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I’ve not had much time to do any blog updates, since I’ve been working night and day on improving the main website. I don’t suppose I’ll ever be done, as these things go, but I really had quite a lot to do. The 2006 prices are now in effect, and there were a lot of layout / format changes necessary.

Per Matt Savinar’s suggestion, I’ve tried to “tie” the blog and main website together with the same basic look. It’s an improvement (imo) – but what you think? An artist I’m not…

I’m also attempting to get the Froogle feed working (unsuccesfully so far), Adsense, Adwords. This stuff is a pain….

This is my bread and butter, so buy something. I don’t get paid for anything else I do, including the discussion board and blog – and I really need the help right now. Something happened and my sites dropped out of the search engines, so effectively, we “disappeared” and our sales flattened out to zero. Which is strange, since our suppliers are still very busy (and we’ve got better prices!), so the only thing I can conclude is nobody knows we are out here (hint: pass the word).

I intend to get back to the blog and board on a more regular basis now that I’m semi-caught up (on everything except sleep). We also lost our well a couple of days ago and I was out there in 8 degree weather fixing this (again) in the middle of the night… Sigh, that’s life. But why don’t these things happen when it’s 70 degrees out? Murphy’s Law….


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