West Coast Facing Severe Weather for Fall & Winter and What the New Normal Will Really Mean

The entire West Coast looks to be getting setup for some extreme weather events for fall / winter 2015.

For a few years, a “hot blob” of immense proportions has been growing the Pacific Ocean basin.

This has also been termed the “ridiculously resilient ridge” (RRR). The good news is this situation is about the change. The bad news is it may be changing for the worse.

Much of the warm water has been pushed north into the Arctic Ocean, where rapidly melting ice has been contributing to extreme ice conditions (disappearing rapidly).



Now, a “Godzilla El Nino” event is clashing against the “Hot Blob” in the Pacific. The Pacific Titans are going doing battle far from our shores, but it’s not as simple as only one will win:

Once the Blob goes down there’s nothing to keep what are likely to be some seriously epic storms slamming into the west coast of North America this Fall and Winter. But according to recent science, there’s a high risk that the Blob will creep on back as the Godzilla El Nino retreats during mid to late 2016. And for the West Coast that means high risk of a pretty vicious cycle of drought to flood to drought. A dangerous weather pattern intrinsically related to human-forced climate change.

The New Normal

I have long argued that weather extremes are the new normal. Increased temperatures means increased evaporation and the “normal” hydrological cycle is severely disrupted. All that evaporation will come down somewhere. It just hasn’t bothered to drench the West Coast – yet. But it’s now looking like it certainly will and when it does, terms like “epic” will be often used.

I’ve also long argued that the ‘prepper’ community of survivalists, end-timers, conservatives and even Republicans are all preparing for the wrong things.  Virtually none of what they’ve claimed to ‘expect’ has happened. Connedspiracy theory has replaced common sense – and even acceptance of reality as paranoia, fear, superstition and widespread ignorance grips the minds of millions. We’ve entered into a new Dark Age of idiocy with this group taking first place among the walking dead.

This is the group that denies climate change for the most part and they’ve been consistently 100% wrong. Extreme weather events all around the world are now occurring. The California drought is just one of hundreds of events that have been unfolding worldwide. That’s about to change, but it will still be ‘extreme’. Even ‘biblical’ for some localities.

It’s not just humans that are being affected by these changes either. Wildlife of all types is being severely impacted. Wildfires this year have already been epic, with millions of acres now blackened. The droughts affect upon forests is now being understood by scientists as being “far worse then expected” because trees are no longer able to absorb the CO₂ that they once did.

The growing refugee crisis in Africa and Europe is rooted in climate change. Millions of refugees are now leaving their countries seeking lives elsewhere. Some are even coming here. America’s borders are as porous as a gill net, allowing millions of people to simply show up. Meanwhile, Americans are once again distracted by another fake (s)Election season, where pundits and politics clash together in a clown filled three-ring circus of arrogance and privilege. These people do not care about you, me or anyone else other then themselves, and it shows.

This is supposed to be ‘important’ as we get lied to again and again about who is going to do what and never, EVER is there any accountability on any of these would-be ‘leaders’. If there was, each and every single one of them would already be in jail. But the story lines and sound-bytes keep getting warped and twisted in a carefully scripted orchestration of white noise so that you, the viewer are as off-balanced as ever. Who do you ‘vote’ for? Who can you trust? Who will do what they claim?

Answer: none of them. It’s the same story, the same lies, the same distractions and none of it is as important as claimed.

America is a joke. American leadership is a joke. America’s candidates for leaders are a joke. America has become a cesspool of rampant violence, arrogance, privilege and wide-spread ignorance parading around in clown suits. There are still many people who are sincere, intelligent and trying, but they’re being overwhelmed by the incredible levels of stupidity and denial being widely embraced. Are we making any headway? I don’t really know. It seems to be getting worse depending on which websites you read or which channels you watch. Our media seems to be incredibly clueless about the damage that they are doing to the rest of us, programming minds to the masturbating levels of 12 year old’s. You can’t visit a website anywhere and not be subjected to ridiculous and inane distractions.

