Weapons of Mass Distraction

Interesting short essay over on Nature Bats Last. I’ve almost never stopped by over there, preferring instead to keep my distance. But I find this post very timely, because I’m feeling exactly the same way. I’ve said what needs to be said and pointed out what needs to be pointed out, but am feeling increasingly frustrated over the near-total defeat of any effective resistance to planetary death or sincere action to combat climate change and the resulting inevitable human extinction. Nothing is working. Nothing is going to change the outcome as far as I can tell. And even though I’m still convinced we should try, I’m really tired. Really, really tired. I can barely bring myself to write anything these days which is why the blog has floundered (again).

I’m not aware of anyone who will be ‘celebrating’ the demise of the doomers from the public eye, on the contrary. There has always been a demand for doomers to dutifully shovel out more doom porn for the addicted. I suspect that the reaction to any withdrawal or silence will be just the opposite. Sometimes people demand too much especially in areas where they have no right.

I’ve tried to write a few posts over the last few weeks that I can never quite finish. Here’s a blip about the latest fear-mongering idiocy that never made it into print (my comments are almost never allowed to be published by anyone):

Judging by the emails I’ve received, it appears that various groups are still being told that the tribulations has now begun. While this may be entertaining for some, it’s a sign of just how easily fooled humans can be.

I’m weary of wading through the incessant levels of bullshit that passes for human dialogue. A great deal of what people are concerned about is based upon assumptions, propaganda and invalidated belief systems.

The species appears fatally flawed to me, incapable of extracting itself from ancient superstitions. Lives are ruined, destroyed, distracted and deceived, year after year as old lies get retreads and new lies get forgotten. Why do we go on doing this? It’s clear as day that none of this garbage can possibly be true. But there are indeed those who continue to insist otherwise and will do everything that can to make it all come true.

Yet they continue to be wrong – year after year after year, stretching back now thousands of years. Why they’re wrong (and will always be wrong) is easy to figure out. But the answer is unacceptable so an endless litany of excuses and “reasons” are trotted forward to placate the unfulfilled expectations – and these are also provably wrong too, as the record shows. But humans are easily deceived.

Tearing down false idols doesn’t bring hope, it breeds anger and resentment. The enlightenment and education that we seek cannot flourish in stubborn minds that cling to illusion and deception.

This was in response to the idiocy I saw online about the Blood Moon, John Hagee and the complete silliness people engaged in while making that multimillionaire even richer. It’s time to examine the real motivation that allows these ridiculous stories to gain so much attention (it’s called propaganda and brainwashing and it’s all around you).

I also (stupidly) tried to post some commentary on some of the other articles I’ve read online, but once again, none of them ever appeared in print. Counteracting the extreme levels of stupidity and propaganda that passes for news and information these days has become quite impossible unless you maintain your own blog. Comments are routinely scrubbed and kept from the light of day by site owners in order to create a false sense of agreement and continuity to whatever is posted. Anytime you don’t see a counter-opinion / points, beware! Somebody is cookin’ the books.

Americans have very low journalistic standards. In reality, anything printed is often assumed to be true, which of course, cannot be true at all. The most outrageous, ridiculous and asinine connedspiracies get the most traction, the most coverage, the most attention and the most participation. It’s as if Americans want to be deceived, and even make a special effort to seek out deception just like a daily drug addiction. Which perhaps is what it actually is, an addiction. Which doesn’t say much for the species. We’re actually fatally flawed.

Blog authors and doom porn writers aren’t drug dealers. We’re not here to serve anyone’s addiction, we’re here to break through the false paradigms and programming that has deceived hundreds of millions of people. But it’s not working. There’s no support, no participation, no cooperation and no community. It’s often just one person speaking up, trying to turn the heads away from the latest distraction. But it’s not working.

In other blog post that I could not complete, I wrote this:

For many years, I’ve been in an online battle against the propaganda promoters. It’s been a losing battle because there are too many people now who show all the indications of being seriously brainwashed. They’ve lost the ability to actually think, pose a logical argument or even have a reasonable discussion, and seem to be completely unable to see through the many layers of false assumptions, misconceptions, false claims, conjecture and straw arguments being published online today.

My goal, as it were, in pointing out these propaganda liars has been to break the programming being promoted and to lay down a more realistic foundation of what is really worth paying attention to. I’m doing this entirely on my own with no support, motivated by only the general disgust that I hold for liars, deceivers, promoters and profiteers that have literally taken over the entire online discourse.

Connedspiracy theory sells. All kinds of things. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being sold each year by fear mongering shills who are manufacturing an entirely false narrative. The entire population of the country has been bamboozled into believing some really outrageous ideas that have zero basis in facts or reality, only because “somebody” said it was true. That somebody is often a celebrity, who often as not, is simply dead wrong and is being paid immense sums of money to promote total bullshit.

I have steadfastly refused to spend money on ads, so-called “celebrities” (they’re not celebrities to me – they’re propaganda artists) and towards ANY online “personalities” that heavily promote products through fear and propaganda. This is counter-productive in a capitalistic society, but it is also far more honest. The complete lack of integrity I’ve seen online is absolutely astounding and I can’t be a part of it.

