We Are Being Watched From Above

All the UFO sightings may have a Earthly explanation: Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They’re UFOs

I don’t buy into any of the UFO phenomena. Most of these sightings, abductions, mutilations and claims can be readily explained. The credulity of the ‘witnesses’ is the first place to start, and then the actual evidence, if there even is any, requires minute examination.

Most people don’t realize that hearsay is not evidence. This is what was at the heart of the 2020 ‘stolen election’ claims. It was all, or mostly based upon hearsay. Someone ‘saw’ something, but when investigated, they didn’t see what they claimed to have seen. They drew the wrong conclusions, went public and created a firestorm of controversy. The hearsay went viral, but lacked credulity and actual proof. We’re still dealing with this ridiculous hysteria.

It’s the same with UFO sightings. Making conjecture and weaving together assumptions is not evidence, it’s simply hearsay. The near-total lack of actual evidence is remarkable for the sheer number of alleged sightings. Fuzzy pictures and bad video are often the only so-called ‘evidence’ that proves nothing. Something was recorded, but what was it?

I doubt aliens have bothered to visit this sick, sad planet. I don’t believe they are behind abductions, mutilations or disappearances. They’re not coaching the U.S. Government or posing as politicians. These nefarious claims defy physics, time, distances and logic. The sky sightings however, may be real unidentified flying objects – namely drones. But these too must pass the basic criteria to be considered actual evidence.

Are we being spied upon? Probably. Most certainly. If you understand what social media is doing to both spy on and manipulate billions of people (which is proven fact) you will already know this. I find it odd that this sort of ‘mutilations of minds’ is blithely accepted by billions of willing victims, but dead cows drained of blood are cause for alarm.

Are foreign agents investigating our infrastructure, communication networks, defense systems? Undoubtedly yes, this has been known for decades. Are they actively penetrating these assets now? Of course they are, cyber intrusions have been detected since the Internet came into existence.

Arial surveillance expands on these capabilities in massive ways. Actually seeing the topography, installations, and eaves-dropping on real time communications is very different then uncovering a building plan or project development parked on some computer server somewhere. Identifying both weaknesses and capabilities is given an enormous boost with real-time surveillance. Discovering response times and defensive capabilities can only be done with active monitoring and penetration.

It’s very likely that multiple state actors and numerous private companies are involved in these sightings, both in and outside of the United States. Corporate espionage is very real and discovering your competitors projects, plans and secret activities would be extremely valuable. But more nefariously is the penetration of military airspace, traffic patterns, capabilities and response times. Such information could be very valuable (and sold). But these lights in the skies are not aliens. They are of Earthly origin for as yet, unknown purposes.

What we do know is this isn’t good. The documented activity itself is evidence of nefarious intentions. If you want to quietly bring down a nations offensive or defensive capability, you might want to not advertise your intentions. If it’s infrastructure you’re after, you’d do the same thing, work in the shadows. There are thousands of domestic terrorist right here that want to do exactly that.

Anybody can buy a drone. Anybody can run a swarm of drones. The technology is cheap, plentiful and readily deployed. What needs to happen is for some of these drones to be captured and analyzed. Forensic investigations could reveal quite a lot about their origins and owners, leading to a far better understanding of what is afoot. Detection of drone frequencies and monitoring these frequencies would also be a good place to start acting defensively.

I can’t add much to this discussion at this time, only to state that the UFO sightings are undoubtedly Earthly. There is indeed something happening in our skies, and it’s very unlikely to be ‘good’ (otherwise it would not be secret). If I were to speculate, this activity would mean that numerous entities are investigating for potential exploitation of our weakness. There is a high likelihood that these are different groups operating with different agendas which would explain the disparate number of sightings and locations. Some are extremely likely to be domestic, while the rest, are likely foreign agents. Some are pranks, which can be discounted as any kind of threat, but the rest, we should take seriously. More then a few people (not aliens) are up to no good.




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6 thoughts on “We Are Being Watched From Above

  • April 18, 2021 at 11:36 am

    It was just over 50 years go that Gary Powers was shot down deep inside the USSR whilst on a high-flying photographic mission in a U2 spy plane.

    Spying technology has got a lot more sophisticated since then, and societies have become a lot more manipulated by corporations since then.

    I see there is a forecast for the megadrought that is affecting much of the western US to intensify; continuation of current rends will render the region largely uninhabitable in a few years: problem of industrial humans and their technology, embedded in a system geared to enriching sociopaths, will be solved.

