Wednesday Rant

Yet another paid vacation for a citizen killing cop.

What damned difference does it make what “demands” the cop gave to the newlywed homeowner before firing? When does chasing (juvenile) burglars require the use of deadly force? And they were caught and not arrested anyway!

Anybody want to bet that this citizen killer will be let off with a verdict “justified shooting”?

A piece of “good news” (I hope), Chertoff, that skin-and-bones Nazi skeleton says he’s planning on leaving Homeland Security after the new administration is put into office. We can only hope someone better then him would take his place (at leaving us all alone, like they should).

Now read this article VERY carefully, because it has some very dangerous and hidden developments in it. Anytime the feds can sink their teeth into a private institution by some hook or crook method, these privately held companies are worse off for it. Not only are they “ordering” these banks to “lend money”, they’re demanding that they ask for federal support to do so.

This means that these firms will find themselves irrevocably leashed to the stupid bailout fiasco against their will. Those “taxpayer funds” the feds keep throwing around was YOUR money.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands are now out of work. The Volvo link I posted the other day hit a nerve, a former Volvo employee contacted me who has other contacts with other Volvo employees in Dublin, Virginia. They’re expecting to “get crushed in the 1st quarter of 2009. I believe it, the employment / production outlook is getting worse every day.

The mainstream news attempts to spinwash the facts with one of those phony baloney happy face smiles you still find on Jack Van Impe late at night (isn’t he dead yet?), spewing forth more lies and disinformation then facts.

The financial rescue, like the rapture, is bullshit, IT IS NOT GOING TO SAVE US because neither of them are based upon reality. All that is happening is the foolish and gullible are getting skinned alive. Have you seen the gigantic jumps in the stock markets around the world? Those peaks and valleys means somebody is (still) losing a shitload of money, while somebody else is making a ton of money (at the losers expense).

There cannot be “winners and winners” in this charade of fiat money fabricated from thin air, there are always winners and losers. And where do you think all that money is going? None of it is winding up in the hands of the average Joe, who is now increasingly homeless, hungry and impoverished. All the wealth is being transferred to the wealthy elite and banksters, with billion dollar bonuses (still) and executive vacations. Anybody still playing in this game in the hopes of “winning” is an absolute fool.

Get out now, while you still can. If that isn’t plain enough for you, you deserve to be burned.

A few updates:  The Mass Murderer Shimon Peres to be Knighted

Funny how the world elite continue to gladhand the other world elite, despite their records of irresponsibility, genocide and destructive policies.  As I’ve said, business as usual.


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Rant

  • October 29, 2008 at 10:10 am

    What would be better is that once Chertoff leaves they should just close down the DHLS.

    But we all know better than that, the incoming Brzezinski factotum will see to it that it expands its duties…

  • October 29, 2008 at 10:32 am

    IMO, and as long as we’re willfully dreaming in this FKN nightmare -what would be best is if they arrest the entire zioneonnazicon crowd – staring with Bush, Cheney and Chertoff (forgive me, it’s a LONG list) – for mass murder, crimes against humanity and the planet and premeditated treason, follwed by ‘appropriate’ punishment. Like that would EVER happen …

  • October 29, 2008 at 11:20 am

    The endless growing injection of fiat money has distorted value in every market, including commodities, which a few months ago were declared “broken”,
    like a horse that has had the spirit crushed out of it. But Admin, you are right. The key indicator is not oil or gold or copper–the key commodity indicator is…grains. And corn and wheat rose today, to their trading limits. Broken or not, food is and will be the ultimate value.

  • October 29, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    A non-national, non-American, unelected, private business entity is about to tax us, and the rest of the West, as it creates debt obligations for US citizens and their children.

    You can bet this is just the beginning.

    How’s that for a New World Order?

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