What Are We Doing?

If this picture is any example, it shows that Americans don’t really care about politics —

However, I think the issue goes much, much deeper then this. I don’t believe Americans care about much of anything anymore. I think this is cognitive dissonance overloading. We’re all being permeated with disagreeable facts and events and news and we simply can’t soak up anymore. Not just on one critical, important issue, but dozens and dozens and dozens of critical issues.

Whatever sponge brains we once had for critical thinking, they’re overloaded, saturated to the point of useless mush. So instead of dealing with our problems, we do other things that temporarily hide our problems from our awareness by creating an alternative universe laced with drugs, alcohol and entertainment.

This is reinforced by a complicit media of course, and even the vast majority of our institutions. It’s kind of weird how there really is a global conspiracy to keep you brain dead, misinformed and constantly consuming useless crap you never need. All on credit, of course.

This ‘death’ verse only works as long as the problems don’t come around and affect you personally. But we’re long past that point now.

I’ve always believed that actions speak louder then words. It is our actions which define us, not our words. Anybody can speak big words and create highfalutin sounding phrases. So what? It is also our actions which will judge us — and it will be our actions that condemn us. Not only by the present generation, but all future generations to come (if any).

But what are our actions today? Are we standing among the protesters, mouthing our dissent into the uncaring wind and accomplishing absolutely nothing? Holding more rock concerts in the hopes that this will bring about ‘public awareness’ of our plight? Or writing more blog and journal entries in the false hope of ‘changing the world’ through awareness?

A huge percentage of mega-consuming Americans remain blithely unaware of the looming ecological catastrophe they’ve contributed to. Nor are they really concerned about any of the other issues facing them. Those that should be taking charge and leading the way, simply aren’t. Instead, we’re still being offered the same plethora of ‘choices’ that we’ve always had, which when you boil away all the dross and glitter and grandstanding is simply this – business as usual.

Humanity is facing global ecological Armageddon within a decade or generation at most. Responses to date have been half-hearted, and do little or nothing to strike at over-population and over-consumption as the underlying causes of a failing biosphere.

The reality is, we’ve little real choice anymore. We can claim otherwise, but we’re simply lying to ourselves.

So what are we doing, really? If we’re honest, we’ll admit that the answer is “business as usual”. Despite our half-hearted attempts at changing the status quo, we’re not really doing anything. We’re certainly not changing anything. Further honesty will admit that we’re really just here for the ride, and it’s headed straight to hell and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.

I am convinced that it is far too late to do anything less then revolutionary action because nothing else works anymore. And there is no guarantee that revolutionary action will work either, but it is the last resort of an almost hopeless situation.

Revolutionary action is also the last resort of a desperate people who are trying to save themselves. Having exhausted all other forms of redress and accomplishing nothing, their only recourse is to force the issue directly against those that are causing the problems.

This is exactly what has occurred around the world when a desperate population is facing extermination. Or the right to self-rule. Or extreme oppression or poverty. We are facing all of this, and more, each and everyone of us and it’s getting closer and closer every day.

So what are we doing, really? Playing games? Pretending it will all just go away, somehow? Do we harbor secret “techno-fix” hopes that we humans can somehow solve these growing problems before it’s too late?

Or is it something else? That we’re loathe to take up arms and put a stop to our way of life, which is after all, the only way of life we know? Or to even put a stop to those that are taking our lives?

I think we each hide the hope in our hearts that “it won’t happen to me”, even though that day comes closer and closer. I know I do. I’m hoping that I’ll somehow find “a way” to avoid the pain and suffering that is coming. But logically, I know this is a false hope, based on nothing but wishful thinking. Logically, I can assess the future pretty clearly and I can see exactly where it’s going, or sufficiently enough to realize and understand when I’m not being ‘hopeful’ that it’s going to hurt — a lot.

I know this is true because of the points I raised above — what we are actually doing is fixing nothing, business as usual is the normal and planned course of events, and these combined will ensure our own destruction and extermination. It should be obvious that business as usual is what created the problems we are now dealing with. Perhaps I will avoid all of the coming pain by dying an early death, but my kids won’t and nor will yours.