    • April 18, 2021 at 1:01 pm

      Yeah, saw that too. California already declaring water / fire dangers, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona going to fight over what is left in the river, Lake Mead going into emergency status, etc., etc. Americans are too busy shooting each other to care.

      It’s been too dry here for spring. We can’t burn anything (already), which leaves my piles of debris (many) unburnt.

      • April 18, 2021 at 1:37 pm

        I read a few years ago that Las Vegas was getting a bit concerned about the possibility of water shortages.

        The answer was obvious: install a draw-off pipe somewhat lower than the current one and lower the level of Lake Mead a bit more. Got to keep those lands in the desert watered!

        Interestingly, NZ has been suffering a shortage of electricity because….wait for it!… poor flows into hydro-lakes, in combination with insecure gas supplies (needed to run thermal generation).

        I believe in official circles it is called ‘strategic planning’.

        It really does get more surreal by the week, if not by the day.

        I have already redirected roof water into land-irrigating systems (as opposed to the pre-existing ‘down the drain’ arrangement). It’s exceptionally dry around here (about 3 mm so far this month). So having to use council-supplied aquifer water. I was told that water is about ‘100-years-old’, having landed on the other side of the island and travelled many tens of kilometres to get here.

        At least we are headed into winter, which is usually fairly rainy. And it will be cool, so whatever rain does come won’t vanish in a matter of days. Wouldn’t want to be in California or any of those states that get REALLY hot in the US summer.

        I suppose the warmer US weather marks the commencement of the US riot season.

        • April 18, 2021 at 3:36 pm

          Most of these locations failed to plan for drought. Most (if not all), failed to restrain their growth, and now are totally dependent upon increasing amounts of water to sustain their existence. All the water they require for daily survival is coming from far away. I’ve watched a bunch of different videos on the enormous ductworks, earthen dams, lake reservoirs and drainage systems that support the Southwest. I also worked for the Bureau of Reclamation many years ago and this knowledge was needed to write the software that managed the dams and the water flows, measurements, etc. The Southwest is now incredibly heavily populated and 100% vulnerable on long-distance water delivery (nothing can break), or they die. Examples of this “do or die” have been found throughout the world as water supplies either dry up or become contaminated, then everyone lives on bottled and trucked-in water. Not a sustainable existence.

          Humanity should have put limits on where people live, and how many can live at any given location. It’s patently absurd to constantly exploit the natural carrying capacity on critical resource such as water. These are not discussions that get any attention. Instead, the concern is how much more can they grow. I’ve sat in on these meetings myself. Nobody questions the near-sighted decisions that led to these water delivery problems. Climate change wasn’t even on their radar back then when these water works were built. It’s a desert for a reason, and as far as humanity is concerned, it will always be a desert long after we’re gone, dried up and blown away.

          When considering location (where to live), I would never advise anyone to live in the Southwest for this simple reason. Not enough water. But millions choose to do so at their own peril, which one day, will be realized.

  • April 18, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    I realised I had made a mistake:

    It was just over 60 years ago, not 50 years ago, that Gary Powers was shot down deep inside the USSR whilst on a high-flying photographic mission in a U2 spy plane.

    And it was 80 years ago that Britain began using superfast (for the time) Mosquito multi-role aircraft to identify potential targets in Germany.

    I am always wondering who is watching and listening on Internet and mobile phone links. The “Five Eyes” network appears to be very anxious to track environmentalists, indigenous people’s movements and anti-fascist movements, whilst not being at all concerned about the REAL CRIMINALS -the politicians, corporate raiders and economists etc.

    • April 18, 2021 at 9:35 pm

      They’re scooping every conversation now, every text, every picture, every data transfer of any type. All your website browsing activity, comments, etc., is also being recorded. Virtually anything electronic is now being monitored. All forms of social media are under their watchful eyes. It’s so ubiquitous now that it doesn’t even get noticed. Read Shoshanna Zuboff’s book, Surveillance Capitalism. She outlines in exhaustive detail how pervasive this now is.

      Any resistance is heavily monitored, especially any resistance that could upset the status-quo. Eco-terrorist are the people holding signs and blocking roads. Protecting and preserving the land is now a crime. Americans are too stupid to understand that they are not free; they are enslaved, monitored, and controlled; their concept of freedom is a high-capacity magazine and the ability to use it (rapid fire), most don’t give a damn about a habitable planet or all the death and destruction we’re causing.

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