Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Funny how some things are so synchronistic. Today, I was outside weeding the pathway to my greenhouse. This year, I’ve tended to ignore this, but with all the rain, it was a good time to yank the buggers up. The job is easy, but not anymore. This activity aggravates the snot out of my stenosis, but I did it anyway.

While bent over, my thoughts wandered back between the task at hand and what I’ve been doing here. What was the point? The weeds would come back, but like the rampant stupidity that I often rail against, little progress is actually made. The are more births occurring faster then enlightened minds… It does not seem like there is any ‘progress’ being made anymore.

I read one of the latest asinine connedspiracies yesterday, where the Alberta fires have now caused the tar sands steam extraction to be shut down. The connedspiracy claims that this shutdown will now cause massive collapse of the bitumen ‘caverns’… and as yet-to-be realized massive loss of life.  Really? There is not a single shred of evidence in the literature that locations where the steam extraction has already been stopped (production ended) has this happened. But that’s not stopping the connespiracy from the right-wing morons that infect so much of this planet…. which is also being claimed as distorted ‘fulfillment’ of the book of Revelation…. these idiots don’t even know their bible. I do – I taught it for many years and what they claim is just more stupid bullshit.

I’m not a believer in the magical mystery Sky God. Nor virtually anything in the Bible. Long time readers will know this. But I did, for a very long time, until I undertook a decades long effort to read the published literature on the entire subject from a variety of sources and authors. I also studied a lot of the earth sciences along the way and eventually I had to make the choice, who was right, and who was wrong? The proof of evidence that we all depend on in life to guide us every moment of our lives overruled the superstition, effectively canceling it out entirely. Forever. I can’t go back to what is provably wrong, distorted and fabricated. This is the path to truth… being courageous and inquisitive enough to change your opinions when you learn something new to be true.

Yet, the species is stupid… willfully so. To quote another writer – I have reached an impasse. Here in the United States, we have reached a level of (stupid) silliness which is unprecedented in my lifetime. Or maybe it only appears that way to me because in 2016 my perception is so acute that there’s hardly anything I can take seriously. Either way, the result is the same. 

Like this author, I have written about climate collapse for a long time (longer then most). I’ve also dealt with many other topics of interest (to me) and either way, the result has been the same. I’m not out of words, I’m out of an audience. And I see no point in going any further. Yet eventually, I do – pushing the keys once again and the ‘effort’ as it were, to elucidate and educate. But it’s not working. I don’t think it ever did. The rampant levels of stupidstition and sheer stupidity / ignorance and connedspiracy is higher then ever.

I’ve been thinking of a new format, but I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure that documenting the decline of the world in HDTV or any other format of choice would make any difference. Well, belay that – I’m quite certain it wouldn’t make any difference at all. I’m convinced, rightly or wrongly – that virtually nothing will make any difference now. And I have long pondered how I came to this point and why.

Pulling weeds can be therapeutic. It can also be a pain in the neck. I don’t use any chemicals or sprays (on anything). It’s all organic here, as authentic and ‘real’ as I can make it. It’s also how I live my life. I love to read, especially intelligent discourse, facts, research, science and even interesting fiction. It’s all taught me a lot. I’d even say it’s been the best education that I’ve ever got. But I’ve had to pull a few weeds along the way. Some of the things which I once agreed with had to be uprooted and discarded. Because I learned more, and I was inquisitive enough to keep reading, the process of uprooting and discarding became a routine occurrence.

I’m not scared to do this. I don’t have any cherished beliefs or sacred ideologies now. What I know is always in transition, which is also “as it should be” if you really want to know things and not become so calcified with your thinking, awareness and perception that you are unmovable.

That’s why it’s all ‘organic’ – a living, breathing, evolving, changing reality. It’s gotten a lot more complex as time has gone on too. It’s been evolutionary, even revolutionary. I’m not where I expected to be. I’ve changed, a lot – but what hasn’t changed is everyone else. It’s the same old world. The same opinions (only ‘worse’ now, ie., less informed), the same beliefs, the same ridiculous claims, the same stories, the same conspiracies, the same fears, the same terrors… the same same… only worse now, all of it. The level of ‘stupidness’ and everything that goes with it has grown.

