continue to run their operations that maximize looting your pockets, amassing more wealth and leaving you with debt and a bunch of worthless shit you don’t need.

    Have a nice day

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