This knowledge tears me apart. How could it not? I am not so inured to human suffering and pain, nor indifferent to what we are doing to always believe that we will “manage” our way out of our problems “somehow”. I doubt this very much. This is a false belief.

For starters, it would be a historical anomaly. Collapse of civilizations that destroy their environments is a fact. Collapse of civilizations that destroy and kill their citizens is a fact. Collapse of institutions that practice waste, abuse, fraud, deceit, theft, murder, assassinations and tyranny is a fact.

But the deer in the headlight syndrome continues. We still stand frozen in place, unable to act when action is exactly what we need the most. We’re still permitting the plantation owners to govern our lives, our thoughts, our very actions. They get to dictate what we think, what we eat, how we live, how much money we make, where we live, who lives, and who dies. And we do nothing about it.

We’re refusing to overthrow these monsters and stop their raping of the planet, it’s people and it’s resources. Our lack of actions is virtually guaranteeing the slavery of the human race and all future generations.

Let me put this another way — if we are not free from any of these things, how can anybody else be free? How could any future generation be free? Especially since we are spending their inheritance as fast as we can?

Every generation is built upon the achievements and wealth of future generations. But this is far more then material or monetary wealth, it is also ideological wealth. If you wonder why teenagers today simply don’t give a shit about anything it’s because their generation built it’s values upon your generation. And your generation stopped giving a shit about the time you were in your 30’s. By then, we figured that most of the world’s problems were being sufficiently handled by our institutions and leaders and we more or less stupidly forgot about them. A corporate controlled media helped coach us along the way to forget about our problems and our responsibilities.

Further honesty will reveal that our cushy comfortable lives are the willing price we’ve paid to ensure that we were well taken care of all the days of our lives. This American dream of ours has come at a very high ecological and ideological price, but like George Carlin said, “You’d have to be asleep to believe it”.

We knew something was wrong as ecological systems and human institutions broke down and failed us again and again. But we were at a loss on how to “fix it” and willingly tossed more and more money at it when they broke. We never really questioned the underlying paradigms of the systems themselves.

We’ve been pretty good at fixing things by the way. Human ingenuity has been able to fix quite a few things and we’ve only gotten better at it. But we’ve never really examined what this might mean in the long run. Like an experimental drug, there are certain side-effects that has created huge ecological imbalances. Our technology has both saved us and condemned us. It has also enabled our total slavery.

We’re now at that point where fixing our problems simply isn’t in the cards anymore. We’ve dealt out the entire deck, shuffled and reshuffled, we’ve even built temporary fixtures from them. But a high wind is coming and our card built house is crashing down around us. And there’s not a thing we can do about it except shuffle some more.

But it’s still the same deck of cards, it’s still the same finite level of resources, except now, they’re well worn, torn and faded. Quite a few have been discarded due to overuse. And there are many, many more players we are having to deal to now. In fact, there far too many, we simply don’t have enough cards left.

So what are doing about it? Discussion of population control and population reduction is simply taboo. So is reverting back to a truly sustainable lifestyle. Instead, we have the so-called “Green Revolution” which only enriches big businesses even further and ensure even more ecological destruction.

This isn’t the type of revolution I’m talking about. A real revolution wouldn’t be written in words. A real revolution would be inscribed into individual lives. A real revolution wouldn’t tolerate the crap we are putting up with. A real revolution would put a stop to all of it.

But we’re afraid to even discuss this, let alone contemplate it’s necessity. But our plantation owners aren’t. A freight-load of legislation has been passed against Americans for this very reason. They’re not all stupid, they can see that the natives are getting restless. They’re making sure that every American is browbeaten into total submission. And still we stand effectively silent while we watch this all going on.

They’re very happy to have every American believe the lies they spin — that they are looking out for our best interest, that our security and freedom is at stake, that they alone understand the problem and know what to do, while we stay at home, infotained to death, medicated and saturated to death with terrible foods and bloated guts.

Be quiet — say nothing — do nothing, we will take care of all this for you.

Shut up — stay put — work — consume — produce — die.

Got a complaint? Then “vote” for one our candidates we’ve provided for you and “do something” about it while we go about our business as usual. Yeah, right.

