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These are good articles to read – Gasoline Headed for $8 a gallonAwakening to the Threat of Excessive Material Consumption

I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with a respected stockbroker who has over 30 years of experience. The long and the short of it is there are many people who are aware of the coming collapse. Hyperinflation is going to hit and hit hard. This will have a severe impact upon people’s ability to simply live. You can expect a massive depression, food lines, bankruptcies and foreclosures. For starters. Then die-off begins.

Even worse, but long identified, is the fact that there won’t be any recovery. Not like we’ve all come to expect when a recession hits. Cheap plentiful energy and resources have already been found. We’ve already plucked all of the low hanging fruit. What’s left is far more harder to find, extract and bring to market, and it all requires cheap energy to make it affordable.

Hyperinflation was 8000% in Argentina. The 1.2 trillion dollar cash reserves in China will be competing for essential commodities produced in America. With the gigantic debt bubble and pitiful cash reserves held by Americans, who do you think will be getting serviced?

There will be no rescue from the American government. They’re too busy practicing the business as usual approach to hardly even notice. Bluntly put, they’re fucking clueless when it comes to effective management.

On Thursday, May 24, the US Congress voted to continue the war in Iraq. The members called it “supporting the troops.” I call it stealing Iraq’s oil – the second largest reserves in the world. The “benchmark,” or goal, the Bush administration has been working on furiously since the US invaded Iraq is privatization of Iraq’s oil. Now they have Congress blackmailing the Iraqi Parliament and the Iraqi people: no privatization of Iraqi oil, no reconstruction funds.Privatizing Iraq’s Oil for US Companies

Then we also have the stupid (and hypocritical) fist-shaking going on with Venezuela. The point being, Congress is too easily distracted and quite probably, too stupid to realize just how deep a crisis we are in. Even our water systems are in peril, but these alarms are not being heard.

Maxwell is among those who believe it will take a catastrophic infrastructure failure causing widespread illness or death to spur action.

Federal funding for clean drinking water and waste-water treatment, in fact, has declined 24 percent since 2001.
A National Water Crisis Is On The Verge Of Gushing

China has become America’s lifeline. This is a very dangerous situation for the American people. Only 1% of the food being imported is being inspected by the FDA. Now check out the number of violations occurring here, keeping in mind that this is part of that 1%.

The insanity of all of this is how in the hell did we allow this to happen? To become dependent upon foreign powers, foreign energy and foreign food? The only thing America seems to have is a large military, most which are scattered abroad in hundreds of military bases, while the “homeland” has been eroded out from under out feet by a compliant Congress who is still too distracted to do the job they’ve been hired to do, like say, reign in our rogue President, or to protect and serve the people instead of the corporation.

Our disgusting Congress should perhaps have taken this oath:

I pledge allegiance to the multi-national corporations and to the profits for which it stands, one corporation under God with consumerism and slavery for all. 

Collapse and confrontation over scarcer and scarcer resources is a foregone conclusion, the inevitable outcome of all of this, and that is exactly what the nations of the world are preparing for. We are all caught up in a gigantic grist mill that feeds upon itself. It’s insatiable, demanding and bloodthirsty and is going to require the souls of millions.


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