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Some of you may have already seen this. This article on the developing police state in the US is sobering. Part II contains a lot of commentary dealing with related issues, including the electromagnetic radiation bombarding our bodies day in and day out. I wonder if this is the cause for the fatigue I feel – or is that just a side effect of the depression from knowing that the future is looking bleaker and bleaker?

I think Ezekial had some good points regarding what to expect in our future. There’s not a lot of promise to look forward to, except more of the same, only worse. The forward momentum and deep entrenched positions of this culture of death will be nearly impossible to root out until after the collapse. And even then, there is absolutely no certainty that the culture will truly change.

Digesting all this information and you have to ask yourself if this isn’t all a plan to exterminate vast numbers of humans before the resources run out. There are many indications that this is exactly what they have in mind and why so much of what is going on all points to the same direction. If the planet cannot sustain the present levels of human existence and wastefulness, then reduce the population.

Makes sense if you’re without a soul. It also makes sense if you refuse to embrace or even acknowledge the staggering environmental problems caused by humans.

Could therr be an insidious plan to destroy most of the human race? I think so, and you don’t have to look that far to find it. It’s either that, our the depths of human stupidity and depravity are boundless. Perhaps it’s both. The madmen are certainly in control and aren’t really bothering to deal with real problems. Instead we are infotained to death with mountains and mountains of oderous bullshit and misleading news of “importance”.

I still contend that this is definitely NOT the way humans were meant to live. This feels like “survival” to me. Struggling mightily to simply be left alone and to live in peace. Why should something so desirable and so necessary be so difficult to obtain? Because they’ve made it profitable. The fat cats of the earth have found many nefarious ways in which to ensure your life is not your own and your quest for a peaceful existence remains unattainable. They can (and do) manipulate millions into embracing their holy quest for something that they have no intention of ever permitting to exist.

It’s terrible, that’s what it is. Living like this. A culture of fear, death, paranoia and distrust set on a spin-cycle of wash and do not rinse off. There is so much wrong with America and Americans I don’t know hardly where to begin. Being an American myself, I intimately feel what I write about and I find it reprehensible, an affront to human dignity and reason.

I’ve long believed that the real terrorists in America and the world wear suits and ties. I also believe that they are responsible for all the fear we feel, spinning their lies and their stories with their fabricated evidence and fake videos and breaking news releases. But it doesn’t really matter what I believe. Or even what you believe, because it doesn’t manage to make a damned bit of difference. The present paradigm has to play itself out with all of its gore and destruction and exhaust itself upon the minds and bodies of millions upon millions of people. Then perhaps it will matter what we believe and whether we survived the purging to share these beliefs with someone else.

For now, enduring is the challenge at hand. And educating ourselves as best we can, while we can. Very soon now, even that won’t be permitted.


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  • June 11, 2006 at 8:27 pm

    Head down and nose clean may not be a proud stance but it avoids most confrontations. The trick is knowing when to behave passively, when to be agressive, and where the line between the two lays.

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