And so we live our increasingly desperate lives, watching other lives being taken, stolen, abused, murdered. Our planet is choking on human excess, greed and gluttony, and all we’re concerned about is the price of gasoline.

What are we doing?



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17 thoughts on “What Are We Doing?

  • September 5, 2007 at 2:07 pm
    What you have said is the nub of the entire shiteree.

    We know the luxury cruise is coming to an end. The ship will soon dock in a new foreign place that we all know we are headed to, but we are unwilling to admit to the destination stamped on our tickets. We know that the new place will be full of armed, hateful, desperate people who will only be too happy strip you naked, take all your possessions, rape you mercilessly, and either enslave you at the bottom of some shit-mine or summarily blow your head off. We know this.

    But, here we are, tippee-typing away on a computer, sending messages to the world, eating high calorie meals, driving our death machines without a second thought, or rarely a second thought. Who would want to be the first to step off the luxury cruise? Who would want to voluntarily give up our easy-breezy lifestyle for sandals and granola, hard labor and zero tech? What if I step off the cruise and then watch in horror as some new algae powered future is unveiled on the rapidly vanishing ship’s deck? Who wants to be first?

    And what about our psychological prep? We have been conditioned every second of our lives to believe that this is the best life we could possibly have, that this is it. This is the promised land. Growing your own food is what HICKS do for CHRIST’S sake. Only semi-toothless backwoods, barefooted cretins, wear handmade clothing!! Do I want to be one of those people on bicycles who get the stared at at busy intersections, get flipped off by angry SUV owners, who must deal with punks in the neighborhoods?

    And, the underlying portion of the piece above is the call to arms. The powers that be have been busy little bastards. They know that a country with 90 small arms for every 100 people is a country that they want to have iron-handed control over. The best way to control all those angry people is to impoverish them so quickly, they won’t be able to react.

    Soon the world will collapse in a sick churning heap of violence, bitterness and insanity. You better be ready. Otherwise, your carbon is going back in the cupboard.

  • September 5, 2007 at 2:31 pm
    You said it before and it bears repeating. Nothing less than Pain will bring a mass awakening. A dawning that something is wrong to sleeping minds as karma plays catchup with an 8 foot 2×4 to the collective head.
  • September 5, 2007 at 6:24 pm
    This is a great piece of writing but it begs the question… is there any culture on earth that IS awake? I see that France just elected Sarkozy who supports bombing the shit out of Iran. Wasn’t France supposed to be further along on the evolutionary scale than we are in the U.S.? It’s pretty desperate everywhere.
  • September 5, 2007 at 7:03 pm
    Ok, so I give up the TV,Ipod,SUV, grow my own veggies,put up wind mills,go solar,live in a tipi, gather my guns and ammo, plot and plan and then one by one start taking out big oil CEO’s, Cutting oil lines,blowing up gas stations, mowing down auto execs, plucking out Congressmen, etc.etc.

    What do you think would happen to me? And any of you out there ready to join me???and for all of that rebelling in the final end, I will be made to look like a crack pot who went off the deep end and after 3 or 4 days of news coverage, everyone will go back to doing what they were doing and complaining each day about how miserable things are. AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

    The American Empire is too big, the corporate elite too entrenched in all aspects of rules, laws,etc… this is not 1775 where 1,500 charged up minutemen had only to deal with 3,000 or 4,000 musket bearing English troops on a bridge. So how? how do you change the system in todays world when you can’t get enough people to attend a town hall meeting….