All of this is of course, irrelevant. It does not matter one bit what I say or think. Disgust and even non-participation / non-conformity have almost zero impacts on anything. There is far too much forward momentum and inertia behind these propaganda promotions to change their predetermined outcome. Those outcomes are to:

a) making certain people very rich;
b) perpetuate the mass distractions and deceptions of millions of people;
c) to deflect from any honest inquiry on what is really occurring in our world;
d) to defuse any mass movement or organization or effort, rendering any resistance completely ineffectual and powerless.

There is now so much propaganda, and so much promotion of propaganda in all forms of media today that calling this a “weapon of mass distraction” would very accurate.

After over two decades of personal effort to counteract and combat this brainwashing, I admit again to failure. The rising tide of “stupid” is drowning out any possible rescue of the species from self-annihilation.

It is clearly evident that the species is doomed to piss away any hope we might have had left. When you read the words of climate change deniers for example, they’re actually proud of the fact that they are resisting any try we might put forth. How’s that for being completely and utterly stupid?

Others, like Geoengineeringwatch groupies, get caught up in endless distractions and straw arguments while never comprehending the basic physics of why the climate has changed (and it’s not because of geoengineering). I’ve recently seen comments like “the drought in California is engineered” and “they wanted this to happen” and “they stopped it from raining“. The assumptions, conjecture and erroneous beliefs found there boggle the mind, yet this bogus theory continues to gain traction. But only among the really stupid.

The problem however is stupid is growing, by leaps in bounds in America. Pay attention to any segment of society or debate. Politics, abortion, civil rights, government and read carefully through original posts and then the commentary. People don’t even comprehend what they’re being told, nor are they able to realize that the authors / speakers are posing a lot of conjecture and straw arguments. The comments from participants often devolve into “dogpile” sessions of vitriol and anger and endless levels of distraction, very little useful discourse follows. The participants completely fail to realize that they’ve been fed a line of bullshit, which they “chew over” as if this had any relevance or meaning (it doesn’t).

And get this, “errors don’t count“. If a theory / claim / prediction or “prophecy” has discovered errors or doesn’t come true, it doesn’t count! There is no accountability, retractions, corrections or admittance to any wrong. The speakers / authors go on speaking and writing more bullshit and their idiotic “fans” (idiots) keep gobbling this crap up.

This is duplicitous on its face because errors do count, quite a lot. Errors mean it is a bogus theory / claim. Errors also foster a double standard by holding only one side of any debate accountable, but not the other. And most importantly, the extremely high level of errors, predictions and claims now being made throughout all segments of our society has led to very low expectations of accuracy and honesty. In other words, we’ve come to accept the endless layers of bullshit and inaccuracies / unaccountable as normal (it’s not). It’s abnormal and the consequences are enormous.

This is probably why we expect politicians to lie to us – because we constantly lie and deceive each other. We don’t expect any accountability in our leaders because we ourselves are unaccountable amongst ourselves. A recently released study claimed the same thing – we all lie, deceive, deny and hide our true selves. But what the study didn’t demonstrate is why we now do this so publicly now, specifically in the media and online, or why it’s now perfectly okay to have our leaders, preachers and officials lie all the time. It’s become so commonplace that is ignored. But I contend that it has had some really terrible impacts upon our ability as a civilization to change how we live.

If I were to hazard a guess, it appears that some time back, people just gave up and let go. They lost interest in almost everything that didn’t provide instant satisfaction and gratification. Industry and business obviously catered to this primal need because it proved incredibly profitable. Even the media joined in with crappy rushed journalism and selected sound bytes used to shape public perceptions and opinions. The goal as always, was profits.

And that’s where all of us find ourselves today. Awash in a sea of complete bullshit, forced to wade through a mind-choking mass of media crap and propaganda. Online, we’re doing this to each other faster and faster, tweeting, blogging and fakebooking our lives away, sharing complete nonsense and distractions with each other.

It’s exhausting, disappointing, distracting and waste of life. But it’s all we’ve got – because it’s what we settled for. And no amount of complaining or finger pointing is going to change this. Stupid is growing – and nothing seems to be up to the task to stop it. Certainly not me.

So – time out for me. The weapons of mass distraction win.

For now.

Children No More
By Benjamin Kardos Copyright 2012

Remember when we were young
We sang and played out in the sun
and we had such fun
Remember when life was new
so much to see so much to do
we enjoyed life too

but experience has discovered us
where innocence can’t recover us
as the impermanence of life becomes too plain

Oh no we’re children no more
we’ve grown up now life is a bore
oh no we’re children no more
we have reason to hate like never before
oh no we’re children no more
in the name of society we’re all whores
but melancholy memories remain

We all had our chance to live
when play was all life had to give
now can we ever forgive
cause when you’re old it’s too late
when you learn how to discriminate
between your loves and hates

and life will drive us apart
if we kill the youthful heart
and all we do is follow the rules of the game

oh no we’re children no more
do we even remember what it all was for
oh no we’re children no more
the present makes the past easy to ignore
oh no we’re children no more
if old age is all that’s left in store
but melancholy memories remain






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