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Greenland Ice Loss

Scientists Warn Climate Change Affecting Greenland Ice Sheet More Than Previously Thought

The scientists were shocked by what they found. They discovered that an extreme melt which occurred in 2012 caused a thick layer of ice to form on top of the firn layer. “In subsequent years, meltwater couldn’t penetrate vertically through the solid ice layer and instead drained along the ice sheet surface toward the ocean,” Colgan said.

This phenomenon had never been seen before.

Because the research “overturned the idea that firn can behave as a nearly bottomless sponge to absorb meltwater,” this means that Greenland’s projected sea level rise due to meltwater runoff is likely higher than previously predicted.

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This is an interesting read – there is proof that the Pacific Ocean (and thereby all oceans) warmed up very rapidly – 4 to 5 °C in just 50 years. That would lead to massive levels of extinction all around the world.

Warming Icy Methane Adds to Greenhouse Effect



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