WTF? Something is going on here… but what is it? Wash, rinse, repeat… It’s the treadmill of perception that permeates our civilization, infecting everyone… except the elucidated.

That’s how I perceive it. The world is the same. The people are the same. But everything is so much worse now. I’ve changed… opinions, beliefs, lifestyle, but the world and the people in the world haven’t. They’ve slipped even further ‘backwards’ then before. Wash, rinse, repeat… I’ve spent years and years looking for those who also changed and I found almost nothing. Not quite nothing – almost nothing. Along the way, I had to drop many friends, contacts and acquaintances. Even family. I no longer ‘fit’ in their definitions of acceptance and they didn’t fit in mine.

I moved on.

But I ponder. Everything. Wash, rinse, repeat, the endless cycle continues. Is anything really any different? I think not. Just a new spin. New propaganda. New, yet old, claims and stories. Our story is really the same, wherever you look in our history. We think we’re different, but we’re not. We’re the same as we ever were.

Yet… have I changed? Why this matters to me I’m not sure, but it definitely does. In fact, it matters quite a lot. Probably because I want to distance myself from the mistakes of the past. I’m different now, right? Maybe. Or maybe not… I certainly hope so. I think so.

Personal growth is the goal. And whether I’ve finally ‘learned’ some things, or not. Nobody is going to judge me, there won’t be any tests or exams, there’s just me and my views of myself. I’m the judge here. There’s no reward, no congratulations, no executioner, nothing but the personal satisfaction of having abandoned the old and embracing the new if it was deemed necessary and essential to my awareness of reality.

The weeds are already back. You might think that this is amazing and in some ways, I suppose it is. The species remains just as stupid as ever despite having the greatest opportunities in the history of the world to become self-educated faster then ever. Yet it hasn’t made much of a difference. We know more now about the world, the planet and our civilization and literally millions of subjects, but we remain as stupid as we ever were. Why is that? We’re repeating the same mistakes.

If someone were to tell me that an alien intelligence had infected mankind, I’d have to investigate it as the cause (although I don’t believe in aliens, period). Something is causing human intelligence to remain stagnant and stupid. We can create amazing technologies, but we’re still plagued by ridiculous stupidstitions. The majority of the world is seriously infected with stupidstitions. I’m well aware of the protectionism and extreme violence that goes hand in hand with this, ensuring this infectious disease remains rampant on a planetary scale. But even this doesn’t entirely explain why we haven’t been able to eradicate this.

Is it because we have continued to claim ‘tolerance’ and the notion that it’s actually a human right to believe in any damned thing that you want? The claim falls flat on its face however when you transcend the bounds of what is ‘authorized’ belief and what is not. The fact is we don’t allow people to actually believe anything that they want, especially when the belief causes harm (anywhere). And yet the stupidstitions that we tolerate are the source of most of the harm in the world today. How fucked up is that?

We’re afraid to tackle this. Wash, rinse, repeat and leave it the hell alone. Don’t even talk about it.

We’ve encoded stupidstitions into our institutions and the very fabric of our civilization, inscribing them on our walls and in the edifices of power, never realizing (then) the great harm that this would cause in our development. But they are a major impediment to the development of the human race and advancement of mankind beyond the dark ages.

None of this may matter in the end. Humans have royally screwed the pooch and have now triggered their own extinction level event. But it is very evident that efforts to solve this global crisis have run dab smack into the wall of stupidstition and the religious right. The great irony of all of this should be obvious – ‘they’ will get their apocalyptic event, but not because of what God or any other deity has done, but because of the idiocy and asinine ‘tolerance’ of the human race for rampant stupidity that defies reality. And we, the elucidated, will also get what we want – proof that we were right all along, but it will be too late, for everything.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  Damn it all to hell – haven’t we been here before? If this doesn’t seem familiar, read some history. The human race has crossed this line before (dozens of times) and each time, stupidstition wiped us out.

This time – we’re going to find out what it’s like on a planetary scale. And I think that the outcome is obvious.


