Warning of Building’s Collapse in Siberia

For those of you who may have secretly wondered if moving to Siberia would be a place of refuge… just avoid all the buildings if you do.

You may have a hard time building igloos too, or whatever. Walking on the ground will probably eject methane at every step.

It won’t be just buildings that suffer, but all the existing infrastructure, roads, bridges, rails, etc. Probably the least of our worries however. Check out the pictures, I’ve seen some others in recent months. Serious damage going on there already. It’s not 35 years in the future, it’s happening right now.


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3 thoughts on “Warning of Building’s Collapse in Siberia

  • January 5, 2017 at 1:33 am



    Jeremy Irons attempt to raise awareness about the mountains of trash around the world, the deadly dioxins released from incineration of rubbish, piles of rubbish in waterways, the plastics accumulating in the oceans etc. -has just been broadcast here.

    It’s utterly depressing, of course, not only because industrial humans have trashed the planet but also because recycling and industrial composting do not solve the waste problem, and in fact exacerbate the overall predicament.

    • January 5, 2017 at 9:14 am

      Even the trash cannot be cleaned up or recycled without making more trash, burn more fuel and increase consumerism. So our “try” becomes once again, not good enough.

      They haul the garbage here out of sight. I don’t know where it goes. Fees go up every year of course. They won’t let you burn it yourself, they’ll burn it for you. There is little to none recycling here, it’s not valuable enough.

      Humans need better options. We’re still not getting them. We probably never will.

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