Whackadoodle Dandy’s – The Deadly Dozen Anti-Vax Idiots Poisoning the Planet With Lies

The Disinformation Dozen is a report on exactly who (and what) the disinformation “Dozen” of anti-vaxxers are promoting. You can read the full report here.

I’ve researched few of these clowns myself as has my wife. There are many, many lesser known and American based disinformation “specialists” online also spreading rabid lies. All of them are involved in finding ways to liberate your wallet. The rest of the connedspiracy clowns, of which there are very, very many, are just stupidly parroting what “they read”, propagating disinformation.

The amount of disinformation is absolutely enormous, it literally dwarfs all other news. In just two months, over 689,000 posts on Facebook were recorded.

I’ve had my two vaccine shots for COVID-19 and I did my research. Frankly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The scare-mongering and endless lies, connedspiracies and bullshit being spewed out about the vaccine is worthless garbage. But now you know where a large portion of this is emanating from.



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