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3 thoughts on “Wash, Rinse, Repeat

  • May 24, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Revelation, to ‘unveil’, to see what was previously hidden. Just as you say you came to see that the books and the beliefs and the demands of religion are lies, and that ever more immersion in the world of the sky god(s) is the focus of the stupid, a similar revelation happens when we come to know what is going on in the world, how it’s changed (and very much in our lifetimes) and, most importantly, where it’s headed. One can’t UN-know; at least not easily. It takes willful stupidity to either become (again) a religious believer, turning away from myriad truths and facts or to daily remain one. Knowing some of the religious/stupid, I can see, though they can’t, the glazing, soporific and peaceful affect ‘believing’ has…admittedly very attractive, and they get to ignore the burden of obligations, the stench of their judgement, and the hypocrisy of their stance.

    Something similar works for those willfully denying or ignoring the many realities of this empire in rapid decline. It’s more comfortable NOT to know, better to believe lies. Conspiracies simply add the sexiness of an enemy against their ‘truth’, a common enemy to bring them all ever closer to mob-rule.

    You certainly understand, though, that to look, really look, deeply and broadly, at the actuality of our world in decline, the facts, the science, the truth, and that to then look at the conclusion–this is something most people cannot, will not do. They may not know how to, they may not want to, they may try to and fail, or they may do so and deny. But most won’t see this revelation. Their stupidity is either a cart before the horse or not, but it doesn’t matter, as you point out. For those of us who’ve lifted the veil, we can’t un-know: this is the final danse macabre, and we’re all invited it seems.

  • May 27, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Dear Mr. Survival Acres,

    This is my first time ever writing to you (or to any blog for that matter).
    For a long time I have been a silent reader of your blog and a watcher of the times.

    Many years ago I sensed something was going terribly wrong with our earth. There was no person around me who shared this strange sense of foreboding.
    So I searched the internet looking for someone else who was like-minded. At that time in my search I found very few articles about the many tragedies that now afflict us…

    …until I stumbled onto your site.

    I am forever thankful that you freely shared your thoughts and concerns with the world and with me. You’ve helped me in a worldly way to see the true state of the earth and from that perspective I felt less alone.

    I am so sorry you have lost your faith in God.
    I am sorry you are losing or have lost your faith in man (I don’t blame you).
    I am sorry you have lost some family and friends…and almost your life.
    I am sorry you have lost financial freedom.
    You have lost so much.

    If I could give you something back – I would freely give you hope and peace, and I would throw in joy and love – but these are not mine to give.
    Still, I hope that just maybe you will put down those science books and look up again – just maybe you’re wrong – just maybe you missed something – and just maybe you’ll find something.

    I have always applauded your passion, your dedication, your care.
    In the past, your alarming words were always wrapped in some hope.
    Sadly, now they seem to be wrapped with little hope. And I can see why.

    This ongoing change saddens me because you are losing too much in this battle, but you are a fighter.
    I am talking from one fighter to another. Even though we fight different battles, with different swords, down different paths.

    And I am also bold and open like you.

    (You sure would make a good Christian!).

    Anyway, whichever way we view it – we all agree that we are living in the “end times”.
    The evolution and destruction of the world is a very sad story. And I hope and pray wherever you stand you find some joy and comfort through these coming days.

    For me, my hope is in my God and Lord.

    This isn’t a debate – I just wanted you to know that someone else who, like you, really does care.

    The wilfully stupid,


    • May 27, 2016 at 8:58 am

      Thank you, and you’re welcome.

      Hope changes, but it doesn’t disappear in life (only in death). Age and experience will do that even if one is not a believer (if one grows wiser). I laid down my ministry, my following, my faith, my finances, my career, virtually everything. Hope changed course the more I knew to be true. Humans have erred so greatly, and in so many ways.

      The wrong things are called ‘hope’, when they’re aren’t. Unraveling this deception is a part of the path I’ve taken. Real hope remains, but it’s different then what most people think hope is. If you examine the words where I ‘kill hope’, you will see the illusion and if that isn’t enough, just look at the track record for the evidence. Illusion isn’t hope – and hope isn’t illusion – it’s fantasy. Real hope is demonstrable, verifiable and authentic. It doesn’t convey lies or distortions, doesn’t fabricate itself or pretend to be anything other then what it actually is. I’m not hopeless because I’ve found what is authentic – and then built the rest of my life around it. This blog has been an expression of that.

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