  • September 5, 2007 at 9:40 pm
    There are some who have spent their entire lives dragging their feet, complaining—and doing everything they could possibly think of—without getting thrown in jail (sometimes by a rather narrow margin), to slow the rise of tyranny. But I am not going to “step over the line” to help those “facing extermination” who will not help themselves. Perhaps the next life form that arises on this planet will have a backbone.
  • September 5, 2007 at 10:31 pm
    What did you ever expect about the outcome of todayâ’s world? When, TSHTF, and you and I know that it is coming, is not going to change anything even when it happens. Parents will eat their children like they did in Europe when they were starving a few centuries back. Only those who have an army to protect them will rule, like in the past. Most will just lie down and die, and those who donâ’t will only be slaves for the amusement of the ruling class, like in the past.
    It all began when humanity decided that their was a God that will come and save them from themselves. This opened the doors for those who knew that this was nothing but bullshit and created cultures and beliefs to take advantage of the stupid folk. The most interesting thing that we have learned from history is that we do not learn from history. Life will go on regardless of what we do with our planet and ourselves.
    I am totally amazed that you havenâ’t figured out that there still is a way to live a life of happiness and freedom without you firing a single shot. You will not have to, because you will have an army to protect you.
  • September 5, 2007 at 11:27 pm
    I see that the “what can I do” mentality marches on.

    No. No one expects anyone to actually pop the first cap in the final firefight. No one expects anyone to do the right thing, no matter what.

    Yes, life goes on. DUH. Yes, there have been collapses before. CHECK.

    I suspect life will become a lot like Sierra Leone during the really crazy times, or Mogadishu. Our lily white Amerkinism ain’t gonna protect us from the big flush. In fact, I suspect that our lazy-ass, cheap-energy expectations will cause us to flame out even more brilliantly.

    What do I expect you to do? Nothing. You are not capable of doing anything that will stop this juggernaut. Short of freaking walking on water and being able to change water to oil, you ain’t got what it takes.

    A few well prepared lucky ones will survive. Many well prepared not so lucky ones will die. A few ill prepared lucky ones will survive, etc.

    The entire purpose of our biological imperative is to live to pop another baby onto the dirt. Any strategy that you undertake that keeps your gene package sloshing around is the correct strategy.

    Those who have made their livings from cubicle monkey doings are about to find that the genes that made them really successful cubicle monkeys will not serve them so well in the new more physical and localized world. Your outsourced pals in far away cheap labor countries are not coming to your rescue.

    No, the only one saving you, my friend is you. If you want to suck off the man, join the army, or live off the government teat as a prison guard, fine. That may save your ass, or maybe wear it out, but you will eat.

    If you want to play at insurrection, that may work as well.

    But, as the Buddha says,

    See the false as false,
    the True as True.
    Look into your heart.
    Follow your nature.

  • September 6, 2007 at 4:43 am
    Perhaps it is also a symptom of lack of local community. Folks would talk about issues with their neighbors. Today TV has replaced local entertainment as community events. iPods and video games train kids from an early age to go into self-centered trances. Cars, cell phones, suburbs, pay-at-the-pump gas stations limit our interactions with strangers and leave us unable to converse – and least of all on controversial subjects like politics or religion.
  • September 6, 2007 at 7:14 am
    See the false as false,
    the True as True.
    Look into your heart.
    Follow your nature.


    When I look inside I realize it is just as caotic as the outside. Just as steamy, seedy, and greedy.

    But what can I do?

    Who wants to know?

  • September 6, 2007 at 7:41 am
    I don’t know, but the situation may not call for DOING something.

    It may call for BEING something.

    By being self reliant, creative, responsible and resilient,we are already modeling a way of living/being that masses of people who will become mortally frightened won’t be able to even imagine without a concrete example in front of them.

    Margret Mead said:
    “Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    You are all talented, please don’t short your own capabilities. Seemingly small individual changes can have tremendous impact in times of chaos.

    Reopening public discourse and just being who we are for others is a key to shifting the logjam in analytical thinking.

    If you are interested, the book ‘entertaining ourselves to death’ has a wonderful description of what media has done to our population’s ability to think critically. David Bohm in ‘thought as a system’ and Paulo Freier mentioned earlier talk about how to reverse this.

  • September 6, 2007 at 8:05 am
    correction, the name of the one book is ‘amusing ourselves to death’ not entertaining ourselves to death
  • September 6, 2007 at 1:53 pm
    Ah, the cries of “what can we do?”

    Well, you can accept the fact that there is nothing you can do to alter the current civilization. It is too large and powerful. Given that, your best bet is to simply focus on yourself and those closest to you. You cannot save the world but you might, just might, save yourself.

    Take up arms? That is foolish at this point. It might not be foolish tomorrow or the day after but right now it is exceedingly foolish.