This is (in case you didn’t already know) the new “normal” for America and much of the world. Do not expect real news. Do not expect or even hope for real change. Do expect endless distractions and ridiculous levels of infotainment. Don’t expect things to change for the better because they can’t. Once again, we’re declining to a new plateau, where a temporary ‘stasis’ is achieved, until it all drops again.

What it means

That’s the new normal. On everything. Economy, jobs, industry, climate, environment, resources, immigration, war, disease. All of the elements that now make up our world are still headed down.

Our entire way of life has been to rape, pillage, destroy and pave over with our wizardry everything we could manage to conquer, including each other. This has resulted in the situation we now find ourselves as our climate spins out of control and the worlds resources have disappeared down our insatiable appetites. It can’t possibly last forever and we need to finally wake up to this fact. It’s time to drop our illusions. And our pretenses and our self-modeling lies of deceit that we’re any different then any other nation that has stupidly run off a cliff.

The only reason most of us are still here is because the plundering continues. Which it will until it can’t. All hope is now lost. We are not going to stop. Americans will devour each other as the government also now tries to devour us. It’s simple a pie to realize ‘what comes next’. And it’s all happening because America refuses to wake up and do anything about what we’ve become. The growing crowd violence is part of it, but it’s not the whole story. The entire country requires adjustment and adaption to changes taking place worldwide. But America refuses to change. And so we will devolve into war. Right here – and of course, elsewhere too (again).

Violence isn’t going to solve anything. Not when the root causes aren’t going to respond to violence in any way. You can’t use violence to solve a cultural crisis. Or a resource crisis. Or a climate crisis. Or an environmental crisis. All of which are happening now. But humans usually react very badly when threatened, laying blame where it doesn’t actually belong. The real crisis of civilization itself is unfolding, exacerbating the climate / environmental / resource crisis.  We crafted a unsustainable, unjust cultural in the process of building up our civilization, based upon privilege (greed) and ‘ownership’ (control) of the world’s resources. And entire elite class of super-rich and the far, far larger class of impoverished. Overpopulation helped immensely towards this crisis of civilization too, with most, if not all nations, refusing to address this in time.

This is all the new normal. Injustice, war, violence, chaotic climate, impoverishment, competition for remaining resources and rampant denial, blame everything but the real reasons we’re in decline. Ignore the problems, pretend that they don’t exist, refuse responsibility and react with fear, superstitious, ignorance and greed.

I find the new normal pretty disgusting. It’s been growing in size, severity, impact and scope since I was born, but in truth, it’s the only “normal” I’ve even known or lived. The reset button many of us long for does not exist. It’s a fantasy as much as anything else is these days. There is no going back now. We can’t stop and “get it right this time” because it’s too late now for that. The injustices we’ve encouraged can’t be undone. The missing ice can’t be replaced. The racism, hatred, xenophobia, and stupidstitions are now so deeply embedded in multiple generations that it will be impossible to eradicate. That’s the new normal. The growing fear, paranoia, distrust, anger, hatred and violence that humans are doing to other humans.

It’s not a world I much like. I do not allow this in my own family, but I recognize that it is all around me. There is scant little I can do about any of it – except keep issuing these blog posts, keep trying to wake people up to what lies ahead, keep sharing what is occurring right now. I’m avoiding ‘stupid’ like the plague, which is why I don’t even publish a phone number anymore. Of the thousands of calls I’ve taken in the past, a large percentage of them was having to deal with asinine connedspiracies and superstitious claims – none of which ever came true (not a single one).  I’m a busy person and time is something I spend carefully.  But wasting time entertaining idiots is not part of life well spent.

As I’ve said – people have been preparing for the wrong things for years and years and I’ve been at this longer then most now. Far too many ‘preppers’ still don’t get it because they keep falling for the lies being promoted, just like the ‘voting’ American public. They refuse to wake up to reality and make the necessary effort to discard false beliefs.

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