What a Colossal Crock of Shit

A really good writer said:

“Politics is only and always about power, which only and always means power over other human beings.

Indeed it is. We are taught to believe since childhood that politics is about ensuring that the welfare and well-being of the people is the priority. The need of the State is ostentatiously the same as the need of the People.

Of course, this is a colossal crock of shit in America. American politics is really about ensuring that the power structure stays firmly in place at any cost.  Expend a million lives?  Do it (using Americants – or anyone else that can be convinced) – and everyone is expected to pretend it doesn’t matter. It’s even patriotic.

Holy shit. How fucking stupid have we become?

Anyone who devotes a substantial amount of time — or his entire life, God forbid — to achieving power is a shit-eating buffoon.

Dear God, a thinking man! Holy shit, I am truly beside myself!

The scum-sucking bottom feeding worms in office today are some of the worst offenders among the few remaining sentient homo-sapiens on the planet. Our American system of government promotes only the most corrupt  and sadistic individuals – elevating them to the halls of power – where they can do unbelievable levels of damage to the the entire world.

With regard to large-scale death and destruction, no person, group, or private organization can even begin to compare to the state, which is easily the greatest instrument of destruction known to man.

The lesson of the precautionary principle is plain: because people are vile and corruptible, the state, which holds by far the greatest potential for harm and tends to be captured by the worst of the worst, is much too risky for anyone to justify its continuation. To tolerate it is not simply to play with fire, but to chance the total destruction of the human race

At the present moment, the “State” is prosecuting whistleblowers of government crimes and corruption in a desperate bid to retain control over the minds of Americants – while STILL engaged in warrantless wiretapping and spying on ALL Americants, foreigners and entire countries alike, fighting at least two “undeclared wars” with the genocidal murder of over a million civilians, starting (and supporting) countless other wars, torturing thousands of “detainees” without ANY evidence of crimes (more here) in secret torture centers around the world – and claiming the right to kill ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for ANY reason without any review or legal investigation.  Oops, not just claiming – but performing this activity with THOUSANDS of drone strikes murdering civilians and “suspected” alike. NO EVIDENCE exists that any of this is necessary, productive or justifiable. It is CLEARLY beyond the bounds of all laws, common sense and reason.

This is America?  This is what we ARE?  Are you fucking NUTS? Anybody that makes this claim, whether politician, President, Congressman, Senator or business executive – is an ENEMY of truth, reason, common sense and HUMANITY. What America is now doing is so far beyond the pale of reason and justification that it boggles the mind.

They call Bradley Manning a traitor for revealing evidence of State crimes.  Many, many websites, commentary, news stories and outlets are aligning themselves with the State – out of sheer COWARDICE and complicity. Recall where I dared mention our own ongoing hypocrisy?  We look the other way, as our representatives and our media “embed” with the State and their endless sordid crimes against humanity. If THEY don’t care – why should WE?

What a colossal crock of shit this is.

ANY “conviction” of Bradley Manning will be PROOF POSITIVE (as if we needed any) that the corruption and crimes of government are beyond all justification, reason and acceptance. When it becomes a “crime” to reveal the evils of the State, then we do not have a government anymore. We have only evil under the guise of “democracy” pretending to govern. We have Satan incarnate – in the Presidential palace – ordering the death of anyone deemed undesirable.

The word “American” is now synonymous with “torture”, “genocide”, “war”, “corruption”, “crimes”, “coverup” and “drone strike”.  The mass burial graves created by American bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan are forgotten. The ghosts of a million civilians are simply echoes in the wind that we cannot hear and never did.  We don’t care – or care to remember.

If you don’t break down and cry over all of this horrifying evil being waged every now and then, then there is something fucking wrong with you.  You’re dead within – or too numb to feel anything anymore.  These motherfucking bastards are going to get away with this. Millions murdered… IT FUCKING MATTERS!!!

It is clear – nothing will enrage us anymore.  Which means that they can now haul YOU out into the streets and murder YOU in cold blood and NOBODY will lift a finger to help you. It’s all part of their plan.  Your neighbors won’t help – they’re already TOO AFRAID and will be cowering behind closed doors. Your SCREAMS will go UNHEARD.

JFC – does anybody besides ME understand what this means? When a country loses itself and its identity – and what justice actually means?  I KNOW that there are more of you out there. And I’m not expecting much – but SPEAK UP!

Are you REALLY ready to accept what this means?

Yeah, I suppose YOU are. Perhaps not my regular readers, but the vast, vast majority of Americants who are simply UNWILLING or INCAPABLE of waking the hell up. And even if THEY DID – as some of you have done – it will not stop the evil.  Not yet.