    Instead of trying to save the world, try to save yourself. Detach, decouple, and otherwise try to let go of the current civilization. And don’t worry about the current civilization. It will bring itself down.

    As for saving something other than yourself and those closest to you, your best chance will come when the system begins to disintegrate. Then and only then will the openings appear that give you a viable chance to succeed at saving some small piece of life. Of course, to do that, you must survive until that time. And that should be your current focus.

  • September 6, 2007 at 6:52 pm
    Greyzone speaks a big truth.Save yourselves.Don’t bother preaching to those in denial,they wont change their minds.The positive feedback loops are in place and I don’t know what could possibly change those.
    See you on the other side of collapse(hopefully)
  • September 7, 2007 at 3:20 am

    It is precisely because people have stood mutely and silently aside all these years that all these evils have continued to be perpetuated and are still growing.

    The fact remains, without our willing complicity and silent acquiescence, they could not happen.

    On a global scale, they find willing accomplices who will buy their products, support their actions and pay their fees, enabling them and making it all possible. Our ‘slavery’ is really our own doing.

    When we could have stopped it — we didn’t. So now we are all faced with the inevitable consequences of our inactions, whether we like it or not.

    A fight is coming — those that think they can avoid this are mistaken.

    Saving ourselves ought not to be our battle cry, because it is grossly inaccurate. Nobody ‘saves themselves’ in reality. Those that live, live to pass something else on to their survivors. It is precisely this we should be considering — what are we going to pass on to our survivors?

    If we only seek to save ourselves — what are we really saving? We would be saving tyranny by permitting it to continue. We would be saving planetary destruction and corporate control and everything else that is wrong with this world.

    This is why I reject the ‘survivalist’ mentality, because it does not consider the actions of a life not lived according to principle, belief, or truth. It places self-preservation above all else and does not plan any further ahead then that.

    Each and every one of us is already dead, despite our objections, efforts and beliefs. We’ve had our crack at life and for the most part — blew it because we did not do enough to preserve what was worth preserving (and it is not our personal lives I’m talking about).

    Instead, we have helped hand off to our progeny and the world’s survivors (whosoever they might be) a gigantic mess that is worsening everyday, while doing effectively nothing to help clean it up and put a stop to it. We fell for the lies that silent ‘protests’ and voting and all the other crap was sufficient and would help resolve the problems. And now it’s come to this (collapse).

    This is precisely why we have these problems in the first place, and precisely why things are turning to shit all around us. The fundamental paradigms that under gird our civilization were at fault — but we helped perpetuate these paradigms by our participation and acquiescence.

    There’s no ‘saving ourselves’ in a shithole, or anyone else. The act of saving ourselves implies a preservation for ‘something’ to be preserved for the future. That something needs to be more then just life itself, because life by itself is quite selfish (and a root cause of why greed, Empire and destruction exists).

    The Empire may be big, but it’s not that big. And it’s not omniscient, or all- powerful. This is a myth that needs to die.

    A tiny few have had huge impacts upon the world. My ‘argument’ as it were, is that while we watch the Empire grind away and lumber towards it’s own collapse (which I clearly understand will happen, no matter what any of us do), what are we doing about it? Simply ‘waiting’ for it to die? Is that all?

    Obviously, I do not want to save Empire. Empire came into existence and power because we failed to do anything effective about it. So did our fathers, and their fathers (see Our Fathers, Fathers entry).

    If we continue to hold onto this same belief (apathy and indifference), then another Empire could arise. Who in the hell would want that?

    Will we teach our ‘survivalist’ mentality and apathy to our survivors? Probably — unless we realize that we are making the same mistakes this generation made.

    An ‘individual revolution’ is needed within our own belief systems. We should have NEVER tolerated the crap that caused all of these problems in the first place. Now we are all going to be forced to deal with the aftermath because we did.

    Should we survive this collapse, will we change from apathy and indifference into something more directly responsible? If we can’t practice this now, who say’s we can practice this in the future?

    We are more then words. We are defined by our actions. If our actions are only to survive, then we permit (by complicity) everything else to continue, including all the wrongs in the world. At what point do we say “enough is enough” and put a stop to it?

