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This blog used to have a page rank of 5 before I shut it down a year ago. My estimate / guesstimates at that time was there were several thousand readers.  I then went silent for a few months before starting the newsletters, which ran from August until sometime in April, with about 64 issues published.

How many readers are now “here” from the newsletters?

I have heard from a small few of you, but there were nearly a thousand subscribers to the newsletter.  I don’t anticipate going back to that format since it “delayed” the news by days or even weeks, simply to keep from stuffing your inbox too full. More then one person unsubscribed for that reason, so I tried to keep a lid on how often it was published.

But things are happening too fast now for that method of publication to be very useful.  I am still passing on only a tiny amount of what I’m personally reading everyday, assuming that a lot of readers have either already read the same information I have elsewhere, or would find it more information-overload.

Read Desdemona Despair everyday if you can.  I am not affiliated with this site in anyway, I don’t even remember the guy’s name that runs it, but he’s doing a great job on documenting the falling environmental dominoes of our world today.

I am not affiliated with any site actually, a particular “point” I’d like to make (and continue to keep).  I send money to the guys and gals that I like so that they will keep writing, but beyond a simple “thank you”, that is the entire extent of my affiliation.

Something in WordPress (what this blog uses) is now broken — I can no longer tell if any of the articles I’ve published are being picked up anywhere else.  If you are sharing these articles anywhere, you’ll have to let me know (if you want to tell me) by dropping me an email.

Related, is if there is any scuttlebutt going on somewhere on the Net, I undoubtedly don’t know about that either, as I do not hang out on any forums or boards or blogs.

I’ve shared all that for a reason.  Lately, I’ve detected a subtle shift in consciousness among the Net-enabled, and even the non-Net enabled (they call me sometimes). This shift seems to encompass the same points.  The main point that I’ll mention here is “resignation”.  People seem resigned to the cause-and-effect that is now shaping and impacting their world.

There are other emotions / thoughts being expressed of course.  Anger, rage, frustration, desperation, and a whole lot of fear.  But this is more superficial I think then the sense of “lasting resignation” that I’m picking up on.

I think that this is both good and bad, depending on what this means to you.  Resignation is a form of acceptance — this is how things are now, and now we can move on.  Resignation can also mean defeat, if you’re planning on or practicing giving up.

I am not advocating anybody giving up.  But I am advocating “moving on” from where we’ve been and what we thought or even hoped would happen.  Some of our worst fears are now proving to be true for some of us (but check this one out, we may not have seen anything yet).

I “hope” that resignation I’m detecting may mean a shift in consciousness, that essential awareness that the paradigm that shapes our daily lives is changing, and most importantly, needs to change.

I think that this is very important, and from my own perspective as an accredited Dr. Doom, I’m glad to see this happening.

How about you?  Is there a shift taking place?  Will it help or harm?

Let me be the first to point out that if this is happening, then it is essential that is also affect the corporations that run this world.  That is where a real shift in priorities, practices, “lifestyle” (business) must take place on a global scale. The practice of greed and gluttony and total disregard for everything else must stop there before it can help us here, where we live, work and play.

I’m going to deliberately leave this posting short and let you think on these few thoughts.  Get back to me if you feel like it (email).


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