Please pay attention to this last part: Most articles close with either hopium or nothing of substance, i.e., “what you can do” that will really make a difference. Many of mine close this way (on purpose) because it is clear that Americants are not ready for the horrible truth. Most of you think you can “ease your way” into the future peacefully.  Good luck with that. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


It’s one of the reason I join nothing. I subscribe to almost nothing except a few news bulletins. Lot’s of “post-collapse” website are teaching their readers how to be a passive victims. They’re edutaining their way into the hearts and minds of their reader how “easy” it will be to “transition into the future” while holding their pinky’s together in perfect harmony. If this “harmony” does not include a boot stomping on your face – or a drone strike eradicating your entire family – then you have the wrong mental image and you are getting the wrong message. Desperation will breed a brutality that you cannot even begin to imagine.

Those who are not Americants ALREADY fully understand this. But Americants still don’t. The only reason is because of their willful failure to accept REALITY of what is happening around the world and the horrifying state of existence they’re having to endure – at the hands of the American Empire.

You had BETTER start accepting the reality of what they can do now with complete IMPUNITY in a foreign country – they can do RIGHT HERE – and they WILL.  And the way this country is behaving – they’ll have the SUPPORT of millions of Americants who are too brainwashed and brain dead to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

We’re very close now to this reality. This should have NEVER happened, but due to the inattention of Americants to what their leaders were doing – it did.

The incredible irony (and tragedy) of all this should not be lost on anyone. We’re in planetary meltdown. It’s going to get MIGHTY SERIOUS FOR MILLIONS. The American government has viciously turned against Americans. At a time when we should be pulling together – we’re pulling apart.  You were warned that this would happen.

Defense?  You don’t have any.  Nobody does. YOU NEVER DID.  So get used to it. It’s a reality now, as in “in-your-face” and there is almost nothing you can do about it.


The ONLY thing ANY of us have LEFT is RAGE.  If you have ANY rage in you, then let it be KNOWN.

I want you to think about that for a while. It is the ONLY tool and the only weapon we have. It is the only solution – such as it is.

I will write more later.










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7 thoughts on “What a Colossal Crock of Shit

  • June 30, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    America: Government by Terror, Torture and Tyranny

    Fear-mongering, saber rattling, hot wars, proxy ones, drone ones, geopolitical ones, financial ones, anti-populist ones, mass incarceration, censorship, lawless sanctions, subversion, sabotage, targeted assassinations, mass murder, cyberwar, and horrific draconian harshness reflect out-of control governance gone mad.

  • July 1, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Tyranny is hard. Dying is easy.
    Shit is a weapon. Aim for the eyes.

  • July 1, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Veteran’s Today reports a “DHS Secret Assassination Squads“.

    Worth reading for the information.

    Whatever your take is on the “spin”, it’s definitely “swirling” – as in “all over the map”, stringing together all kinds of crap.

  • July 2, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Those figures for “Bi-Partisan Support for Drone Attack” correlate pretty well, especially the Republican vote, with the work by the late Stanley Milgrim. He was the one who found that 2/3 of people will “electrocute their neighbor” in his study. He was so astonished by the results that he repeated the study in an off-campus location, yet again got the same results: 66-67% of the volunteers were willing to kill someone for no particular reason other than the fact that they volunteered.
    Fifty eight percent of Democrats and 68% of Republicans are willing to do that very thing–murder strangers.
    It must be a genetic thing. Maybe only 1/3 of humans are capable of thinking and feeling.

    • July 3, 2013 at 5:34 pm

      Probably genetic AND conditioning. Humans have been killing each other since time immemorial. And driving thousands of species into extinction. We’re definitely eating our way to the bottom of the food chain. Most likely we’ll bring back cannibalism before it’s all over.

      How do you like your meat?

      Now would be a good time to write a book on the subject, you could make a “killing”.

  • July 4, 2013 at 10:16 am

    “Now would be a good time to write a book on the subject, you could make a “killing”.”

    If believe I’ve been saying this since at least way back in SA Forum daze.

    “To Serve Man” A cookbook for FKN people

    Selected Entrees include: (edited)
    Simian Stew
    Roast of Homo
    Cream of Child
    Naked Ape Steak
    Baked Biped
    Broiled Bozos
    Rack of Retard
    People Pot Pie
    Clan Chowder
    Chunky-style Sapiens
    Sheeple Sushi
    Moron Mignon
    Kid Kabob
    Deep-Fried Deadheads
    Stir-fried Insanity
    Fried Fuckwad
    Flambé d’ Mother Fucker
    Broasted Dickheads
    Filet of Future Foment
    Marinated Monkey
    Progeny Pot Roast
    Chick McNuggets
    Crockpot Caucasian
    Sauteed Shitoleths
    BBQ Anus Ape with Holy Shit sauce
    Grilled Girlilla
    Zombie burger with Sleeze

    Bon appetité – seriously!

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