    Never? Because that is what “survivalism” teaches and why I reject such notions.

    We need a new way of living, new ethics and a renewal of what life and living really is. It is NOT standing around watching the corporate plunderers and mass murders continue on their merry way.

    I’ve written much about what I think the future will hold before, during and even after the collapse. But I guarantee — I will not be standing around trying to “survive” while the rapists continue to try and control everything and fuck things up beyond belief.

    This is why there are many things I no longer do — I don’t fly, I don’t drive, I don’t buy useless shit, I don’t support the corporate culture, government interference and a whole lot of other things. Independence, self-reliance and self-sufficiency are steps in the right direction — but they are not sufficient, even taken all together.

    A much broader view needs to be embraced. If everyone minded their own business, then these steps would be adequate — but this is most certainly NOT the case. Therefore, personal responsibility and accountability is required of us. This extends beyond our personal lives. We must hold these same standards and expectations to our plantation owners also.

    If they cannot be held responsible — they need to be removed from power, period. They govern our lives in the smallest detail — why do we continue to permit this?

    Because we have been browbeat into believing “there is nothing we can do”. This is yet another lie. It’s been very effective — and why we are now slaves.

  • September 7, 2007 at 3:03 pm
    It is a truth that idealists run the risk of becoming fanatics. They watch the world NOT respond to the ideals that are so painfully obvious to them, and it drives them to ever-higher levels of outrage. Eventually, outrage turns to violence.

    Freedom is a big concept, and so is responsibility. You are using these terms as you understand them, and there is much agreement here.

    The error is in assuming that your understanding is the only correct one.

    If people have freedom, are free, then they are also free to make stupid decisions, doom their posterity, and be willingly enslaved by virulent masters. That is their CHOICE. They are not victims of corporate/political malevolence — they are collaborators, co-conspirators, and willing participants. They are free actors in an eternal drama.

    You chose not to fly, drive, buy junk, etc etc — but others choose to do those things. Surely, they must be permitted their freedom as much as you are permitted yours. They are willing to pay the price, and we must be willing to let them. That’s their choice, and anyone who values freedom must let them choose.

    Although you say that you “reject the â’survivalistâ’ mentality, because it does not consider the actions of a life not lived according to principle, belief, or truth. It places self-preservation above all else and does not plan any further ahead then that” —

    –but, I see no unprincipled survivalists. Often these are the most thoughtful and well-read people around….who is reading and responding to this blog? Odd that you feel comfortable selling goods to people that you disparage.

    Many here can see how the social/political/economic structure will lead to an ultimate collapse — but, so what? Humankind makes choices, and there are consequences. Collapse is a consequence.

    It’s not your fault, it’s not anybody’s fault. It is the inevitable aging process of a social structure. You don’t blame your grandmother for getting old and dying — why blame the people living today for decisions that were made generations ago?

    If you see it coming, get out of the way. That’s all you are obligated to do. Or don’t, if you prefer to go down with the ship.

    However, if you move into fanaticism — and inflammatory rhetoric about them vs us is pretty close — you’ve lost your way.

  • September 7, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    Freedom isn’t the license you advocate. Freedom is responsibility for one’s actions and inactions. It is also accountability.

    Accountability extends beyond our individual personal behavior. We also have to hold others accountable for their behaviors. If we do not, then anything goes, evil runs rampant and dictators and such like can run amok. If that’s your definition of freedom, then you are deluded.

    We are not free to destroy our children’s heritage, which you seem to think is ok, especially since they can neither make nor defend their own decisions or desires. Nor can future generations yet unborn. We do indeed have a responsibility to do more then “get out of the way”. This type of thinking is selfish, short-sighted and dangerous because it practices the worst characteristic of all – apathy.

    Another definition of freedom is “to do no harm”. What passes for freedom today is terribly harmful.

    The only people I disparage are those who do not use common sense. As a first time poster on this blog, you’re out of line.  Your comments are like a drive-by shooters – you don’t know anything about me and don’t care. You prefer sniping to discourse.  Go have your fun someplace else, I don’t put up with it here (read the rules next time).

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